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A Proven Practical Tip to Mega Boost Your Google Adsense CTR & Earnings

I know that relying on Google Adsense is not the most secure revenue stream, but if you are making money through the Google Adsense program then you might as well maximize your earning potential.

Boost Your CTR

Many who work online have been earning very well from this program for years, with numerous stories of individual entrepreneurs earning well over $100,000 a year from Adsense all over the internet.

I have been earning passive income using Google Adsense and some other contextual ad programs for a few years now. If you are new to this blog, here is an example of my Adsense earnings if you are curious how much this income stream contributes to my online earnings.

Basically, the main revenue drivers of your Adsense earnings are the cost-per-impression (CPM), click-through rate (CTR) and page views. While I have discussed increasing traffic and thus page views quite a bit on this blog (you can search for articles in the archives), in this post I want to discuss one way to significantly increase both your CTR and overall earnings from Adsense.

But before getting into this tip, there are some basic fundamental ways to increase your Adsense earnings by improving your CPM and CTR. These are “gimmes” that you should consider and implement immediately. You can read about those in my notes from my meeting with the Google Adsense team.

Once you have optimized your existing Adsense earnings, consider the following strategy, which has boosted my Google Adsense CTR and earnings significantly.

The Silent Sales Machine Embedded in My WebSites

If you have been following my journey on the Extra Money Blog, you likely already know that I generate a significant portion of my passive income from a portfolio of static websites. Many of these static websites also have a relevant eBook that is sold on each, which is why I have a large portfolio of eBooks as well on various eBook distribution platforms such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Not to get on a long segway here, but eBooks are one of the best and most turn key ways to generate passive income without having your own blog or website. You can read why here. If you are interested in profiting from eBooks, you can read my 25,000+ word comprehensive series on eBooks here.

The reason I mention this is because many of my static websites have in them an email opt in form that I use to collect the email addresses of my site’s readers and visitors. Once I have their email addresses, I can communicate with them using a pre written series of auto-responders (automatic personalized email messages) scheduled to reach their email inboxes after various increments of time (for example, weekly).

This process works on auto pilot once set up. If you are not familiar with how this works, you can read more about how I use email auto-responders here.

In addition to building rapport and delivering high value for free, one of the uses of these auto-responders is to “subtly” promote the eBook that is sold on the website. Needless to say that because the value delivered in the emails is of high quality, the conversion percentage (number of readers who end of purchasing the book) of buyers is also very high.

But there is one more way that I utilize my email auto-responder tool, and that’s to significantly boost my Adsense CTR and earnings. How? Let’s go over this.

Embedding Invisible WebPages in Your Email Auto Responder Tool

In my automated email newsletter series, I usually have a few emails that are very brief in nature but point my readers to a link where they can get more information. For example, I may send an email that reads like this:

Hi (Reader),

I wasn’t able to email last week because I was busy working on a new webpage on my site, where I have compiled a list of the top 10 (fill in the blanks) where you will learn how to (fill in the blanks). This is already proving to be one of the most visited pages of my site. You can visit this page here: (link).

I will be back with more tips next week

Notice the brevity. The goal is to get the reader to quickly get through the email and click the link. Not surprisingly, these emails also have the highest click through rate for me, which means the number of readers who are clicking through the links embedded within the email such as the one above.

When they click on this link, it takes them to a “Adsense heavy” webpage that exists outside of my website. What do I mean?

Basically, imagine one webpage that is not physically linked to your website, but exists in the cyberspace on your host. This webpage has a URL like any other webpage of your website. What I’ve done to this webpage is taken all the links and navigation options out. I have embedded a couple YouTube videos on the page, and large ad unit blocks right next to the videos.

You don’t have to embed videos. I have similar webpages where I have a bullet point list of key tips. The point is to take readers to a page with lots of quality info and no other links to distract them.

When readers are done reading the material or viewing the video, they can either click the X on the top right and shut down the page or click on an ad that is blatantly apparent. As you can imagine, my click through rates on these pages is very high. Here is an example of what one of those pages looks like.

Invisible Page With No Links and Distractions

That’s all the page is. Lots of white, big Google Adsense ad units, and no links. There is a link to this webpage below.

This Strategy Works and Does Not Violate the Google Adsense TOS

This strategy works great. Why?

First off, the webpage you send your readers to is very inviting in the sense that there is a lot of white space – breathing room for the eyes. The reader will likely take time to either read the material on the webpage or watch the videos you have embedded.

Once done, normal user behavior is to look for something to click on to move on. Because there are no navigation links on this page, the reader can either shut the browser down or click on an ad. Many users don’t like to shut the internet browser.

