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Blog Optimization Tips That Work – Traffic Travis, SBI & Alternatives

Today I want to talk about tools you can use to optimize each blog post you publish.  Without optimizing each blog post, it is difficult to benefit from free, organic search engine traffic you can potentially generate back to your blog.

Traffic Travis

The reason for this is because 1) you are not giving search engines the chance to rank you as high as you can or should and 2) there are competitors online who likely have optimized their blog posts better than you have.

I hinted toward this topic in my post about blog SEO. However, that was more of an overview.  In this article I will talk about two specific tools I utilize to ensure my SEO is as good as it could be.

If you are interested in learning about blog optimization and how to optimize each individual post before publishing it, I recommend you read my previously published post titled how to execute on page SEO.

In that post you will see that proper blog optimization involves the execution of several steps, many of which can easily slip the mind as you are writing the post. That is where the help of these tools come in.

To ensure each of my blog posts is as optimized as it can be, I have utilized a couple tools that help me scan each post for its SEO and provide me with pointers for enhancing the SEO further.  The two blog optimization tools I use are Site Build It and Traffic Travis.

Site Build It

I have talked about Site Build It (SBI) quite a bit on this blog because I have several websites that are on its program, including my most popular and profitable niche website.  This is the best website building program I have come across over the years I have been generating income online.

As part of the program, SBI provides a neat tool called “Analyze It!”, a function that analyzes each and every webpage for its SEO and makes recommended changes to enhance the overall optimization.  I simply make the changes until the tool gives me a perfect SEO score. Once I achieve the perfect score, I post my webpage live on the Internet.

Here is an example of what the tool does from a recommendation stand point.  As you can see, the recommendations are quite precise, stated with reasons behind why the changes recommended are needed.

On Page SEO Analysis Tool

You type in your content and hit Analyze it to generate a report that looks like the one below:

On Page SEO Analysis Sample Report

Below is a screenshot of what the report looks like once you implement the changes.  As you can see in this report, the tool has deemed the webpage fully optimized and ready for publishing.

Perfect On Page SEO Analysis Score

Looks pretty plain vanilla doesn’t it? Don’t be deceived! This tool checks for over 100 different SEO variables in the background and boils it all down to a simple single set of recommendations that need to be implemented to maximize your SEO all in plain English.  This is a big reason why I like the SBI program.

Note: In my opinion, the SBI program is a more suitable tool for someone interested in building a profitable long term online business and not so much for fluid bloggers.

That said, because a blog infrastructure in many ways is like a static website, most of the SEO principles that apply to static webpages also apply to blog posts.  This is precisely why I was initially able to leverage the SBI SEO Analyze It program for my blog before discovering a SEO tool just for blogs (below).

The process can be rather tedious because I have to copy paste information from my WordPress blog into the SBI module and run the “Analyze It” function.  Another downside of using the SBI program just for blog optimization is price.  The tool costs $299.  However, if your intention is to build profitable niche sites, there is no single all in one tool better than SBI in my opinion.

The cost also appears deceiving because after you add up the costs of the various pieces required to build and manage a successful online business, you will see that SBI is actually a more cost effective option.

In addition, in my experience I and many other SBI users make their investment back in less than a year of going live.

Traffic Travis

A more conducive blog optimization tool made just for blog SEO is Traffic Travis.  This is the tool I currently use to execute SEO for my blog. I like Traffic Travis because of several reasons.

In addition to pointing out mistakes in your optimization efforts and providing recommendations . . .

  • It allows you to research your competitors and find out exactly why they outrank you and how you can outrank them
  • It allows you to build quality back links relatively easily
  • It allows you to research and create a list of relevant keywords to your industry/niche
  • It allows you to find all the top ranking websites and blogs on your industry/niche

Traffic Travis is used by over 200,000 bloggers globally according to their website.  This tool is so popular that even CNET has it available for download through their platform.

I started by using their Free version initially, which is pretty darn good in my opinion. I recently upgraded to the Pro Edition Version 4.  You can read about the FREE version here and try out the software for yourself. You can always upgrade if you like it and when you are ready.

