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Save Your Family Money with Burial Insurance

Death is not a topic we usually discuss, let alone proactively plan around.  The thought of death is depressing and is usually avoided by most people.  However, death is an inevitability.  The sooner and the better we plan around it, the more we can ensure that not only our loved ones will be taken care of, but that they will not be excessively burdened with the logistics involved in fulfilling our wishes and the the relevant ceremonies that go with.

In this article, our writer has provided some golden nuggets around one specific aspect of death; burial insurance.  I know this is not the most exciting topic to read about, but trust me, your family will be thankful to you for appropriately planning before you eventually say good bye to your loved ones.

These days there’s an insurance policy for everything. The same goes for death. You probably already know about life insurance, but you’ve likely never heard of burial insurance. Some people make the mistake of assuming that funeral insurance also covers the burial. This isn’t the case. We’re going to show you how burial insurance can save your family a lot of money.

Why is Burial so Expensive?

First of all, you have to understand why a burial is so expensive to begin with. Burying someone has only increased in cost because of a number of reasons.

The Service – The service and ceremony is always expensive. It’s gone up in the same way as a standard funeral. You can expect to pay thousands for a ceremony that will only last mere minutes.

Real Estate – Real estate has only gone up in value. A burial plot is a small piece of real estate, so as prices have gone up so have the costs of burial.

Maintenance – Land and grave sites have to be maintained. This has to be taken into account when it comes to cost.

  1. The Payment Plan

If you pay for your burial well in advance of death, you’ll never have to come up with thousands of dollars instantly. This is a nasty surprise many families receive whenever they experience a death in their family. Their funeral insurance doesn’t cover the actual burial.

Shop around for the right provider and you can get more favorable payment plans. Generally, if you opt to pay years in advance this is when you receive the best deals.

  1. Like the Old Days

Burial insurance is nothing revolutionary. A century ago it was common for loved ones to take out a plot at their local graveyard and begin paying for the area even decades prior to their death. Burial insurance is exactly like the old days.

The insurance will offer you the best deal years in advance, and it will guarantee the standard of burial service you actually want.

  1. Death Renewal

It should be mentioned that with burial insurance you’re not actually purchasing something physical. You will still have to purchase everything you need for the burial separately. Only after you have paid for everything can you make a claim on your insurance.

Take note that how much you get back depends on what coverage you bought and how much you paid into the policy to begin with. This is where paying for a policy early comes in handy.

But did you know that you can also renew the policy after claiming for the future?

The benefits of your insurance policy will never expire with time, and you can get protected for up to 35,000 dollars, which is more than enough for even the most lavish burial.

Burial Insurance Can Save Money

With all the immense costs of a burial, proper insurance is guaranteed to save you money. Make even bigger savings by taking out insurance well in advance of an expected burial. The ideal scenario is where you take out insurance before anyone has fallen ill.

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