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I am Giving Away $1,500, an Apple Ipad 2, a FREE VACATION and a $25 Amazon Gift Card in Celebration of my 6,000+ Subscribership Mark

This giveaway has been LOOONG due.  In October 2011, I crossed 5,000+ subscribers, a milestone way beyond my expectations when I first started blogging. Last month, I exceeded 6,000.

So in celebration of surpassing 6,000 subscribers I am giving away four prizes to four random lucky winners.  I have been planning this contest out for a while now and albeit a bit late, here it is . . .

What Am I Giving Away?


$1,500 Cash to the Main Winner

1 Brand New Apple iPad 2 (16GB) with a Case – I will order this from Apple and have it delivered to your address in the color of your choice.

The iPad 2 has well over 80% market share in the US tablet market and although the iPad 3 is rumored to come out soon, I didn’t want to prolong this giveaway any further.

1 Free Vacation – This is a free certificate I won by promoting a particular product. I will not be using this certificate as I have plenty of trips already scheduled and paid for.

This certificate entitles you to a 4 day, 3 night vacation stay (Hotel room) in most locations, and a 3 day, 2 night stay in over 30 selected locations.

Locations include places like Orlando, Florida; Las Vegas, Nevada; Atlantic City, New Jersey; Cancun, Mexico and more.

1 $25 Amazon Gift Card – I will order this from Amazon and email you the certificate

TOTAL VALUE: $2,000 +

Where are the Goods Coming From?

I am paying for the Apple products and the Amazon gift card out of my pocket. Although I have not aggressively monetized this blog, I have managed to make a decent amount, more than enough to fund this round of giveaways. I hope to continue to give away more down the road.

I also receive plenty of freebies just from day to day affiliate marketing activities that my (now over 20) niche websites participate in. For example, if I refer the most leads in a given month to Vendor A, they may send me a prize at the end of the month. Many vendors run all kinds of contests of their own to encourage boost in activity. I have received video games, iPods, bicycles, gift baskets and all sorts of goodies over time from these promotions.

Why Am I Giving Out Over $2,000 in Freebies?

There are a few reasons why I am doing this contest now.  Although I never had doubts about persevering in the blogosphere, I didn’t really do anything for my one year anniversary which is a notable milestone that I really should celebrate. In addition, the blog surpassed 5,000 readers, another milestone worthy of celebration which I quietly ignored.

It is important for me to keep in perspective that when we work to earn a few dollars, we spend a few of them acquiring goods and services we need and want. Who we pay turns around and does the same.  This simple exchange of goods and services makes the world go round. I make some, I give some, I make some more and I give some more. It’s what we call economy.

Similarly, being on the receiving end of many of these freebies, I’d like to give away some of them away in exchange for more exposure, which leads to more opportunity to win more freebies down the road for everyone involved.

Why do I want exposure? The primary attribute of my blog’s success is the readership community – You! I have exceeded all my expectations since starting this blog so THANK YOU! I truly mean that.

So here is to the next 5,000 readers which I want to achieve in the next 18 months.  And as a small gesture from my end representing my appreciation for your support, I will continue to periodically host more contests and giveaways.

You can expect similar prizes in future contests.

How to Win in the Contest

This is an action based contest in the sense that your chances to win are based on the number of actions you take.  Each action equates to a certain number of entries into the raffle drawing (excel spreadsheet).  At the end of the contest I will randomly (really systematically) select three winners from this pool (more on how below).  Here are the actions you can take to gain entries to the raffle:

Subscribe to my updates via email (earn 2 entries)

This is not the same as subscribing to my RSS feed.  To subscribe to my blog updates via email, use the sign up box on the upper left hand side of the blog.  All existing subscribers will be imported to the excel spreadsheet to ensure you also get the 2 entries.

“Like” this contest post on Facebook (1 Entry)

“Like” this post and then tell me you did it in the comments below. It can’t get any easier than this as I have a like button readily available on the right hand side.

“Like” the Extra Money Blog on Facebook (1 Entry)

“Like” the Extra Money Blog Facebook Page and tell me you did it in the comments below. Can’t get easier as the link above takes you to the Facebook page.

Google Plus (1 Entry)

Use the side bar on the right hand side and Plus One this post. Tell me about it in the comments section below for 1 entry.

