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Earn Passive Income with Amazon Kindle Publishing for Blogs

I had recently joined the Amazon Kindle Publishing for Blogs program and wanted to wait until I received my first payment before writing about it on this blog.  I am happy to announce that I received my first payment from Amazon’s Kindle Store resulting from Amazon Kindle subscribers to my blog.

The Kindle is Amazon’s best selling product, and a first market mover that was followed by the Apple Ipad and now countless other devices from various big labels.  Amazon already had a robust self publishing platform on which authors could publish their ebooks (Kindle version) for sale.

The book publishing platform was recently followed by Google when it launched its Google Books program.  Amazon recently took yet another step in establishing the Amazon Kindle Publishing for Blogs platform, which is also a self-publishing tool that allows bloggers to submit and sell their blog subscription on the Kindle Store.

The process is painless and takes 5 minutes.  Simply visit the Amazon Kindle Publishing for Blogs website, create a new Kindle Publishing account for free and submit your blog by completing a simple, one page application that looks like this:

Amazon Blog Publishing Application

This is a form of pure passive income, another counter argument for those that say there is no such thing as passive income.

This is how my blog looks on Amazon’s store.


Extra Money Blog on Amazon

Taking advantage of these opportunities contributes to the parlay effect I wrote about some time back. By focusing on initiatives that lead to passive and residual income, one can continue to build the income snowball that inevitably results from such efforts.

The program is currently available for US and UK residents (sorry my Canadian brothers and sisters). However, I am sure it will expand its reach like everything else.

I suspect Google will come up with its own blog publishing program for platforms on the Android operating system similar to how Google Books was established after the Kindle self publishing program. Keep a sharp eye out for this and take advantage of the opportunity when it comes knocking around.

You can read my blog on Amazon Kindle by clicking here.

Have you taken advantage of the Amazon Kindle Publishing platform? How has your experience been like?

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  1. Very neat! I had no idea, but will definitely be checking this out.

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