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Are You Unhappy With Your Job? Turn It Into Happiness!

One of the blogs that I am subscribed to, Escape from Cubicle Nation, published a post in April claiming that we all NEED a “side hustle”.  Do we all need it? Maybe not necessarily, but it is certainly good to have, especially when you are unhappy with your job.  But why did Pamela Slim say that we all need it?

She said this because most people who are working in a corporate job do not like what they do.  Of those most people, many actually hate their jobs.  Most people are working in their jobs because they have to, not because they want to or enjoy it.  There is nothing to debate about that, it is a simple fact that surveys over the years have proven from time to time.

Pamela says that if you are still working that corporate job, a “side hustle” as she calls it is a great way to test and try new business ideas on the side especially when you are unhappy with your job.  By working on something you are passionate about on the side, you won’t really feel like you are working because the work itself would be like a hobby for you.

Your side hustle will also be something you look forward to, which sometimes will help you carry through a rough day in the office.  If nurtured properly, your side hustle can become your backup plan in case you lose your job.  This point is more relevant today than anytime in the past as the concept of job security simply doesn’t exist anymore.

Here is a list of some of the side gigs Pamela’s corporate employee clients and friends are involved with:

  • Web design
  • Home organizing
  • Writing and editing
  • Coaching
  • Computer maintenance
  • Massage
  • Tax preparation
  • Personal training
  • Yoga
  • Consulting
  • Catering
  • Photography

According to Pamela, a good side business to get into should be one that:

  • You Like
  • Are good at
  • In which you clearly know who your market is (for example, if you are good with bikes, you could offer your bike repair services to other bike owners in your neighborhood on your community bulletin board or in a newsletter)
  • In which you can generate a decent effective hourly wage
  • Does not necessarily need the formalities upfront such as business cards, a website and a huge marketing budget.  Although your business might need these as you grow later.
  • You can work at from home or based out of your home
  • Is NOT illegal!

I generally agree with what Pamela is saying.  I especially liked the tangent when she mentioned that a “side hustle” does not only apply to corporate employees, it can also be a great backup for small business owners affected by shifting markets or slow sales”.

This is an important point to note.  The world we live in changes constantly, and if we want to continue to survive and thrive, we must change the direction of our business to go along with it.

In my own personal side gig as a “life coach” or a “business coach” (I do offer personal consulting services), I have dealt with so many unhappy but successful individuals working Corporate America who are looking for a better option outside of what they do for a living. If you are unhappy with your job,  I highly recommend you start looking into a side gig.

One of the recommendations that has always worked wonders is when I tell them to start blogging on the side or building a website on a topic they are most passionate about.  If you think about it from a psychological perspective, the enjoyment they get from engaging in activities they are passionate about cancels out the negativity, resentment and unhappiness they have built up inside about their 9 to 5 jobs.

It’s not an escape route, but essentially a method to bring more balance to one’s feelings and emotions.  This in turn helps them perform even better at their day jobs.  It’s amazing how it works isn’t it?  And if you are currently involved in a side gig that you truly love, you know exactly what I am talking about.

For those that cannot relate, I strongly encourage you to explore side business options in your spare time.  It could be that single missing ingredient in your life that you were looking for all this time.

Readers: Are you unhappy with your job?  What are you doing about it? What is it that you are most passionate about? Any thoughts on Side Gigging yourself now or at some point in the future?


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2 Responses to “Are You Unhappy With Your Job? Turn It Into Happiness!”

  1. I like my job, but I LOVE my side hustle!

    I think everyone should go try something on the side.

    Sunil, you have some great content. You should trip guest posting on my site or elsewhere to increase your exposure!


  2. Sunil says:

    Glad to see an endorsement from such an esteemed blogger.

    I am switching gears from niche content website creation and e-commerce to blogging. This certainly encapsulates my success to date on the Internet. Encouragement from the community, such as the comment you posted, is what keeps us going (and you know what I am talking about).

    Guest posting is certainly on the agenda, and your Blog is a great candidate indeed. Stay tuned for an email 🙂

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