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Best Ways to Leverage PLR Articles – Your Own Private Label Rights Web Content

PLR articles are one of the more under-discussed topics in internet marketing for reasons I can’t figure out. I struggle to understand why not more discussion takes place about these because of their versatile application.

Easy PLR

PLR articles, or Private Label Rights, are unique articles you can purchase in bulk and do a variety of things with.  Only a few buyers will have a copy of these articles, therefore it is limited in its spread or availability.

Before I get into the details of why PLR articles can be a solid addition to your internet marketing arsenal, as well as the various ways you can use them, view this quick 4 minute video where the founder of Easy PLR Nicole Dean explains what PLR articles are in her own words.

These articles are available to anyone looking for content for their websites, blogs and newsletters (many often don’t think of newsletters as an application for PRL articles).

Why would anyone buy these articles? Well let’s see . . .

  • To break through from mind blocks when you can’t think of what to write
  • To add fresh content to your web properties
  • To provide your newsletter readers with something useful
  • To save time and brain energy
  • To increase productivity
  • To save money – in their most optimal package these articles are only $1.00 each on average.  You cannot beat that.
  • Many other reasons . . .

How Can You Purchase PLR Articles?

Because of the high demand, there are several companies that sell PLR articles.  I get mine from Easy PLR because I know, like and trust the Nicole, the company’s owner.

Further, I have repeatedly done business with them and have always been pleased with my experience and the quality of the articles. Articles come in various packs (number of articles). They each come in word doc (.doc) and text (.txt) format.

Rules of Using PLR Articles

There are no rules when using PLR articles you purchase. However, there are search engines who we need to keep in mind when using PLR articles.

When you purchase PLR articles, you own the rights to them immediately – along with a few others as well (it could very well be that only you purchased the set you did but companies often sell the same set to a limited number of buyers).

When you post PLR articles to your website or blog, you don’t have to link back anywhere because you own these articles just as if you wrote them, however, because a small number of others may possess the same version, it is best to modify the content and add your unique twist to it before publishing it online.

There are people that buy PLR articles and post them online as they are. Not that there is anything unethical with this approach, but personally I like to modify the articles to add my own voice to them, as well as avoid any duplicate content penalties imposed by search engines.

My approach to using PLR articles is one of collaboration, where I look to leverage existing content and make it fit my tone, personality and experience. I don’t use PLR articles as filler content just to have something to post online or send in an email newsletter, however, you can and many do.

What Topics Can You Get PLR Articles On?

I have seen them all across the board, but there are certain areas or topics that get more attention than others. I am assuming because PLR companies produce more of what sells. I would too if I was running the business.

I have seen a ton of PLR packages in areas like financial services, general business, abs, weight reduction, self development, time management and technical articles on websites and blogs among others.

If you don’t see articles on a topic you are interested in, all you’ve got to do is email the company. This does not guarantee that you will soon find articles on the topic you are interested in, but there is a chance you will.  You don’t know until you ask.

Where and When to Use PLR Content and For What

The good thing about most PLR content is that it is evergreen in that it will hold true and fresh yesterday, today and tomorrow, which means you have a broad application for these articles. Not only that, you don’t have to worry about updating the content once you use it.

This is where and how I suggest PLR content should be used:

Niche Site – found some profitable keywords from conducting your keyword research and want to establish a niche site? PLR articles can be the quick solution. I have taken this approach before (see below). Larger, authority sites are a different story.

Article Marketing – this one is a gimme isn’t it? Purchase them, tweak them and submit them.

Social Media Marketing – often not thought off immediately, you can use parts off, or the entire PLR article and post on your Facebook account. You can chop off an article into a multi-part series as well.

Email Newsletter – using PLR content in newsletters don’t even require you to modify the content. Newsletters go straight in your reader’s inbox and are not seen by search engines.

Blog Post – there are many bloggers who rapid blog for the sake of creating content.  PLR content can be a quick way to boost content, or provide for filler articles (not an approach I take or recommend but there are many who do this).

Thought Starter – you don’t even have to use the PLR content. Simply refer to it to get your brain juice flowing for a particular topic.

Ebook / Free Report Giveaway – this one is also a gimme in my opinion, and one where you don’t need to modify the PLR articles. Simply compile them in a free report and wala you have something to give out to your readers for free and build rapport. Of course I am not advocating you do this without ensuring you add your own touch and see to it that the freebie delivers solid value.