Tweet this contest (1 Entry)

You can use the bar on the right side to tweet or retweet this post. Tell me you did in the comments section for 1 entry.

Follow Me on Twitter (1 Entry)

Scroll all the way to the top where you will see a Twitter icon to the right hand side. Click this icon and it will take you to my Twitter page. Follow me on Twitter, tell me about it in the comments section below and earn 1 entry to the contest.

Recommend another subscriber (5 Entries)

This one takes some effort, but if you are successfully able to recommend a new email subscriber (not yourself) to this blog, I will give you 5 additional entries to the contest. I want you to tell me that you referred someone in the comments section below if you did. However, send me a personal email and include the name and email ID of the person you referred to me. I will need this for my audit (read below).

Mention this contest on your website or blog (3 Entries)

This also takes a little more effort so I am giving 3 entries for this action.  Mention this contest with a link to this post on your blog or website. Tell me you did in the comments section below and earn 3 entries. To be fair to everyone, if you don’t own a website or blog, mention this contest somewhere else online (this could be your Facebook or Twitter page, another blog or forum online) and link to it in the comments section below so I can verify it during my audit (more on the audit below). This option is only available to you if you don’t own your own website or blog.

Tell me how many of my niche websites I have mentioned on this blog (8 Entries)

This one can be challenging hence the 8 entries. I own several niche websites and have mentioned a good number of them on my blog over the last year and a half or so.  Tell me which ones I have mentioned and I will give you 8 additional entries to the contest.

Maximum number of entries you can get to the contest = 23!!!

IMPORTANT: Comment in the comment section below (1 EXTRA Entry) – In the comment section below, tell me which of the above actions you have taken so I can give you the appropriate number of entries.   If you are reading this on a reader or in your inbox, you can hit reply to the email and send me your answers that way, or you can visit this post online and leave a comment. You get an additional entry for providing your responses by commenting on the blog itself in the comments section below.

Contest Details

I will keep this contest open for a period of four weeks beginning today and ending on the 28th day from today at midnight Pacific Standard Time.  At that time all entries will be uploaded into a spreadsheet in no specific order.

Once entered, I will select the winners in order from the fourth prize working up to the grand prize (Apple Ipad 2) using the program. I will announce the winner in a subsequent post following the 28 day contest period.

Important Note: Unless otherwise specifically stated in the future, this is the only time I will be announcing a winner publicly on my blog. In all future promos, contests and giveaways I will make the announcement via my newsletter. I am doing this to incentivize you to stay subscribed. I hope you stay on.  Future contests may also be announced via Facebook and Twitter as I get more involved with social media later this year.

All Winners Will Be Audited

In the interest of fairness to everyone, I WILL AUDIT EACH WINNER OF THE CONTEST. What do I mean by that? For example, if a reader comments that he or she did X,Y & Z and earned 10 entries as a result and I happened to pick them as one of the winners, I will go back and ensure that they did each and everything they said they did to earn those 10 entries.

For example, if they Liked this blog on Facebook, I will check to see that they did. If they subscribed to the newsletter, I will check to see if their information is in my list.  If I am not able to reconcile the activity, I will disqualify the reader from the contest.

IMPORTANT: Unless I am familiar with your email ID from personal interaction or regular interaction on my blog, I will email the winner personally using the email ID provided to subscribe to my newsletter (prior to  announcing who you are on the blog).  I need to do this so I know your name and can announce it on the blog.  If I don’t hear within 48 hours, I will disqualify the winner and select another one.  Another reason to stay honest and fair to everyone.

I can’t believe I am finally doing this. I am very excited about giving these freebies away. Once again, I thank you very much for enabling this blog’s success. I hope you win. And if you don’t this time, I hope you win next time, or the time after that, or after that . . .

All the best to you!

Special thanks to the Yakezie Network for inspiring this giveaway contest. Several Yakezie members have successfully run similar promotions. Thank you everyone for your inspiration and support.

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335 Responses to “I am Giving Away $1,500, an Apple Ipad 2, a FREE VACATION and a $25 Amazon Gift Card in Celebration of my 6,000+ Subscribership Mark”

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    Tweeted, Following, Subscribed, +1ed

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    liked on Facebook twice and subscribed

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    I subscribed to your updates and liked you on facebook

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    this is an awesome promotion. I subscribed on the email list and liked your blog

  5. Hey Sunil, I tweeted and am already a subscriber and follower. FYI- If you click the tweet button on this post it’s too long as is and you have to change the text.

