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LEGAL Pornography that Will Make You Millions Overnight

Let me show you today how to sell nothing and become a millionaire in the process with legal pornography.

You won’t believe this absolutely hilarious story I heard while listening to one of the podcasts that was downloaded on my I-pod during my most recent sync.

The podcast was of a financial expert radio show (like those Suze Orman “can I afford it or not: sessions on TV).  So a caller calls into the show to raise awareness of a new scam that is going on out there.

Apparently there are some crooks out there advertising a naughty magazine for sale.  So you have all these men ordering these magazines that come well covered in brown bags at a cost of $34.95.

Now I haven’t checked the current market rates for XXX magazines, but $34.95 for a multi-year subscription sounds steep?  I wouldn’t know 😉

Problem is that after placing an order, the well intentioned customer never receives his (or her) mag. Instead they get an apologetic letter in the mail saying they’ve run out of magazines.

Included with the letter is a refund check printed on a high quality vanity check with some naked women printed all over it. Now what is exactly wrong with that?

Well the guy that called in is embarrassed to take the check to his bank.  The check indicates void in 30 days instead of your standard 90 day notice. So do you see what’s going on here?

The smart crooks are banking on the fact that the customer will be too embarrassed to take the check to the bank to cash it in.  So in 30 days when the check goes void, the crookster will just have made $34.95 for free!

Forget finding the cure for cancer, I thought this was absolutely genius.  Totally wrong, but absolutely hilarious. I am rolling as I am typing this up.

The solution is to obviously deposit it via ATM, but can you imagine the reaction of the poor teller who now has to sort your checks out and deposit them?

What a concept! I’d give this legal pornography scam a four out of five stars. What about you?

Note: I don’t know what legal pornography is (I am thinking Playboy magazine). The title of this post simply reflects my best interpretation of the scam.

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