Concluding Thoughts on PLR Articles

I have several websites that I generate passive income from. Of those, 8 are sites that I did not write the content for.  They are a combination of ghostwriting (I hired freelancers) as well as use of PLR content that I modified before posting.  All 8 are profitable, with 6 of them still on page 1 of Google (in spite of the drop some of my other sites have experienced due to algorithm updates) for their respective keywords.

I am currently focusing on other initiatives such as my iPhone applications, a couple new ebooks and the local SEO firm that I started, which is actually doing very well (we have secured a couple out of state clients and a few relatively good size local clients).

If I ever shift focus back to niche site creation, or to update some of my existing sites, I will certainly consider using modified PLR articles and share my experiences with you on this blog. In fact I’ve been wanting to create a site just with PLR content and do a case study.

I’ve always been curious about whether a site can do well with just PLR content as its foundation. It appears however that this would be a difficult task given how search engines have evolved but we don’t know that for a fact until we try. Too many interesting projects to do but very little time nonetheless.

If you are interested in trying out PLR articles, you can check out Nicole Dean and her Easy PLR company here

Note: I have been using PLR articles for various marketing initiatives and am an affiliate of Nicole’s Easy PLR company. I’d be happy to answer any questions if you are contemplating a purchase.

Were you aware of PLR articles before reading this post? What do you think about them? Would you consider using them? For what? What are your reservations? If you are already using PLR articles, please share how and your overall experience with them?

Creating a $1,000 Per Month Passive Income Stream in Your Spare Time

Last year I wrote a report on how you can create a $1,000 per month passive income stream all in your spare time and decided to give it away for free as an incentive for readers to sign up for my blog updates.

A year later I was reviewing my analytics and learned that many readers are subscribing without downloading this report. While I am extremely delighted to learn that the content on this blog alone is enticing readers to subscribe to updates stay connected, at the same time I feel that some readers are missing out on invaluable information that is packed in this free report.

I wrote the report myself over several weeks, pouring everything I know about creating a niche website that generates at least $1,000 per month in passive income.

I make most of my passive income online, and that income is comprised of over 20 different websites, all of which operate on mostly a passive basis and generate at least $1,000 each (with the exception of a couple), and the methodology applied in building these do not differ much.

The report is an attempt to provide a step by step road map to how you can achieve similar results. It is a practical case study using one of my niche sites as an example.

Since publishing the report however, several changes have taken place with the major search engines we use today. And while some of the marketing methods have changed, the fundamental approach of building a long term business online hasn’t changed much.

Note: Many readers choose to sign up, get my free report and unsubscribe because they prefer reading via RSS. That’s totally fine too, you just may miss out on free giveaways and contests that I will continue to host via the newsletter update method however. You can see one of the giveaways here.

Why Did I Write This Free Report & Who It Is Meant For?

I created this report because many of my own friends started asking me what’s the best way to start a business that could generate some extra income on the side.

Most of these folks were successful white collar professionals. They weren’t really looking for the next big idea so they can quit their jobs. Rather, most were happy in their careers and merely wanted just an extra $1,000 on the side to play with.

Why was I always consulted? Because I have always been way ahead of my peer group in terms of financial success, and one way I was able to achieve that is by starting multiple side businesses, which I believe is the best tax planning strategy you can engage in.

Many people simply do not realize how much of their money they are losing to taxes, which is your single biggest expense (it’s not rent, it’s not food or clothing either).

When I started this blog in late July of last year, I wanted to offer a free report to give my readers a reason to subscribe to my blog updates.  I thought what better way to convey everything I know, have done and stand for, particularly for already successful and busy professionals who are looking to make a bit extra on the side.

This is not to say that you can’t apply the information in the free report to start an online business that can someday replace your job. You certainly can. But for those that want just an extra 1, 2, 3 or more thousand dollars per month, this report will provide you with one way you can achieve that goal in a step by step and practical manner.

Concluding Thoughts

Whether your goal is merely to establish one passive income stream on the side, or replicate the process to establish multiple streams, or to start an online business that can someday replace your job, I highly encourage this report because it discusses a method by which you can accomplish either one of those objectives.

