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Creating a $1,000 Per Month Passive Income Stream in Your Spare Time

Last year I wrote a report on how you can create a $1,000 per month passive income stream all in your spare time and decided to give it away for free as an incentive for readers to sign up for my blog updates.

A year later I was reviewing my analytics and learned that many readers are subscribing without downloading this report. While I am extremely delighted to learn that the content on this blog alone is enticing readers to subscribe to updates stay connected, at the same time I feel that some readers are missing out on invaluable information that is packed in this free report.

I wrote the report myself over several weeks, pouring everything I know about creating a niche website that generates at least $1,000 per month in passive income.

I make most of my passive income online, and that income is comprised of over 20 different websites, all of which operate on mostly a passive basis and generate at least $1,000 each (with the exception of a couple), and the methodology applied in building these do not differ much.

The report is an attempt to provide a step by step road map to how you can achieve similar results. It is a practical case study using one of my niche sites as an example.

Since publishing the report however, several changes have taken place with the major search engines we use today. And while some of the marketing methods have changed, the fundamental approach of building a long term business online hasn’t changed much.

Note: Many readers choose to sign up, get my free report and unsubscribe because they prefer reading via RSS. That’s totally fine too, you just may miss out on free giveaways and contests that I will continue to host via the newsletter update method however. You can see one of the giveaways here.

Why Did I Write This Free Report & Who It Is Meant For?

I created this report because many of my own friends started asking me what’s the best way to start a business that could generate some extra income on the side.

Most of these folks were successful white collar professionals. They weren’t really looking for the next big idea so they can quit their jobs. Rather, most were happy in their careers and merely wanted just an extra $1,000 on the side to play with.

Why was I always consulted? Because I have always been way ahead of my peer group in terms of financial success, and one way I was able to achieve that is by starting multiple side businesses, which I believe is the best tax planning strategy you can engage in.

Many people simply do not realize how much of their money they are losing to taxes, which is your single biggest expense (it’s not rent, it’s not food or clothing either).

When I started this blog in late July of last year, I wanted to offer a free report to give my readers a reason to subscribe to my blog updates.  I thought what better way to convey everything I know, have done and stand for, particularly for already successful and busy professionals who are looking to make a bit extra on the side.

This is not to say that you can’t apply the information in the free report to start an online business that can someday replace your job. You certainly can. But for those that want just an extra 1, 2, 3 or more thousand dollars per month, this report will provide you with one way you can achieve that goal in a step by step and practical manner.

Concluding Thoughts

Whether your goal is merely to establish one passive income stream on the side, or replicate the process to establish multiple streams, or to start an online business that can someday replace your job, I highly encourage this report because it discusses a method by which you can accomplish either one of those objectives.

Having said that, most of my websites are niche websites in that they passively generate income every month.

I had set up these websites and left them alone after conducting some initial marketing activities.

I did this because I wanted to establish several income streams on a “set and forget” basis.

Several weeks ago however, I started a web based business which I consider to be a long term, authority site that I plan on updating and building on a regular basis.  This is the kind of a project that can someday replace one’s full time income from a job or career.  I am doing this because I am very knowledgeable and passionate about the topic I am establishing the business on.

I am also doing it to get the experience necessary to be able to talk about the method in more detail, and learn what works and what does not.  I plan on discussing this method in more detail in the coming months as the business evolves in the Authority Site Duel portal.

If there is one thing I have learned in the few years of doing business online, it is that creating just a $1,000 per month passive income stream in your spare time is not as difficult as you may think if you follow a tried and tested process that works. I dissect just one of many processes by which you can achieve such a goal in my report.

There are many other methods you can follow to achieve similar results. One such method is Adam Short’s Niche Profit Classroom, which teaches a methodology that I’ve also tried and proven it to work.  The important thing is that you pick a method you are comfortable with and follow it without getting too distracted and interrupted in the process.

Note: I am an affiliate of Adam’s course and used it to establish some of my niche sites. I feel his course is still pretty solid years after launching it. He can certainly update his keyword research methodology to further improvise it.