Although I had some inclination that this strategy is compliant with Adsense policy, I confirmed my understanding by asking a Google Adsense rep directly when I met with them. I was told this strategy is fine and doesn’t break any of Google’s rules.

I was ecstatic to know this and since then have created several other similar pages for several of my websites, resulting in higher Adsense earnings. You can read my detailed notes from my meeting with Google here.

Concluding Thoughts

I first learned about this strategy from Adam Short, whose training course I have taken in the past and currently am an affiliate off. Though many of his instructional material need updates, a lot of the core concepts in his training still work today.

Because Google’s rules doesn’t allow me to share specific CTR details, I can’t do that here, but I can tell you that it has increased significantly where I have applied this strategy. This obviously has led to higher earnings from Adsense. I currently have this strategy working on several websites.

You are welcome to see how this strategy works exactly by visiting one of my websites that has the auto-responder feature. If you sign up for the emails, you can get a feel for how I market my eBooks. You can visit one of my website’s here. You will notice the sign up for immediately to the right hand side. This is also a strategy I picked up from Adam when I was going through his training.

Although I have highlighted a couple uses in this post, there are several other uses for an email auto-responder tool as well. You can read about how I utilize this tool in different types of businesses, including a brick and mortar store that I own here.

I have been using the Aweber email auto-responder tool ever since they started in business and am an affiliate of their product which I love and fully stand behind. If you are interested in this email auto-responder tool and have questions or need some help, please feel free to reach out to me.

Alternatively, they have a very helpful tutorial that walks your through the entire process of getting started, as well as a very helpful support staff that you can talk to online via chat, email or through phone.

So what do you think about this strategy to boost your Google Adsense CTR? What are other creative and effective uses of an email auto-responder tool that you are familiar and/or experienced with?

If you found this post helpful, I’d appreciate it if you can help me spread the word by Tweeting it, Liking it or Sharing it using the easy click buttons below.

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66 Responses to “A Proven Practical Tip to Mega Boost Your Google Adsense CTR & Earnings”

  1. Nick LeRoy says:

    have you attempted to purchase traffic to these types of landing pages? or is it always with your mailing list?

  2. Peter says:

    So you are telling your list readers that this page has become one of the most heavily traffic’d pages, yet the only way you can get to it is from your email? Isn’t this a conflict, or perhaps a blatant lie?

    • Sunil says:

      Peter – what I am saying is that the CTR on these pages is the highest because of the layout (lack of other “clicking” options). where have I confused you? I want to make sure we articulate this so everyone understands the facts

      • Peter says:

        Driving traffic to a page with no outbound links, except for ads, is brilliant. Like an Adsense squeeze page. I will give this a try myself.

        My concern was with this deception to your readers:
        “This is already proving to be one of the most visited pages of my site. You can visit this page here: (link).”
        How can this be if the only way to get there is from your email? It can’t be one of the most visited pages until peope start visiting it.

        • Sunil says:

          look at it this way Peter. let’s just say the site has 50 pages, of the 50, each is visited x times per day mainly through search engine traffic (kw searches). this distributes the total daily unique visits across 50 pages, with the homepage getting a good amount of it. over time, many visitors opt in to the newsletter, and through that everyone is guaranteed to visit the “hidden” pages, whether or not they have been through all other 50 pages of the site. does this make sense? not only that, but just because these pages are not linked to from the home page or other pages of this niche site, it doesn’t mean they are not indexed (“find-able” on search engines). hope that clarifies

  3. I like this idea, but I have to say that I am confused about the part where you say…

    “it takes them to a ”Adsense heavy” webpage that exists outside of my website”

    The part I am missing is the part when you talk about “outside your website”

    By this, am I to understand that you purchased a new domain? Because in all honesty, if this is the case what I would do is purchase a new domain, build a few pages such as this around it, and then follow through with your idea…

    I have lots of videos which I could use in a similar manner, but before I begin to implement the idea I was curious if I have your entire idea correct in the first place.

  4. Great article Sunil. I’m a big fan of Adsense and although there tends to be an ever ending mini hate campaign from IMers against Adsense, you correctly point out that it is still a great way to monetize a website.

    The facts are, it is the easiest way to get started with making money online, it is basically hands-off, and it allows you to focus yoru efforts on content and SEO.

    It seems to me that IMers start with Adsense, get some great results and move on to other forms of more advanced monetizing and then you start to see the snipes against Adsense come out.

    As you point out, diversifying income is essential, but Adsense is still King for the beginner IMer and there’s not reason why it can’t underpin ongoing revenue once you’re up and running and monetizing in different ways.

    Nice article again. Keep up the good work.

