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How to Set Quick Reference Static Calendar Dates in Google Analytics

I love the free Google Analytics program, but I have royally hated the fact that the default calendar date range on the platform changes each time you log on. It always shows the most current month’s numbers.

Here is what I mean.  Have a look at the screen shots below.  Notice the date ranges are different in each screen shot?  That is because these were taken upon logging in on two different occasions.

Google Analytics Dashboard

Google Analytics Dashboard

But what if you like to measure your website’s traffic growth from the time you launched it?  Manually changing the date ranges is easy by simply either browsing back in the calendar or manually inputting the date range by clicking on the date box.

Google Analytics Dashboard

The process is simple but 1) it takes time to do this – yes, even a little bit of a detour can impede progress significantly 2) it’s  flat out annoying and 3) why should you have to go through this?  There should be an easier way one can set the start date to a static date (i.e. the date of launch or any other date you wish) to avoid the annoyance every single time.

In addition, what if you have multiple websites within various accounts and sub accounts (see image below).   I hate having to scroll through the list and keep changing accounts each time I want to view the statistics of another web property. Again, there has to be an easier way?

I don’t think I am being too unreasonable am I? I know at least one other person who is equally, if not more annoyed about this missing feature.

My friend Tai who I train at the gym with has been real vocal about this “glitch”. He has pulled out a lot of hair strands trying to figure out how he could work around the system and set his Analytics account so that it always shows the life to date traffic pattern of his blog.

Good news! Tai recently showed up to the Gym ecstatic that he “beat” Google and found a work around this feature – or lack of it. So here is how it goes.

1)      Log into your Google Analytics account

2)      Set the start date to whichever date you want

3)      Leave the second date box untouched

Google Analytics Dashboard

4)      Run the report

5)      Bookmark this page / URL


The next time you want to view your Analytics, simply click on the bookmarked link and the program should show you your traffic progress from the start date you had initially set for that particular website.  Create multiple bookmarks if you have multiple sites with different start dates.  Yes!

My friend Tai managed to “Crack the Code” on Google Analytics. Congratulations buddy and thanks for sharing how you did it with me.   I know you are reading this.  Since you don’t have an Internet marketing and business blog, I took the liberty to share this information with everyone to benefit from.

Can you see this being useful in your initiatives?  Pardon my ignorance if the new Google Analytics platform already has a feature wherein you can pre program requirements. I am relatively new to it and have not found it yet.  I am all ears if you want to share a better / easier way?

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