You can download my free report here.  Please let me know in the comments section below if you have any questions as you go through the material that I can help with.

If you’ve already read it, I want to know what you think of it?  Are you more interested in creating a single or multiple streams of passive income in your spare time, or are you more interested in an ongoing and long term online business on a topic you are passionate about that may potentially replace your job one day? What is your main motivation for either approach?

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34 Responses to “Creating a $1,000 Per Month Passive Income Stream in Your Spare Time”

  1. Adam says:

    I actually downloaded your eBook about two weeks ago and dug through it quite extensively. I thought it was very nicely detailed and very easy to read while still providing really useful information. It does seem to lean a little heavy on SBI but I understand the reasoning behind that. All in all still a great resource!

    As for my business plans, I rely on multiple income streams to deal with ever changing shifts that happen in the online world. Focusing on one thing is great but remaining focused on just one thing can also turn into a huge downfall. I see online business as a game of chess – always think a few moves ahead.

    • Sunil says:

      the reason for the focus is because paralysis keeps a lot of beginners away and discourages them. ready made platforms like SBI help launch immediately for those with fire under their belly. some have more money than time, especially working professionals. this approach helps get the business going. all else can be learned later or along the way don’t you think? I feel the longer you wait the more the bigger the self created barrier becomes. while some may take weeks and months to learn execute and do, others want to simply do and pick up all else along the way. what are your thoughts on this?

      I’d love to hear more about the multiple streams you are involved in. please share? I also agree with the risks you point out when focusing on just one initiative.

      • Adam says:

        I agree wholeheartedly with you on how useful SBI can be and understand your reasons for including it. It offers a simple yet reliable solution for those looking to dive right in without having to deal with a heavy learning curve right off the bat. Which in turn removes many barriers for those who feel they aren’t very tech savvy or don’t have what it takes to build or create a website. If I had known about many years ago I would have also used it but I like getting my hands dirty in code. =)

        As for my income streams besides working full time I own a drink vending machine, I have a contracted client that I do web hosting and website support for and I also write at multiple sites. My niche sites have been a very slow but steady process but their earning potential has yet to be seen. The fun of exploring new businesses is the opportunity to explore a new sense of freedom.

        • Sunil says:

          so I take it that your contract and freelance writing is your current bread and butter? I am really interested in hearing more about the vending machine business. how passive is it? how lucrative is it? would you recommend getting involved?

          • Adam says:

            Well I only own one vending machine that I was able to place in a local shop for free since I know the owner. I charge 50 cents per can but on average pay 20 cents per can to stock it buy buying in bulk.

            It really isn’t all that passive since it requires stock and rotation but it only takes a little bit out of my time to refill it so its also not that labor intensive. During the summer time I have to refill it about every two to three weeks but during winter time it can go for a month before needing refilled. Since I live in Ohio it is somewhat seasonal based when it comes to earnings but it usually does make more than I put into it so I find the risks to be very low.

            I suppose I could pay someone to stock and refill it for me but that would cut into profits for something I could just do myself.

            I think it’s a fun little side business to be involved in but that’s if you can make it work and find good real estate to place it. You will also need proper licensing depending on your city or state so you have to be prepared for those costs as well.

  2. Actually, $2000 per month could replace my day job. And 3 would do it for my wife. At that very least, that kind of scratch would allow her to transfer into the position she wants but starts out with a 55% pay cut.

    I don’t remember how I first discovered your report, but downloading it was how I discovered your site. I need to re-read it. Did it have a section on picking a topic? Because that is one of the primary stumbling blocks for me right now. The other is just the general concern that “easy”and “easy for you” aren’t necessarily the same thing.

    • Sunil says:

      I did touch on it, but there are different approaches as you likely know. I talk about some of it in my authority site progress. just depends on what you want at the end of the day. the reason I recommend SBI for beginners is that it also goes through the topic selection process in detail. it’s more than just a technical tool. it’s an online business school is what it is.

      let me ask you what specifically is the stumbling block for you? have you identified the reasons why it is so hard? and why do you say it may not be “easy for you”? what is it specifically that is keeping you “stuck”? would love to help if I could.