    Very generous promotion!

  6. I also tweeted… I hope you change the avatar from an egg to your logo or a picture of you, it really helps to get people to follow & interact with you! :)

  7. Dave says:

    Hi Lisa :-)
    I re-tweeted to Contest, I Subscribed to THIS Blog as well, I Liked the Extra Money Blog on Facebook as well and on Google+ and I signed up for your email newsletters :-) and I am following you on Twitter!Thanks for the contest’s and looking forward to some great reading as I am still learning all this stuff on how to make money blogging and all. Thank you for being here and once again for the contest and chance to win some great prizes!
    Dave Bonneville Sr.

  8. Philip says:

    Congrats, Sunil. Tweeted.

  9. Akil says:

    Hi Sunil,

    Nice promotion and the opportunities to both build all your social media channels. Very well played.

    Good luck to every one who enters, have fun


  10. Emily says:

    hi Sunil. I am glad to see this giveaways. I am on your email updates. I will pray for you and me. I did a like on Facebook. I will sign up for Twitter and will follow too.

  11. Russell says:

    great idea Sunil. long time reader and follower. I love your advice. I just signed up for your email updates, although I already get updates on my reader.

  12. Tweeted. Great contest. Thank you

  13. irene says:

    i have been reading your blog since day 1 Sunil. thank you for continuing to provide excellent content which has helped my ebay business flourish. i am subscribed to your newsletter and pretty sure you have mentioned 7 of your niche sites on this blog. i hope i win!

  14. wayne says:

    Hi, I tweeted, followed, +1, and subscribed.

  15. I liked the post, and the facebook page, tweeted, followed you on twitter, Google+’ed it, and subscribed via email.

  16. Sean G says:

    thank you for the contest and the opportunity to win. I liked on Facebook and signed up for the email update. I am already a RSS reader.

  17. Samar says:

    really cool. I have a Twitter account and I tweeted your post. heading over to Facebook to like it as well.

  18. Tweeted, liked on FB, and subscribed! Awesome giveaway!

  19. Miranda says:

    Very very cool! I could definitely use some extra cash!!

    I have:
    Liked you on Facebook
    Shared the Post via Facebook
    Tweeted the Post
    Followed you on Twitter
    Signed up as a Reader
    and I will (by tomorrow, Saturday) post something on my blog about the giveaway and will link back to your site.

    and I commented.

    Fingers and toes crossed!!!

  20. Wow, that’s a truly amazing array of prizes, and for once, I’m on time to enter such a contest! Whoo-hoo! Alright, before I get too distracted, here’s the entries so far: subscribed to email updates, liked the contest on Facebook, liked you on Facebook (as Roger Raby), Google+ed the article, tweeted the article, and followed you on twitter (I’m amateurfinance there). Will probably also mention this contest in my next round-up, if that counts as mentioning it on my blog or website.

  21. Nigel Chua says:


    I’m in! Done all you asked, and more! Best of luck! =D

  22. Awesome contest! I hope I win :) My BF would love an Ipad for school.

    I mentioned this blog post, liked it on facebook, liked your page on facebook, already following u on twitter, and tweeted your giveaway.

    Thanks and congrats on the success!

  23. Jeff says:

    Subscribed to the newsletter, liked this article on facebook, liked the extra money blog on facebook and +1ed it!

  24. Subscribe to my updates via email (earn 2 entries)
    Google Plus (1 Entry)
    Tweet this contest (1 Entry)
    Mention this contest on your website or blog (3 Entries) (next roundup)
    Tell me how many of my niche websites I have mentioned on this blog: At least three IIRC.


    FYI The default tweet is too long and I had to edit it. You should also add a logo… hatch that egg! ;)

    • Sunil says:

      quite thorough Sir. good luck to you…and yes definitely at least three niche sites.

      do you know how to shorten the URL in the settings so you guys don’t have to do it manually? working on hatching the egg Kevin. Shannyn mentioned that earlier too!

