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$50,000 Prize Giveaway – Absolutely Serious, No Joke

I recently received an email from SiteSell, the company behind Site Build It or SBI, the product I use to research and build profitable niche websites announcing a mind blowing $50,000 prize giveaway for doing some simple research on the Internet.

SiteSell has been very generous to me over the years, and as far as I can remember, this is the biggest prize money I have experienced them giving away. Needless to say that I am going to participate in the contest.

If you haven’t heard about Site Build It, it is the single best and most comprehensive tool I know off that helps you research, plan, build, market and monetize a niche website. It is the only, all in one comprehensive tool you will ever need.  And of all the products that I am constantly pitched to try out and review, I cannot say there is anything out there that even compares.

I used SBI to build my first ever profitable niche website, and still use it today now that I have 16 profitable niche websites and more in the works.  They are the single biggest enabler of my success online and responsible for most of the passive and residual income that I generate on the internet that has allowed me to live a financially abundant life for years all on my own terms.

But enough about my relationship with SiteSell, here is how YOU can win the $50,000 prize giveaway straight from the horse’s mouth:

If you can find documented proof that another product, or collection of information and tools, delivers everything that SBI! does (or more), at the price of SBI! (or less) AND that product documents success to the depth that SBI! does, we will pay you $50,000.

Scour the Web in search of another product like SBI!, one that claims to enable anyone to create Web sites that build profitable businesses. These products may themselves be “all-in-one.”

Or perhaps they offer a free webinar that “upsells” other tools to execute the webinar strategies.

Or maybe they assemble an “SBI!-equivalent” of WordPress, plug-ins, additional software, information sources, guidance hosting, and so on.

Price it all out and then compare the success rates. What folks will find it just how much time and money it really takes to “do WordPress” if your goal is e-business success.

However a “competitor” operates, if it’s offered on the Web as an e-business solution, it’s fair game for “Match It!.”

If you find a company or a service that offers comparable tools and success rates at a price lower than SBI!, post it right on our SiteSell Facebook Wall…

You can read more about the contest and the rules on SiteSell’s Facebook Fan Page where the contest was first announced, followed by the newsletter release.

SiteSell vs. Blogging

There is a lot of debate over whether one should blog or build a website as a business.  I have repeatedly mentioned this in the past, and firmly believe that a blog in and of itself is not a business, neither is blogging.  A blog can certainly supplement and assist an underlying business such as providing a specific service or selling a product, but blogging as a business rarely works and is not the most effective in my opinion.

Sitesell’s full blown article on blogging vs. building is the most comprehensive perspective I have read on this topic, which further reinforces where I stand on this debate. And if that article doesn’t do it for you, read what countless SBI users have to say about this debate first hand.

A Blog Won’t Generate Passive Income for You

What happens to your blog when you stop blogging? Can you expect to sustain the same traffic and income levels?  Likely not.  If you think you are making passive income blogging you are highly mistaken.

A blog can support your business, passive or active, but it in of itself is not a passive business model. SiteSell explains this in further detail and demonstrates how you can create a passive business online.

The $50,000 Prize Giveaway Contest

I am really excited about this contest because not only are we talking some serious change, but also because one of the best companies is hosting it.  SiteSell has been around for years now and recently, because of all the newer turnkey tools that have emerged including WordPress, there has been chatter about whether Site Build It is dead.

I think it’s nuts to even question that personally. I believe this contest will put all doubts to rest and once again prove that Site Build It was and still is the single best tool out there to build a profitable business online.

If you happen to spend some time reading SiteSell’s material while participating in the contest and feel that this tool can help you and are interested in purchasing it, feel free to contact their customer support or ask me directly. I’d be happy to use a desktop sharing program and show you what it looks like and how I use it personally.

As for now, I am going to begin researching online and trying my chance at the $50,000 prize giveaway.

Readers: Are you going to participate in the $50,000 prize giveaway challenge? What are your views on blogging vs. building a website as a business model? You may be blogging as a hobby or outlet like many do, but are you ok spending your time doing so without really building a long term business or asset?  Do you have any questions about SiteSell that I can answer?

Note: I have been a very happy and successful Site Build It! user for years. I am also affiliated with the company and am paid a commission on each sale. If you are interested in this product, I’d appreciate you using my affiliate link.  I’d be happy to help you with any questions before, during or after your purchase.

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8 Responses to “$50,000 Prize Giveaway – Absolutely Serious, No Joke”

  1. Herbert says:

    For real? Wow!!! That’s a very big amount. *drooling on $50000*

    • Sunil says:

      I was too Herbert when I received the newsletter. SBI has run some very generous contests in the past, but I have not experienced anything bigger than this.

  2. SLee says:

    This is very intriguing.

    By the way, Sunil, I’ve been wondering: do you use SBI for this site?

  3. Daniel says:

    Sunil my friend,

    Nice article, however i want to inform you that no link in your email which goes through aweber works. (at least on my iphone). I always get to a aweber page telling me the link is wrong.

    Thought you should know…

    • Sunil says:

      Daniel, appreciate you taking time to tell me. I just tested these links and they work fine. Let me know if this problem exists on the computer as well? In the mean time I will email Aweb support reg the phone compatibility.

  4. wow, thanks for letting us know? I have no idea what this thing is about, but I will try to apply for the prize, if I understand on the second try 🙂

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