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How to Get Paid to Try Products and Services

One of the most fun experiences I initially had making extra money online is by getting paid to try products.

In fact more than me, it is my wife who had a blast with these.  Not so much because of the chore involved, or the few dollars she made from it, but rather because she was being offered products of all kinds she didn’t even know existed.

Similar to paid surveys and focus groups where you are paid for your opinions, there are market research companies you can sign up with to get paid to try products and services and provide your feedback.

There is also no cost to joining these companies.  In fact, you are paid well for your feedback because your opinion shapes up the next product innovation out of a fortune 500 company.

Because you are the end consumer, your feedback is important for companies to incorporate in their next product idea.  Therefore they are willing to pay for this feedback.

The best part is that you get to keep the product for free.  Below is a list of just a handful of products I have been paid to try in the past.  Not only was I paid good money to try these and provide my feedback, but I also got to keep these products.

  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Carpet cleaners
  • Toilette paper
  • Towels & Napkins
  • Sunglasses
  • Candles
  • Shower Cleaners
  • Condoms
  • Working gloves
  • Gardening tools
  • Plant products
  • Skin Lotion
  • Sun block
  • Pool volleyball set

Of all the companies that pay to test products, Vindale Research sticks out as the pioneer.  They have the best paying offers and they also pay the most ($5) to refer someone else to the program.  You can read my detailed review on Vindale here.

Another good one is CashCrate, a company that provides the best variety of surveys, offers and such.  I have written exclusively about CashCrate in the past and how to get ahead quick with this program.  You can read my detailed CashCrate review here, including a video that walks you through the program.

Let me reemphasize that although fun, joining these companies and completing various offers can be time consuming. Therefore it is important to understand what your spare time is worth to you, and what other alternatives you have for your time.

If these “get paid to” type programs are your cup of tea, Vindale and CashCrate are ones you definitely want to try out.  Both these offer a lucrative way to earn extra cash on the side and are a perfect compliment to paid survey programs.

Have you gotten paid to try products? Any interesting freebies you ended up with? Or do you know anyone doing well with these get paid to programs?

Get paid to try products here.


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11 Responses to “How to Get Paid to Try Products and Services”

  1. Hi! Sunil,
    Thanks for the informative article. I’ll check them out although I don’t think survey really works for my locale (Nigeria).

    Any idea about that?

    Is Paypal involved?

  2. Paul says:

    Hi Sunil,
    Your regular post is a delight to any reader and they appear very helpful and truthful. Sure you’re kind, but how do you help some of us in a place like Nigeria becasue most of these offers are not applicable to us here and the few that may be will involve Paypal which is not supported in Nigeria. Some will involve Click bank which is as well not supported in Nigeria. How do you help some of us who are really honest and who values honest efforts. Help us locate some paid surveys or other related stuff which has real or actual global coverage. Thank you again for your good job and I will keep reading your posts

    • Sunil says:

      Paul – welcome first of all. You pose a challenging question, because where companies decide to market is out of our hands. That said, why not attempt avenues such as blogging, niche website creation to profit from channels such as private/public ads, affiliate commissions, sales of your very own product? Find out what works in your country, and develop a business around it. All the best to you – keep me posted.

  3. Allie says:


    I love your honest approach to these companies. They are not for everyone but I do know many people who would love to simply let their opinion be known and get paid for it. For some it is exciting to earn money for something so simple.

    And I love your gravatar too. lol


    • Sunil says:

      Thanks Allie – definitely agree it’s not for everyone. The beauty of the Internet is that there is something for everyone – blogging, niche sites, e-comm, affiliate marketing, paid surveys! you name it….

      I love Sponge Bob – just met him at the walk of fame in Hollywood

  4. Cierra says:

    How did you get to try the plant products?

    • Sunil says:

      Welcome Cierra. We have a ton of plants at home, indoor and outdoor. We tried some ‘auto watering’ type devices, as well as plant food.

  5. Fran says:

    This website certainly has all the information and facts I needed
    about this subject and didn’t know who to ask.

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