  25. Nigel Chua says:

    Hi Sunil

    Liked it on FB
    Clicked on the FB like it page on page
    Google+1 clicked
    Blogged about it
    Shared the blog page on Facebook
    Shared your FB giveaway on the wall of FB friends
    Emailed my list the email + detail + link
    Commented on this page
    The number of niche sites mentioned is included in the email sent to you k


  26. Anny says:

    this is a very generous giveaway indeed. I liked the giveaway on Facebook and tweeted as well. I will do my best to spread the word. thank you Sunil!

  27. Eleazar says:

    This is a great opportunity to share your blessings! I’m joining your contest and take the action.

    I’m already an email subscriber of The Extra Money Blog
    I Shared this post on Google+
    I Tweeted the Post
    I Followed you on Twitter
    I Liked the post on Facebook
    Also, I Liked The Extra Money Blog Facebook Page

  28. Alan says:

    great giveaway. I liked the blog itself and then the post as well. I will also refer a friend as I know someone who can really benefit from your content. $1,500 cash is huge. question – how are you going to know if we referred others?

    • Sunil says:

      thanks Alan. here is what you need to do:

      “However, send me a personal email and include the name and email ID of the person you referred to me. I will need this for my audit (read below).”

  29. Darron W says:

    wow. I signed up for the email updates and liked your content on Facebook. I don’t have my own blog yet, but I am a guest writer for an article site. I write regularly. WIll I get credit if I mention the contest there?

    • Sunil says:

      Welcome Darron. Yes you can, however keep a few things in mind:

      1) The article(s) must be relevant to the links you post in it
      2) You must have permission from the editor/administrator
      3) The article must be G rated material

      All the best to you

  30. Hello,

    I liked it on fb and +1 on Google..
    Thank you for this…

  31. Hey mate,
    I’m struggling to take part to this contest!

    I’ve just +1 this post!

    Take care

  32. Sorry mate, didn’t mention that I also tweeted this post! :)
    See it here:


  33. Rebecca Landry says:

    very generous giveaway indeed. I have subscribed to your email and have referred two friends who will love your blog. please check your email with their information.

  34. Derek says:

    Awesome giveaway!

    I already subscribe, and I liked and tweeted this page. Good luck with the contest!

  35. Orth says:

    I love this contest. I liked it on Facebook and signed up to the email updates. I will also refer a friend and email you her details.

  36. Nice one Sunil! I will probably do em all before the contest is over. I do wonder why more people don’t +1? I’m a +1 machine every time I read a post that has the button. Tweeting now.


    • Sunil says:

      i think it’s conditioning and customization to what’s there already (fb/twitter). i never +1 because i have not in the past…that will change this year. good luck

  37. Jennifer says:

    I have been reading your blog for a few months now and this is my first time commenting. Your content is exceptional and is helping me with my first ebook. I will refer a few friends and email you. I have also signed up for your email updates. I am looking forward to the contest.

    • Sunil says:

      thank you Jennifer. hope you have been following the ebook series. just finished the third post of the series and it is a few thousands words. all the best

  38. Betty says:

    Great idea. I did like this post, subscribed to your post, I did google +1 on this sidebar,and I just retweeted it. I sure would like to win.

  39. I
    - Subscribed to updates via email
    - Tweeted
    - Following on Twitter

  40. Steve says:

    It’s cold in Ottawa – I’d love a vacation somewhere warm!

  41. Shelly says:

    I love your blog and have been following it since last year. Your advice on paid surveys and article writing has paid off nicely and works really well for me as a stay at home mom. I have been on your email list. I liked your contest on Facebook and will be referring a few friends. I also believe that you have talked about 5 of your other websites on your blog. Am I right?

    • Sunil says:

      thank you Shelly. i am glad paid surveys are working for you. yes i have talked about at least five of them. i need to know what those are though?? all the best

  42. Josh says:

    Hey, I just liked your post on facebook.

  43. Alana says:

    I too subscribed and heading over the Facebook to like the contest. Great giveaway Sunil

  44. +1′d it
    Liked the post on facebook as well as the page.
    And was already subscribed by email.

  45. Hi Sunil!
    I did all of the entries except for the 8 point question – I have no idea what the answer is!

    My link to this contest is here:

    Lastly, congrats with the milestones and this awesome giveaway! We had an $1100 (including iPad like yourself) for our readers after our first year (late Nov 2011) and it was a ton of fun. Enjoy your contest and your success – well deserved Sunil.