      • I’ll have to look more closely into SBI, I originally didn’t see it as really anything more than what can be done with WordPress and so balked at the idea of paying for an alternative tool.

        What I meant about “easy for you” is that just because you found the process easy and reproducible, and even that you have friends that have repeated it, doesn’t necessarily mean that the process is universally easy or reproducible. There could be qualities unique to yourself and your circle not shared by the general population. The way I see it, if it was as easy to make money online as books generally make it out to be, there would be a lot more people doing it, which of course would make it harder to succeed amid increased competition.

        For me personally, I have repeatedly failed at attempts to build online revenue despite attempting several methods. An excellent example of “it’s so easy anyone can do it… but apparently I can’t”: I’m sure you are aware of the generally accepted framework of what works for AdSense revenue. Things like text ads out-perform banner ads. I implemented several changes that “work”, like the aforementioned text ads, and my revenue actually went DOWN.

        • Sunil says:

          thanks for clarifying Edward. actually for Adsense, enabling both text and banner is the most optimal according to Google and my experience as well. there are exceptions. I do get what you mean though. SBI is less flexible from a technical perspective in my opinion, and maybe that serves its purpose well by keeping to focus on content and the actual business.

  3. Hi Sunil. I must confess I am one of those who signed up and did not read your guide.

    Every marketer out there gives away a guide on how to make $XXXX per month if you only sign up to their newsletter so to say I was a little sceptical is probably right.

    However since you’ve re-written about this guide, it shows that you are standing by what you wrote and this indicates that you believe it can work.

    I used to make nearly $3000 per month before the Google updates this year and now make about a couple of $100 per month. As this is my only income its hit me quite hard.

    To make $3000 again would be great, even $1000 per month would be awesome. Do you think it is possible in this day and age (post-Penguin, post-Panda etc) to have one site making $1000 per month? Let alone on a passive basis.

    Do you know of anyone who has started such a site in the past few months and is making decent money?

    I’d love to discuss this further with you if you have time.



    • Sunil says:

      interesting candid thoughts Joe, thank you. curious – what made you follow the blog if it wasn’t the report?

      $3k/mo is a healthy amount. did you start online full time or as a side business before you quit your job? what is/was your professional background? the drop is certainly significant, which tells me that you may have focused on niche sites and selected topics strictly from a keyword demand perspective? if so, that model is becoming more and more difficult. Google recognizes it and is after it.

      is it possible to rebound? yes. many of my sites have. I have made them larger and focused on higher quality additions. I have also modified link building as I have discussed before by slowing momentum / frequency and adding variety. finally, I have laid off of niche sites to focus on the authority site as you know.

      I don’t know of a fresh site that has “made it”, but as you know we may not find out until months later. it takes a long time to see results. I have several sites that were hit and rebounded somewhat, and others that were not hit and survived the storm. based on anecdotal evidence, traffic can rebound slowly over time but it involves a lot of effort.

      does that help or leave you wondering with more follow up questions?

      • Thanks for your quick reply. I signed up to get new post notifications via email as I liked the blog and didn’t want to miss posts as its hard to keep track of all the blogs out there.

        I was working full time in IT and was making about $3000 on the side from my affiliate sites. Yes they were all EMD keyword niche sites 100% focused on products and were little if any informational articles.

        It is no suprise I got busted by the Google updates now I look back.

        I quit my job when the going was good and now things aren’t so good I’m trying to make some money again.

        I tried to save those sites but have given up and am focusing on a new site.

        It is a shame you haven’t seen any sites make it to the $1000 per month mark as it would’ve been good to know it was possible.

        I know it is impossible to say for sure but how long do you think a new site would take to make and get to $1000 per month? Is it still possible for the little guy without a budget to make money online?


        • Sunil says:

          with what has transpired with your sites, what are you doing now days to replace the lost income?