Having said that, most of my websites are niche websites in that they passively generate income every month.

I had set up these websites and left them alone after conducting some initial marketing activities.

I did this because I wanted to establish several income streams on a “set and forget” basis.

Several weeks ago however, I started a web based business which I consider to be a long term, authority site that I plan on updating and building on a regular basis.  This is the kind of a project that can someday replace one’s full time income from a job or career.  I am doing this because I am very knowledgeable and passionate about the topic I am establishing the business on.

I am also doing it to get the experience necessary to be able to talk about the method in more detail, and learn what works and what does not.  I plan on discussing this method in more detail in the coming months as the business evolves in the Authority Site Duel portal.

If there is one thing I have learned in the few years of doing business online, it is that creating just a $1,000 per month passive income stream in your spare time is not as difficult as you may think if you follow a tried and tested process that works. I dissect just one of many processes by which you can achieve such a goal in my report.

There are many other methods you can follow to achieve similar results. One such method is Adam Short’s Niche Profit Classroom, which teaches a methodology that I’ve also tried and proven it to work.  The important thing is that you pick a method you are comfortable with and follow it without getting too distracted and interrupted in the process.

Note: I am an affiliate of Adam’s course and used it to establish some of my niche sites. I feel his course is still pretty solid years after launching it. He can certainly update his keyword research methodology to further improvise it.

You can download my free report here.  Please let me know in the comments section below if you have any questions as you go through the material that I can help with.

If you’ve already read it, I want to know what you think of it?  Are you more interested in creating a single or multiple streams of passive income in your spare time, or are you more interested in an ongoing and long term online business on a topic you are passionate about that may potentially replace your job one day? What is your main motivation for either approach?

My Top 5 Internet Marketing Strategies for Niche Websites

In this article I want to go over my top 5 Internet marketing strategies to promote a brand new niche website.

Although my focus these days is less on niche sites and more on establishing larger authority websites, I keep getting questions about niche sites in my inbox.

Some of my niche sites were badly hit by the recent algorithm changes, but some remained unchanged while others actually gained. It is SO difficult for me to pin point what attribute(s) of each site led to specific actions and results. While I can hypothesize all day long, I really think it is impossible. I don’t even think Google themselves know?

This article strictly focuses on internet marketing strategies, which go beyond on page SEO.  If you want to read about what I do for SEO on my blog, read my previous post about my top blog SEO marketing strategies.

Though there are some similarities between internet marketing strategies for websites and blogs, you will find that there are some distinct strategies for marketing each because the underlying objectives of each medium can (doesn’t have to  be) be inherently different.

So here are my top 5 Internet marketing strategies for niche websites.  You can click on each link to read a more detailed explanation of what each is, how I use it and how it can benefit your niche website.

Creating and submitting an XML sitemap (with WordPress sites you can install a Google Sitemap Plugin). For traditional static HTML websites, you will have to do this manually. For whatever reason (comfort level and inertia to learn something new perhaps), some still build sites with this old method, including myself.

Directory Submissions (Still works surprisingly well, specifically well for underserved niches in my experience)

Article marketing (Do not be too aggressive with this. Focus on link diversity, anchor text diversity, and take a slow and steady approach over time)

Link Wheeling (Do not overdo this, and take your time. Slow and steady drip feeding is the key with successful linkwheeling)

Social Bookmarking (More and more weight seems to be given to this method by search engines)

These are really all the strategies you need to rank a niche website on the first page of search engines. Let’s briefly go over why these Internet marketing strategies work so effectively.

Creating and submitting an XML sitemap

Search engines do not know you exist when you first launch your website. Do you blame them? I mean there are only about 43 billion or so websites on the Internet.

You have two options, you can either sit for weeks, months, maybe years if your site is poorly optimized before search engines find you, or you can proactively create a XML sitemap and submit it to all the major search engines to tell them that you are up and live.

This step alone can significantly expedite your website’s progress.  You can read more about this process here and learn about exactly what to do, how to do it and how and where to submit your sitemap to. If your website is on WordPress, make sure to download and install the XML Sitemap plugin.

Note: Do not pay for sitemap generation tools. These are available for free online.

Directory Submissions

Yes they still work. Directory submissions, particularly for not so competitive niches are extremely effective in quickly getting your website indexed on search engines and getting some page rank juice flowing to your website.