  46. Laura Royal says:

    I “Like” this contest post on Facebook

  47. Laura Royal says:

    Google Plus entry

  48. Hey Sunil, those are some hefty prizes! I think your contest is a great idea.

    I liked it, tweeted it, +1′d it. I mentioned it on my blog. I follow you on twitter and subscribe to your email. I also sent you an email regarding your niche websites. Plus I commented right here.

    That should be 19…

    Wish me luck!

  49. +1 post, tweeted giveaway, followed you on twitter, liked the post on fb. Commented here.

  50. Awesome giveaway!!!!!!!

    Congrats on 5,000 readers. That is amazing. I hope to keep growing my blog over time, like yours :) This was very inspirational!


    Subscribed via email.

  51. SLee says:

    Hey, Sunil,

    Thanks for helping the economy. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

    -I am a subscriber via email
    -I like the blog on Facebook
    -I shared this contest on Google Plus
    -I tweeted this contest
    -I follow you on Twitter

    If I am able to add to this list, I’ll let you know. Thanks again.

  52. Sunil

    my brother thank you for the giveways

  53. This is a massive giveaway, Sunil!!!

    Let’s see…

    I am an email subscriber.

    I’ve liked the post on FB

    I like your blog on FB

    I gave you a Plus One

    I am following you on Twitter.

    I have Tweeted the contest

    I mentioned the contest on my blog:

    Congratulations on getting over 6,000 subscribers!!!

  54. Liked on FB

    Tweeted this post.


    Folllowed on Twitter

    Will mention Saturday night, Feb. 18th on my blog.


  55. Kylie Ofiu says:

    AMAZING giveaway! How generous of you.

    I have I subscribed via email (different email to the email in the comment box you will see), liked the post on FB, liked your page on FB, Google + this post, tweeted the post, followed you on twitter, recommended someone (will email you who). So that’s 12 points. Cheers.

  56. JaTara says:

    - subscribed via email
    - liked the facebook post
    - liked the facebook page
    - +1 article on google+
    - followed you on twitter
    - retweeted your tweet (had to truncate due to char limits)

    …will do extra entries at a later date …

  57. Be'en says:

    I am already a subscriber via email. Liked the post on Facebook and liked you on the Facebook. Tweeted the post and now follow you on Tweeter. +1 this post. You have mentioned over 20 niche web sites.

    Phew.. so much work to win an iPad!

    • Sunil says:

      I do have over 20 niche sites, but I need to know the ones I have mentioned on this blog. I haven’t mentioned all!

      lot’s of work indeed….those darn iPads….not worth it are they? you crack me up buddy!

  58. I will qualify for 9 entries:

    Followed via email, “Liked” Post & Page on FB, tweeted link and followed on Twitter.

    I will be mentioning this giveaway in an upcoming blog post that I will publish on 2/25.

  59. Caitlin says:

    nice giveaway. I have subscribed to the email updates and liked on Facebook

  60. Gary Knowlton says:

    I have tweeted your post and referred a couple folks from a meet up I am a part of. I will email you their names.

  61. BTW, I added a link on your Yakezie post about your contest at the end. No brainer! Cheers, Sam

  62. Vicky says:

    Great giveaway! Thanks!

    Followed via email, “Liked” Post & Page on FB, tweeted link and followed on Twitter.

  63. Dr Dean says:

    Tweeted, mentioned on blog, +1′d, liked and subscribed. Congrats on your milestone!

  64. June L says:

    Confirmed email subscriber with email in this form :0) #1

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    Confirmed email subscriber with email in this form :0) #2

  66. June L says:

    I pushed the “Like” button for this post. My username is June Lisle :0)

  67. June L says:

    I Like The Extra Money Blog as June Lisle :0)

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    Subscribed via email
    Liked post on Facebook ( Ted Kooper)
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    +1 on Google Plus ( Ted Kooper)
    Follow on Twitter (xmd5)

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    I “…publicly +1′d this as June Lisle”.

  70. DeeHansen says:

    liked you on facebook! Thx

  71. DeeHansen says:

    My tweet won’t go through because it says it’s 33 characters too long.

  72. DeeHansen says:

    I am following you on twitter

  73. DeeHansen says:

    I Google Plussed you!

  74. DeeHansen says:

    I Liked this particular post of Facebook – the other post says I liked your facebook page – not to confuse the two.

  75. DeeHansen says:

    I referred five friends to your page. If they sign up, I will let you know, I asked them to tell me first because I didn’t want to send their name out without their permission.

