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How Do You Know If a Get Paid To Program Really Pays?

Excellent question.  With the growing number of online scams and websites cropping up by the day, how do you know if a get paid to program really pays after all?  The short answer is to try it yourself.  But the short answer isn’t necessarily the best one.

Trying it for yourself involves some risk (opportunity cost).  It is not risky because you have to pay.  Most programs don’t require you to pay.  If they do, simply turn around and RUN.

It’s risky rather because you are spending time building up an account balance that you may never get in the mail or through PayPal when you request it.

So how do you get some certainty around this issue? Well, you can avoid them all together and go fry bigger fish.  Or you can do some diligence before getting started with a specific get paid to program.

Type in the get paid to program’s name in Google plus the word “check”.  So if you are researching Vindale Research you would type in “vindale + check”.  When the results show, click the Image link on the top left of your browser.

Now notice the number of check images that come up as a result of your search.  If you see a ton of them, chances are the program is legitimate.  Take a few of the images and click on them and make sure their web address or URL is different from the get paid to company itself.

Savvy scammer companies sometimes load up all kinds of check images on Google.  That is what you have to beware of. So pay close attention to the web address or URL of the image.

Another thing to keep in mind.  The check might not always state the name of the program.  For example, I make a good amount of money with CashCrate.  However, when the checks come they are sent from KingSide Media.  This is not too uncommon.  Many programs are owned by parent companies that are owned by someone else and so forth.

Many programs get bought out by other bigger programs as well.  So much happens with and to these get paid to programs.  The most important indicator is that if Google shows you several check copies and the URLs are all different, chances are that enough people are making money and getting paid by the program.

While there are many other ways to gain comfort over whether a “get paid to” program really pays, this is by far the easiest smell check you can perform.  If this test passes, you can be 94.624% sure that the program is legitimate.

Here is a review of a popular get paid to program that I like.

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8 Responses to “How Do You Know If a Get Paid To Program Really Pays?”

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  3. Hi,

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