Concluding Thoughts

Both of these tools cost money to use. Do you really need either? NO, you DO NOT have to have either one of these. You can learn proper SEO for blog posts and implement each step as you type the post.

However, utilizing these tools can save you the time involved in learning something new and ensures you are executing SEO properly without allowing anything to slip through the cracks.

Utilizing these tools allows you to focus on content creation, as these tools will alarm you of the changes you need to make in your content piece to achieve maximum SEO score.

Even though I am well versed in SEO, I still like to use these tools because they provide me with a safety net that I can lean back on, and essentially a guarantee that my work is fully optimized before it goes live.

For me, I don’t mind paying the nominal fee to utilize these tools because I feel the benefits I derive from effective blog optimization are worth the price.  If you have not had the chance to view my traffic breakdown pattern, have a quick look at this traffic chart:

Extra Money Blog Traffic

As you can see my blog optimization is pretty good, resulting in the most amount of visitors coming from organic search engine traffic that is 100% free. In other words, this is traffic that has naturally trickled to my blog without me having to spend a dime on it.  This is what most bloggers and Internet marketers would want to see.

Of course there are other reasons why my blog SEO is good, such as using the Thesis WordPress Theme.  But that said, proper SEO is definitely the way to go and the single biggest reason for my success on search engines.

Here is another example of what I mean. Type in phrases “extra money online” “make extra money online” “earn extra money online” and scan the results on page 1.  You will notice that these phrases have tens and hundreds of millions of competitors online, amongst which my blog ranks on page one.  This is a practical example of effective blog optimization.

How about you? What blog optimization strategies have worked best for you? How much of your traffic comes from organic search results? Are you happy with your blog SEO efforts and results?

Optimizing Blogs

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17 Responses to “Blog Optimization Tips That Work – Traffic Travis, SBI & Alternatives”

  1. Thomas says:

    Nice post Sunil! Actually what have worked for me in the past is making sure I used words that mean the same thing as the keyword I am trying to rank for. That way my density isn’t crazy and it flows better when writing content. Another strategy is making sure you link back to old articles and use long tail keywords.

    I would say in the beginning most of my traffic came from search about 90%. I thought that was great until some updates hit and I realize that like stocks I needed a diversified traffic circle. While search is good especailly if you are branded it can be your death. Referral, direct, organic, social, etc work best.

    Right now I find I rank for things I don’t even try to get links too. Weird but hey I will take it.

  2. Chidi says:

    Hi sunil, pls i don’t know why i can’t benefit from all your good work about making money online. I’m a Nigerian and also a student I heard that paypal does not work in Nigeria but i have liberty reserv account please can you help me with any site dat pays with liberty reserve pls on my knels

    • Sunil says:

      I am sorry Chidi I am not familiar with Liberty Reserv but would love to know more about it. perhaps the community can help? currency exchange overseas continues to be a challenge for internet based entrepreneurs overseas

  3. Pretty cool tips Sunil,
    I’ve heard of Traffic Travis before but have never tried it. Just downloaded the free version and will give it a shot now.

    I’m not very good in SEO so hopefully, this tool will help me. How do you measure your keyword density in a blog post? How can one check his blogs ranking in SE?

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Sunil says:

      I use Traffic Travis and the SBI tool to measure on page KW density. I use Market Samurai to measure overall site rank on search engines. these are all on my Resources page

  4. You are absolutely right in saying that every blog post needs to be optimized to drive traffic. I have used the free version of Traffic Travis for another of my site and have found it quite useful. It looks like I need to upgrade to the full version.

    Only very recently I have been working on the SEO of my blog. Your post couldn’t have come at a much better time. Thank you for the excellent post.

  5. I’ve been using Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin for a long time. I seem to do pretty well by it. After the googleupdates this part year, my search engine traffic had risen 300%

  6. Olivea says:

    Blog is for every internet user. They can find there information hare. Traffic Travis is the most popular SEO problem report software. Its show what is the SEO problem of your website. But it is not free. Thanks for the sharing its alternatives.

  7. seo search engine optimization is best and onlky source to improve our traffic and traffic travis is well design for web master tool to report create error and solve..and i really appreciated your alternative like Site Build It because some time traffic Travis got some error and updating..

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