  76. DeeHansen says:

    Hello – I am so sorry if I made a mistake. Are we supposed to clump everything into one post? I”ve noticed that in blogs I’ve seen before usually everyone posts for each thing they did separately. Sorry for my confusion. If you have to erase all mine, and ask me to redo, that’s OK. I don’t want to disqualify myself after all that work. :)

  77. Shaun says:

    I did all of the above for a total of 21 points.

  78. Jia Leng says:

    Just +1 on the google plus! Yay!

  79. Jia Leng says:

    Just followed you on twitter! Yay!

  80. Jia Leng says:

    Next time, I shall read all before doing everything step by step….I subscibed, liked, tweeted, followed you on twitter, clicked on +1, recommended 6 friends to this blog, shared a link on facebook as I don’t have a website or blog and now I’m commenting here as you asked. I’m keeping my fingers cross that this time is finally the time I can actually win something! Thank you! Have a nice day people!


  81. Kay Lynn says:

    Here’s what I did:
    1. Subscribe via email
    2. Liked the Contest post on facebook
    3. Liked your page on facebook
    4. Plus oned
    5. Tweeted
    6. Follow you on twitter (Bucksome)
    7. Blogged about the contest (

  82. Ashley Ann says:

    Tweeted, followed you, Facebook liked, and Google plus this :)

  83. Michelle says:

    Following you on twitter!

  84. Kimberly says:

    Thanks for the chance, and congrats on 6000!!
    Email subscriber
    Like this post on Facebook (Kimberly C)
    Like Extra Money Blog on Facebook (Kimberly C)
    Google +1′d the post (Kimberly C)
    Follow you on twitter (@kcoud33)

  85. Carly says:

    Sunil I Liked on Facebook and I am a subscribed. I also follow your advice on paid surveys and am doing pretty well with it. I got some friends hooked on them too. We just did a focus group that paid $200 for 2 hours, not too shabby. I love you for what you do.

  86. Congrats on your subscriber stats Sunil! And what a sweet giveaway! My entry: Already following you on Twitter, tweeted this post, liked your FB page, liked this post on FB. -Sydney

  87. Joyce says:

    I am a relatively new email subscriber. Enjoy your blog!

  88. DeeHansen says:

    This is my consolidation. Sorry I did it all wrong the first time! But thank for for your patience.

    I am now a subscriber!

    I liked “Extra Money Blog” on facebook! Thx!

    I Liked this particular post of Facebook

    I am following you on twitter

    I retweeted (after removing 33 char) Is only 1 Tweet allowed for the entire contest?

    I Publicly Google Plussed you!

    I don’t have a website or blog, but I did post your site on my Facebook here:

    I referred six people to you. If they allow me to, I’ll let you know their names/emails in email (if they plan to sign up).

    You’ve mentioned 7 niche websites on this blog.

  89. Bharat says:

    Will participate in this giveaway and try my luck.

  90. wceend says:

    subscribed to mailinglist
    follow you on twitter
    tweeted about this contest.

  91. Naomi Pangborn says:

    I found your website through the Tight Fisted Miser. You have a lot of great content. Thank you for offering a terrific giveaway!

    subscribed via email :)

  92. Nicole says:

    Liked on Facebook and subscribed via email. Thanks!

  93. John says:

    Subscribed via email and following you on twitter

  94. Melody says:

    Here’s what I did:
    1. Subscribe via email
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    3. Liked your page on facebook
    4. Plus oned
    5. Tweeted
    6. Follow you on twitter (dewgal09)
    7. Blogged about the contest (
    8. Recommended one friend to you.
    9. You mentioned over 20 niche websites

  95. anna pry says:

    email subscriber
    ‘liked’ post on facebook
    facebook follower, anna pry
    twitter follower, thepryfamily
    +1′d this post, anna pry

  96. Tweeted, Following and Subscribed via email!

  97. Liked your page on FB
    Liked your post on FB
    Mentioned this post on my site :
    and here’s my comment :)

    Great giveaway and congrats on your subscribers! love the content Sunil, keep it up.


  98. Gave you a facebook like and google plus+!

    Appreciate the giveaway!

  99. Tweeted and Liked on Facebook as Matt Wegner, as Grate Outdoor Solutions, and as Living in Financial Excellence. Congrats on 6k subscribers!! That’s an awesome benchmark!