    • Sunil says:

      good points brought up here Greg. I see criticism when..
      a) a publisher gets banned
      b) like you said, an IM starts to make more money doing something else
      c) for absolutely no reason – lack of understanding perhaps

      I agree that it’s best to be in control of your own “destiny” – perhaps owning your own product. I agree with you that Adsense is a great way to get your feet wet when new to this space

  5. Jessica says:

    It was really impressive that simple guidelines to boost ads. I already tried to have my own ads but unfortunately I failed, I may don’t have enough details on ads on to boost it. 🙁

  6. Molak says:

    Thanks Sunnil For This Wonderful Post,i Will try it and Definately Come back here to give you a response,am a new blogger and have been depending on adsense for my blog income and i think with this Post of Yours,i will Increase My Earnings

  7. Vijay says:

    Hi Sunil,
    Thanks for this great tip!
    BTW you have slowly started revealing all your websites 🙂
    Because once you get the adsense id one can find all related website using sites like and I guess you are not caring about this now.

    • Sunil says:

      Vijay – read my article on diversifying your portfolio by creating multiple adsense accounts. this is possible through incorporation of businesses. in addition, it helps with privacy as well. most these websites are already disclosed on this blog

  8. Hi Sunil,

    I have tried this strategy myself in the past on some of my own niche sites and I can concur that the results can be excellent.

    Indeed, one of my autoresponder series consists of very little except a short intro followed by a link to a “hidden” article on my site – complete with Adsense. In a profitable niche it can have a significant effect on your bottom line.


  9. Julia Myah says:

    Great post..’ Thanks , dear you nice sharing with me.

    It is very effective for me, again thanks……

  10. Jude says:

    Hi Sunil,

    This is a great post! I will definitely try this strategy. I have 2 questions:

    1) Should the article that we will place in the hidden site the same as the article we already have in one of our previous posts or should it be completely new to avoid duplicate content?

    2) I have a one year old site with 17 articles and already in the first page of Google. This is monitized with Adsense and it is doing well even though it has still a small Adsense monthly income. My question is, is it advisable to add an opt-in widget in all my site’s pages to capture email addresses of my visitors? Will it lower and affect my Adsense revenue if I add this opt-in widget? I’m planning to add it but I’m afraid that it will affect my Adsense income.
    I look forward to hear your answers. I’m always inspired to read your blog posts. Thanks! ~ Jude

    • Sunil says:


      1) unique content is always better. that said, one can use existing content from newsletters and other avenues such as guest posts made elsewhere, articles submitted etc. do note that this “hidden” page is still part of your site (same root URL), though just not linked to from the site itself.

      2) your question is about arbitrage. would you rather get $x per click or have the user opt in, which doesn’t necessarily mean they will not go back to your site and click on an add (and if so then you get a double benefit). but even if you lose out on the $x for the click, they may click an add later on your “hidden” page which is worth $x+y.

      Does that help or make matters more complex?

  11. Great post, Sunil – that looks like a VERY effective strategy, thanks for sharing.

    Now, if I could find some way to get AdSense back… 🙂

    (In all seriousness, I think this could work really well for ANY ad platform of course, not just AdSense.)

  12. Sunil,

    This is gold!

    Thank for sharing so much with us.

    I have just recently added Adsense to one of my blogs and the timing of your advice is perfect.

    I also added an email opt-in form and experimented with optimum placement too.

    We do need to chat soon as I am making a go of this fulltime right now.



  13. martin says:

    Thanks for the excellent tip. I just wonder how you can isolate a page from your navigation, when using WordPress. Is this by using a plugin? I guess it would still be included in the sitemap etc.

    Or do you make a seperate HTML page, which you put on the server by FTP?

    • Sunil says:

      some good questions Martin. in my case my website is HTML. but yes, you can either create an HTML page, or have it within WP and use an exluder/exlusion type plugin. not sure one exists, but even if this page is part of the site itself (linked to from the site), it doesn’t preclude you from utilizing this strategy. I use Thesis and in Thesis I have the option of not making a particular page show by unchecking it in the back-end dashboard. in either case it will be part of the sitemap unless you explicitly exclude it from it

  14. Great idea. Now I just need an email list, content with a decent AdSense CPC rate, and a spare idea that I don’t mind keeping from my blog. 🙂

  15. Dave Starr says:


    Great tips here, Sunil, thanks. I have a question based on the article where you first introduced this idea, and the “fallout” you reported from this meeting:

    notes from my meeting with the Google Adsense team.

    At the end of this article you shared the surprising fact that while the meeting had been very upbeat and productive, you site’s traffic from Google had taken a huge “nose dive”. No provable connection, but quite scary due to the timing of the two events.

    Any update on that situation?

    • Sunil says:

      only some sites experienced this Dave. I wrote about this and referenced the exact match domain update, as well as potentially placing the huge banner ads on the banner area of my websites. many are slowly recovering, others have stabilized. not enough data as yet to publish a case report, but coming soon. what’s your experience been like lately?

