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Couple More Tips on Taking Paid Surveys

Here are a couple more tips on taking paid surveys that you can start applying today.

Paid survey programs pay in multiple different ways. Often times, the traditional route of payment by check can cost you additional money because the company has to deploy resources to cut the check and mail it to you.

Some companies now have direct deposit, which is free for the most part, but then I am not sure how many people are fully comfortable dishing bank account information to paid survey companies!

Just depends I suppose on who you are doing business with. For example, Google used to send me checks monthly for my Adsense earnings.  Not long ago I signed up with their direct deposit program.

Get Paid Through PayPal

PayPal is one of the best ways to get paid. It is instant and often does not charge fees.  Before signing up for the PayPal option however, read the paid survey program’s payment terms and conditions to ensure there are indeed no fees associated by getting paid through PayPal.

These companies work in strange ways I tell you.  When I was actively taking paid surveys, some companies actually charged a fee for payment via PayPal but none for payment via check.  Strange.

Creating a Paypal account is 100% free to you.  You will need this as you continue to register with top paying companies.  I like it because it is safe, instant and an easy way to collect money you earn from taking paid surveys.  Also, why would you want them to send you a check anyway and risk it being lost in the mail?

With Paypal you don’t have to deal with lost checks, late checks etc.  You get your money right away straight into your bank account.  PayPal is also widely used by many affiliate networks, so its use is vast and having an account will only help you in the long run if you plan on leveraging the internet to generate income.

Take Advantage of Sweepstakes

Another paid surveys tip that can give you a BIG ADVANTAGE over your fellow survey-takers is participating in surveys that award sweepstake entries.  Some companies pay you with sweepstake entries as form of payment for some of the surveys you take?

Most people ignore these and move on to surveys that pay cash.  However, I suggest you DO NOT IGNORE THEM like most do. You know why?

So many people ignore taking paid surveys that award sweepstakes that there are so few that get in the drawing.  So if you get in, the chances of you winning are relatively higher.  Trust me on this, I have won several times from online sweepstakes.  I once won a mountain bike.

If you are seriously going to pursue taking paid surveys, you might as well sign-up with some companies that pay in sweepstakes.  You can always stop if you don’t see the benefit, but you may just be surprised to see that special prize notice in your inbox one day.  These companies award flat screen TVs, I-pods, various electronics and products of all sorts.

The reason these companies are able to give away prizes but not cash is because they have corporate sponsors that give them products to give out.  Often times, these sponsors are the clients of the survey companies.  For example, if Apple was sponsoring survey company A, you may win an I-phone or I-pod instead of getting paid $20 to do the survey or trial offer.

Since very few people participate in these, your chances of winning are relatively higher.

Here are two very good companies that have made me good money since I started taking paid surveys with them.

You can check out survey companies that hold raffle drawings in my long list of companies here.  If you are looking for companies that pay cash, I shared some good ones in my post titled My Top 3 Survey Companies. Below are a couple more you can add to the list.

Pro Opinions

They have some of the best quality surveys that pay very well.  This company is only open to USA and Canada residents.  You have to be at least 18 years old.  They pay in points, but don’t be deceived.

These points can be converted to money.  For every 10 points you get, you can convert it to $1!  The cash out threshold is only $5 and very easy to meet given the money they pay per survey.

Greenfield Online (Now Toluna)

This company is reputable.  They have been around since 1994.  They pay very well and are open to International survey takers.   This is huge because folks overseas used to bombard me with hate mail telling me that none of the companies I talked about were available to them.

You only have to be 13 to join.  Great option for kids off from school during the summer.  You can expect to make an average of $2-10 PER SURVEY.  You will also get paid with sweepstakes entries.

Again, I don’t think you should ignore these as the prizes are quite good and chances of winning higher.

Diversify Taking Paid Surveys With Different Companies

I will reinforce an earlier point I had made in a previous post. If taking paid surveys are your cup of tea, you must sign-up with 2-3 legitimate survey companies periodically, which is the best way to steadily build up your earnings.

It takes a couple minutes to sign-up with one company and it doesn’t cost you money.  There is nothing to lose if you’d like to try it.  On the other hand, if you want to pursue paid surveys to build a bigger business like I have by recruiting other survey takers, I highly recommend you get a taste for what you are about to recommend to others.

Recommending something you haven’t tried and tested first hand is simply foolish in my opinion.

How do you feel about this method of generating money online?

Read my list of top companies if you are interested in making money taking paid surveys.

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4 Responses to “Couple More Tips on Taking Paid Surveys”

  1. Sunlil,

    I have already signed up with a couple of paid survey sites. I get many invites to participate for a survey in my inbox daily.

    Yfsinfo and Vanguard so far. It’s relatively easy to complete the surveys and the additional income stream is worth it.

    • Sunil says:

      it is indeed Justin – it’s quite addicting when you first get into it. the problem is that the ROI is pretty low, and doesn’t start kicking into high gear until you refer others to the program.

  2. Julio Ruiz says:

    Interesting Article Sunil.

    But i feel unlucky because most of the surveys companies you promote don`t work with latinamerica countries.

    Do you know some that focus in spanish market?

    • Sunil says:

      Hi Julio and welcome to the blog

      There are companies that specialize in certain areas. On my website, head to the footer and see if the country of your choice is listed. That said, most companies serve the North American market. It is best to keep an eye out for these because they will expand their reach inevitably. It’s just a matter of time as I have personally witnessed many expand their reach just in the last few years.

      All the best!

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