  100. delia says:

    Hi Sunil congratulation on reaching 5,000 plus blog readers. I find your articles intresting and I have been using them to get ideas and how to make money online through survey sites. You are awesome and thank you for keeping it honest A+ plus there. You are great and you say it like it is it’s not a get rich thing but enough to have money for that extra thing you want to buy. My best wishes to you and you rock!

  101. Congrats on the success Sunil

    - enrolled via email
    - liked this post
    - liked Extra Money Blog
    - Google Plus
    - Tweeted this post
    - followed you on Twitter


  102. joan says:

    great give away;
    i subscribed,
    tweeted and following on twitter
    liked your fan page and contest post on fb
    google plus
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    recommended another subscriber
    …and other niche websites you’ve mentioned are

  103. I subscribed on my iGoogle page. Thanks!

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    Subscribing by email

  105. E-mail – Check
    FB – Check, Check
    Tweet – Check, Check

    Might be back to do others.

  106. Sunil,

    Here is what I have done:

    Subscribe to my updates via email (earn 2 entries)
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    “Like” this post and then tell me you did it in the comments below. It can’t get any easier than this as I have a like button readily available on the right hand side.
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    Working on the last two items :-)

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    Mentioned on blog (3)
    Extra entry for listing all of my entries (1)

    So I believe I have 8 entries!

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    Subscribed to e-mail.


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    Congrats on your success!

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    What an exciting giveaway – I wish everyone luck but I REALLY hope I win!

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    Thanks for the contest, and congrats on hitting 6,000!

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    This is a really sweet contest and we appreciate you doing it. Thanks and congrats on hitting such high number of subscribers.

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    on facebook!

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    Niche websites that you have mentioned

  127. Love you Sunil! We’ve been vlogging all about trying our own niche site and you’ve been a total inspiration!
    -linked to you (on 2/24)
    -liked the post via facebook (although it will be under my personal account- liked by a ‘Molly’? That was me! I’m holding a big spoon, yes, that Molly)
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  128. Ahh! I got a friend to subscribe. She announced it on her twitter and included you (see Terumi’s tweet @extramoney).
    If I win do I have to share with Mike? Come on, Sunil! Don’t make me!!!

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    Many many thanks for your “wealth” of information!

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    Have counted 5 niche websites, but I’m thinking there’s 8 coz your awarding 8 points for this! ;)


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    Comment in the comment section below (1 EXTRA Entry)

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    You mentioned 7 niche websites
    Thanks so much for this truly awesome giveaway!
    Julie B.

  137. Katherine Gully says:

    very cool giveaway. I liked on Facebook and signed up to email updates. I will aos try to refer some friends. I love your ebook and the information you provide on niche sites. I am almost ready to attempt my first one.

  138. Rossie says:

    I have been following your series on ebooks and so far it has totally blown me away. Can’t wait to release my own. I am a email subscriber and now a blog reader too.

  139. Subscribed, tweeted and followed and commented! Great contest Sunil!

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    Thanks! Great contest.

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    Comment – Love all the helpful info presented in your blog! Keep up the great work!

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    (I really appreciate you allowing the FB share in place of blog mention. As a non-blogger, it always stinks to not be able to get the extra entries!)

  143. Shana says:

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    like you on face book under shana cummings williams
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    This is a great giveaway. Thanks! & congrats on your anniversary….bloging is a lot of hard work, so good for you!

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  146. corey says:

    I originally came to enter the g/a but after reading I liked that you have reviews on not only products but services – I’m anxious to read some of the upcoming topics.

  147. corey says:

    I subscribed here – thanks.

  148. Amanda Hoffman says:

    email subscriber – 2
    like this post on facebook 1
    google +1 this post 1
    4 entries

  149. I liked on FB, I tweeted, I google+’d, and subscribed (also commented right here)
    I have enjoyed your ebook so far, and your literature on how to publish an ebook, helped me publish mine through paypal…Thank you soooo much.