      • Dave Starr says:

        OK, got it, I should have been more specific about how many sites were involved. Where did you write further on this particular incident? Sorry I am not finding it.

        My experience is, the Exact Match Domain issue has always been overblown. Many times in the past it was rare to see more then one half the results on page one showing EMD’s, or even “targeted” keywords in the domain. I will say though that I see fewer and fewer EMD’s, so results indicate that Google is actually taking action to de-emphasize this factor.

        The “truest” line in the whole Google Visits article (to me anyway) is this one:

        Google Adsense and Google Search Don’t Talk Much – Or At All?

        Anyone trying to get good results out of AdSense has to realize that those “you can increase your earnings” emails are NOT “gospel, and should be taken with more than a grain of salt. “Corporate” Google is heavily segmented and one division does not speak with authority for another division, at all.

        • Sunil says:

          that’s right Dave – every business unit will try to do the best for itself – not necessarily the company as a whole. I talked about the hit initially on Facebook, and then covered it in a blog post later on as well.

  16. Lisa Irby says:

    Sunil, this is such a great article! I can def vouch for the ads alongside the video. Works so well but I never thought to use this email strategy! Now you got my wheels spinning. LOL Great post!

  17. Jessica says:

    Great article Sunil. I’m a big fan of Adsense and although there tends to be an ever ending mini hate campaign from IMers against Adsense, you correctly point out that it is still a great way to monetize a website.Thank you so much for this informative post!

    • Sunil says:

      I think the “hate” is more of a frustration for many. others simply have better experiences with higher paying affiliate offers or their own products. tell me more about your experiences Jessica?

  18. Shitij says:

    Thanks for some wonderful tips about e-mail marketing….It would be interesting case study if you give us information about your static web sites

  19. Julia Myah says:

    Great post..’ Thanks , dear you nice sharing with me.

    It is very effective for me, again thanks……
    Great post..’ Thanks , dear you nice sharing with me.

    It is very effective for me, again thanks……

  20. Vinod says:

    Hey Sunil, loved the technique.

    Btw, the same should work if I direct my site’s visitors who want additional content to such a page containing good videos and no outbound links other than adsense right?

    • Sunil says:

      yes, see the sample link. those are videos embedded within

      • Vinod says:

        Yeah, I did see those. My doubt was the effectiveness/logic of driving traffic from my own website to such a page, rather than from a mailing list.

        Like for example, saying “If you’d like to watch more of these awesome techniques, click here.” in between a post and linking to a page with more awesome content and ads only.
        Do you think such a technique would frustrate the readers? Or may be I should open that in a new window.

        Your thoughts please…

  21. Vikram says:

    I am always worried about my earnings through Google Adsense. Traffic of my bog is good but i am earning that much. I have read your tips and suggestions and i think it will surely hep me a lot. Thanks for sharing this.

  22. Wolfgang says:

    Hi Sunil,
    I’ve two questions.

    1.) Do you create a “new” Ad in tzhe adsense tool?

    I’m wondering how Google will react, when you have an Ad with a “to high” CTR.

    Google does not like “made for adsense sites”.

    2nd question:
    Don’t you add any text to the site, so that Google can deliver “related” ads?

    Thank you,

    • Sunil says:

      not sure what you mean in Q1. yes, I have a new ad unit so I can measure CTR effectiveness. the rest of the site is heavy with verbiage so yes, Google serves contextual ads that are relevant to the content as well as the reader. does that help?

  23. Wolfgang says:

    Yes, thank you, it does help with Q1 (new ad unit).

    Unfortunately you are not allowed to disclose the CTR.
    The problem I see is, that the CTR could be to high.

    That also refers to Q2.
    In your example, I do not see any text, so it looks like (actually it is) a MFA site. In combination with high CTR, this could lead to a problem.

  24. J.G says:

    Amazing post and amazing blog to share with my friends.

  25. What a great article, I will surely share to my friends who are using adsense. Thanks

  26. Carew says:

    Thank you for this article Sunil!

  27. Omg! It’s really a very clever trick. Thanks for sharing it :–)

  28. ankit says:

    i m new t google adsense. may u help me in increasing my clicks and cpc.i am not able to understand all of ur blogs

  29. VERY VERY INFORMATIVE ARTICLE, THANKS FOR THIS AWESOME info: realy from the depth of my heart. Adsense YOU ROCK

  30. David says:

    Nice one… Your post is very helpful to me about using adsense

  31. Arbaz Khan says:

    This is something completely new to me.
    I am going to try out this email autoresponder method to increase my Google Adsense CTR.
    I hope I will get positive results.

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