This process works because directories are busy websites with high page rank scores.  A link back from each of these gives your website an instant boost, particularly if the directory is relevant to your website’s subject matter.

After creating and submitting a sitemap to major search engines, directory submissions are the next initiative I undertake when attempting to establish a brand new website.  I have written extensively about how to go about this process as well as the tool I use to automate the procedure.

This tool gives me 100 directory submissions per month for a full year on auto pilot, spacing out the distribution so as to not raise any red flags.  However, I have recently reached out to them to see if they can slow down the submissions a bit.  I am taking a much slower approach to link building post the Google Panda and Penguin updates. You can read more about my process here.

Link building should be a diversified initiative, and directories are great for organic URL back links. In other words, your website’s URL spelled out (i.e.

You also never know which directory ascends in the future to becoming a top directory, so getting in at the beginning can sometimes pay dividends over the long run. Basically, an unknown PR 0 directory today may become a popular PR 7 directory down the road. You just never know.

Article Marketing

One of the oldest but “goldest” strategies that is evergreen. It still works as effectively today as it did years ago if executed the right way.  Article marketing is effective because it generates quality back links to your website from high ranking article directories.  Also because you are marketing content, which the search engines love.

Further, because the articles are (hopefully) relevant to the anchor texts you use to link back to your website, and both the title and body of the article relates to this theme, extra brownie points are awarded to your website by search engines because of the relevancy or correlation factor in the algorithms they use.

I also like this strategy because even if search engines may not know you exist yet (your website), they are certainly familiar with the popular article directories on the Internet.  Therefore you can submit articles to popular websites linking back to your own site, and then drive links to these articles and benefit your website.

It is critical to execute article marketing the right way. I too often see this strategy executed inappropriately, leading to counterproductive-ness, waste of time and resources.

The Unique Article Wizard (UAW) is the Internet marketing tool I use to drive links back to my articles in masses.  This tool not only makes the article creation (in conjunction with other tools) process easier and faster, but it also generates tons of links back to your website with just one submission.  I highly recommend this tool if you are serious about your website’s success.

However, if you use this tool, make sure you do not get carried away. FOCUS on link diversity and slowly drip feeding links to your articles over time.  Aggressive methods will back fire and get you in trouble.  Needless to say, ensure that you are submitting good content that is useful to the readers.

Note: There are several ways to execute article marketing depending on your objective.  I have written about at least three different ways you can leverage this Internet marketing strategy in your overall marketing approach.

Link Wheeling

Linkwheeling is article marketing on steroids wherein you link several articles to each other using relevant anchor texts. You then generate back links in masses to each of the articles that is part of the wheel.  Each article in turn links to a deep page within your website.

Many outsource this process to Internet marketing service firms because it involves a lot of work.  The process, though extensive and tedious, can be made significantly easier by using certain tools that are either free or extremely cost effective.

You can read more about my method of executing a link wheel here. Of all Internet marketing strategies, this is the single be strategy that has worked for me. I recommend spending due time studying this method and applying it moderately to see how it impacts your site.

But once again, this is something you want to use with caution and discretion. Do not over do this, and be very selective where and how you do it.  Search engines are increasingly looking for and penalizing link manipulation strategies.  Take a very slow approach and monitor results.  Closely monitoring progress will ensure you can take quick action in the event there are negative repercussions and quickly reverse your track.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is another internet marketing strategy I like because it instantly helps index your web pages and drive quality links back to your published content, may it be your content pages or articles that you submitted to article directories.

What I especially like about social bookmarking is that there are tools available that make the process both effective and efficient for a busy internet entrepreneur. You can read more about how I utilize social bookmarking in my overall internet marketing strategy here.

My Internet Marketing Strategies Summarized

Depending on which Internet marketing blog you are subscribed to, you may have heard of one, many or all of these methods. Different marketing strategies work for different goals and objectives. For example, if you were promoting your blog, guest posting might be the marketing strategy of your choice.

In my years of making money online from over 20 niche websites now, these 5 Internet marketing strategies are what have worked best for me. In fact, these are the only marketing strategies I utilize today to rank my website on top of search engines.

What about you? What Internet marketing strategies have worked best for you?  How have they impacted your site’s success?

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