          I have not tried establishing a niche site with the goal of reaching 1k per month post all the algo updates. EMD was just few days back. if I had the time I’d def consider attempting one but my focus recently has been my authority site. I cannot intelligently comment on timeline, but I 100% believe anyone, big or small can get there with or without a “budget”

  4. Brian says:

    Hi Sunil –

    You’re ebook inspired me to finally get off my butt & invest (only about $170 … I’m really cheap!) in starting an online business 2 weeks ago! I’m not completely sure where it’ll take me or why types of products to sell, but it’s awesome to know that people like you & Pat from Smart Passive Income write such great content for folks like me to benefit from.

    Keep up the good work! I’m considering joining your Authority Site Duel with my new site as well.

  5. Dan says:

    Hey Sunil,

    I did download your report after finding you after your interview with Pat and I polished it off in about 3 days if not less shortly after downloading.

    You may remember I actually emailed you after reading it to tell you how pumped you left me feeling and I can honestly say it was that report that made me go all out with my efforts in my site’s early months (something I’m just rediscovering now). To anyone who hasn’t read it yet I would say give it a go 100%. It’s not just about the principles of IM, but also improving your mindset and the way you work.

    To anyone who hasn’t, I highly recommend reading it.

  6. As always Sunil another great post! I can honestly say through all your posts I feel like I have read an ebook. To be honest when you have been in the industry long enough it seems like every one is selling you a dream. Not saying you are but from links to make money now the internet is full of people making money on how to teach someone else to make money.

    Quality niche sites still work within google. It’s the one’s set up with only adsense clicks in mind and not the user that are getting hammered. Even EMD’s work if you were building a BRAND and not just pushing the heck out of products with thins sites and 1000’s of spam links.

    I need to get that ebook and check it out with 20 sites pushing 1k per month you should be well diversified.

  7. Did you revise the ebook? Or are you just pointing out that the current version is good?

    • Sunil says:

      I realized that so many read my blog through RSS, and those that do via email have not all read the book. this is just a reminder as well as more info on what’s in the book and why it was written

  8. Cipto says:

    I give trust for this blog beside Pat’s Smart Passive Income. I learn much from your Free Ebook. Focus and consistent I mean the key to success for managing niche blog. Every discussing issue on your blog is also useful. Thanks.

  9. Andy says:

    Hey Sunil, just wanted to say that I read the report you wrote in two days. It was great, and one of the biggest motivators I had to really make a run at changing my career.

    I still have yet to really make much money online – just ~$150/month from a Squidoo post – but it’s certainly not horrible and very encouraging that I’ll be able to make more with a real authority website.

    I have a local CPA that I’m emailing for my taxes this year. I’ve always used online H&R block software in the past, but I think this is when it’ll be worth it to use a CPA. Since one of my two blogs is a travel blog, I’m really hoping many of my travel expenses will be deductible as well. That would be amazing!

    • Sunil says:

      $150 from one squidoo lens is great! why not replicate it a bit? you’re in a great niche from a tax deduction perspective 😉 please let me know how it goes with the CPA – I am really interested in learning more. all the best with the authority site Andy

  10. James says:

    I am definitely interested in producing multiple streams of online income once I make one really solid one. I have one stream of online income as is but don’t think its solid enough to move on to the next. I think once I have enough cash flow I can use the money I am making online and re-invest it back into the business.

    As for my reasoning for wanting to create multiple streams of income is because if one stream of revenue dries up I can rely on the others. Just like if I was to solely rely on my job and I got fired I would lose all my income like most people in the world. That seems risky. Therefore I was to make a more secure future for myself and my family.

  11. Hello Sunil,

    An impressive and invaluable post. I would have paid some bucks to learn about such fruitful income generating source. Thanks a lot for sharing this information with us. Would like to learn more about such sources.


    • Sunil says:

      welcome to the blog Vijay. I’d be happy to answer any questions you have about the book as you read it. tell me more about your interests and objectives?

  12. may says:

    Where can I download this report? I’ve signed-up.


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