    • Sunil says:

      I am glad to hear that John. I’d like to hear more about how you implemented the process and its results. Good luck to you in the giveaway

  150. Michelle Tucker says:

    Subscribe to my updates via email (earn 2 entries)
    “Like” this contest post on Facebook (1 Entry)
    “Like” the Extra Money Blog on Facebook (1 Entry)
    Google Plus (1 Entry)
    Thank you! Here’s wishing you well in the upcoming years:)

  151. Subscribed to updates via email and commented.

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    7 entries for me :) Thanks for the giveaway and congrats on surpassing 6000 subscribers!

  154. Sarah R says:

    Subscribed to your email updates. thanks!

  155. trishden says:

    Hey where did all my entries go? You weren’t clear on how many comments to leave and your sentence that states, “You get an additional entry for providing your responses by commenting on the blog itself in the comments section below.” makes it sound like extra action, extra comment.
    Ok, Subscribe = 2
    Like Contest Post on Facebook = 1
    Like you on Facebook = 1
    Google+1 = 1
    Tweeted on Twitter = 1
    Follow you on Twitter = 1
    Read that you currently maintain a dozen niche sites! Wow. don’t know if that is correct or not =8?
    So 15 entries or 7
    Thanks for the giveaway and congratulations on your milestone!

  156. cristi i. says:

    I subscriced to your email updates. Thank you and good luck to me.! :))

  157. Cindy says:

    This is what I did:
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    4. Plus oned
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    7. stumbled
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    • Sunil says:

      welcome Cindy and all the best. I do own over 20 niche sites now, but I don’t think I have mentioned them all. I’m not that generous :)

  158. Abby says:

    Subscribe to updates via email +2
    “Liked” this contest post on Facebook as Nikki O +1
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    I don’t know the total entries since it was very confusing. +1 again?

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    I liked the contest post on Facebook (Deanna Devendorf McClellan).

    I liked the Extra Money Blog on Facebook (Deanna Devendorf McClellan).

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    I tweeted the contest

  160. dmar says:

    followed you on twitter…
    Liked your fb page…
    subscribed via email…

    thanks for having this contest.
    more abundance sunil.

  161. SLee says:

    Hey, Sunil, it’s been over a month since you posted this. Is there any update on when a winner will be announced?

  162. Sonia says:

    I subscribed to your updates via email. Found you through Pat Flynn’s podcast. Also an SBIer.

    • Sunil says:

      welcome Sonia. would love to hear more about your SBI site via email or here publicly :) please feel free to share your likes / dislikes to help shape the direction of the blog

  163. Lansford Hibbert says:

    Sunil , well done on your good work , i have invited two people and also +1 google
    i will email you the names of the people .Keep up the good work , you are blessed for helping so many people , you will change the world .

  164. Matt Alx says:

    +1′d, tweeted, followed and subscribed!

    Thankyou for all the good advice!

  165. How cool :)
    I’m looking forward to more giveaways!

  166. Maurine says:

    I saw a lot of website but I conceive this one contains something special in it in it

  167. Tracy says:

    What a great find this site is! Thanks.

    I’m definitely following you on twitter.

  168. Hi Sunil,

    Greetings. Let me tell how i landed on to your Blog. I was listening to Pat Flynn’s podcast on my Iphone in my car and one of the Podcast was your interview where you mentioned about this website. Switched over to see what the content is. I am quite impressed to read through your site.

    I am a Chartered Accountant & Cost Accountant from India, and settled in a decent job and earning a decent income from a fortune 200 company.

    I happened to read Robert T Kiosaki’s book Rich Dad Poor Dad and from thereon have been quietly working on few things to generate a passive income and dreaming for an early retirement.

    Things have been quite unsuccessful on the online business side for me. I kept committing the same mistakes which many who enter the online marketing do, kept jumping from one strategy to another, buying different products, buying domains etc etc…

    But for the last two months i have been focused, and now going through your website today has given me more inspiration.

    I subscribed to your email newsletter and am sure will read, followed you on twitter & google +.

    Thanks for your efforts in sharing your experience which will definitely motivate people like me.


  169. wong says:

    like contest on FB.
    like emb on FB.
    following via twitter.
    google +1.
    enjoy the site and financial tips!

  170. katlupe says:

    What a great contest idea this is!

    I already get your blog updates in my email.
    I liked your page on Facebook.
    I shared this contest on my timeline on Facebook.
    I tweeted this contest on twitter.
    I shared it on my Google Plus.
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    Thank you for all the information you share. I am always struggling with earning extra money with my blogs and eBooks. You have helped me a lot. Thanks!

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