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$5,963.41 – My Biggest Google Adsense Earning Check + State of Niche Websites

In April I received my single biggest Google Adsense earning check from a few niche websites. Here is a copy of it (click to enlarge):

$5,963.41 Google Adsense Check *I just installed that cool looking Pinterest button on the top left of the check image

I have blocked off certain sensitive information for security purposes.  This is a high resolution image and I certainly don’t want to jeopardize my or Google’s interest by any means.

This check does not represent my total monthly income from Google Adsense. Rather, it represents income generated by a handful of niche websites I developed more recently.  I have written previously about how you can create multiple Google Adsense accounts if you are interested in replicating the same structure.

This income is passive in the sense that I have not worked on the websites that generated this income after I had established them and conducted some preliminary internet marketing activities for them.  The interesting fact is that the income still keeps rising each month, long after I invested my time working on the websites.

I normally don’t talk much about actual income generated by the various ventures I am involved with, but as I have focused heavily on profiting passively from niche sites on this blog, I feel this type of information is relevant to you if you are trying to achieve similar results.

I hope this post successfully demonstrates to you that the Google Adsense program is not only well and alive, but that you can thrive with it even today.  Google’s business model, which is heavily based on online advertisement, is only growing by the day.

Here is a peak at Google’s annual revenues from online ads and breakdown by category of ad spend.

What is Google Adsense & How It Works

You may skip the next couple sections if you are a seasoned internet entrepreneur, but I didn’t want to alienate those who are new to the blog and internet marketing.

If you haven’t heard of the Google Adsense program, it is an advertising program that Google offers to website and blog owner as a way to monetize their web properties by participating in ad revenue sharing with Google.

Here is how Adsense works. Google’s number one source of revenue is through advertising generated from the Google Adwords program.  Online merchants and vendors bid on ad space through an auction system called Google Adwords. Each time a web surfer clicks on an ad, Google bills the advertiser an amount agreed by the advertiser (or less) during the bidding process.  This is also called Pay Per Click (PPC) because advertisers pay on a per click basis.

Google took the program a step further and offered website and blog owners the opportunity to display the same ads on their web properties. Each time a web surfer clicks on the ad that is displayed on a private website or blog, Google shares the revenues it generates with the owner of the web property.  This is how website and blog owners make money with Google Adsense.

Here is an example of what Google Adsense Ads look like.  I am sure you have seen these around.

Google Adsense Ads

Adsense is the numero uno revenue sharing advertising platform today on the Internet (at least to my knowledge).  If you want to learn more about how you can profit from Google Adsense, my free report on how to go from $0 to $1,000 a month in passive and residual income in less than 180 days walks through a detailed case study in a practical, step by step manner.

You can get the report for free by subscribing to my email updates (top left hand side of the blog).

Your Google Adsense Earning Potential

The Google Adsense application process is pretty straightforward.  If you have a web property that has some history (6 months or so), you can apply and get approved pretty quickly.  Some sites don’t even need the six months – depending on how Google feels the day you apply.

Many believe that the Google Adsense publisher program is too saturated and it’s no longer possible to make money from the program, or not as much as before. My recent experience disproves that “unqualified opinion”.  Those opinions typically come from over analyzers who will find every excuse not to do something.  In fact, Google’s business is only growing, and as they grow, so do the opportunities tied to them.

I would say however that making a lot of money with Google Adsense very quickly is not as easy as it used to be, but it is still possible to do well over time with the right approach, especially if you understand where the advertisers are putting their money.  But yes, it is fair to say that the landscape is much more competitive today.

If folks like ShoeMoney were to start today, I can confidently say that he wouldn’t be able to generate as much money from Google Adsense in as quick of a time frame he did.  Why? Because of the increased competition.  There was clearly an early mover advantage in this arena and I clearly missed the boat on it!

That said, Jeremy is a smart guy and I am sure that he would have been just fine even if he would have started a few years later.  I on the other hand consider myself a spring chicken relative to most Adsense high earners. I did not start monetizing with Google Adsense until 2009 on a site I built in late 2008. But that said, I am making a considerably healthy amount in Adsense income today.

There is still very good Google Adsense earning potential, but just like before, one must be able to drive a significant amount of traffic to their web properties.  Without traffic (or visitors to your website), generating significant Google Adsense earnings is difficult, unless you are in a niche where vendors and merchants are paying massive advertising dollars per click. Even then, traffic is critical.

The difference between “back then” and today is that the competition has made it tougher to attract boat loads of traffic. There are more players in the game if you will. That said, in my experience on the Internet, there is really no limit to your earning potential. There are so many more options available today, and equally as many tools that help you execute more effectively and efficiently.

It all really comes down on you – are you taking bold action? Are you quickly executing on your idea? Do you have the passion to persevere over time? If the answer is yes, there is no way you are not going to inevitably succeed.

The Google Adsense Blog

If you are interested in making money with the Google Adsense program, I highly recommend the Google Adsense Blog as an excellent resource to study the program, understand what it takes to make money, learn about the common frustrations most publishers experience as well as the various solutions to the frustrations.

I have picked up all kinds of pearls from the Google Adsense Blog along the way, and have met some very successful publishers who are making good money with the Adsense program through it.  I strongly recommend this platform if you are interested in this method of making money online.

Although the blog won’t practically teach you how to make money with Adsense, it is a good place to get your feet wet and frequently revisit for troubleshooting and optimization tips.

The best way to learn making money with Adsense however is to find someone who has done it successfully and try to learn from them.

Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

One of the biggest frustrations publishers experience is getting banned from the Google Adsense program.  Google is not the best at corresponding with individuals, particularly when you are stuck in a rut and are going through challenges with their programs.  This is personally one of my biggest frustrations with Google.

That said, many of Adsense publishers who get banned from the program are not able to rejoin the program, therefore forever eliminating the chance of profiting from the program.  One way to mitigate that risk is by establishing multiple Google Adsense earning accounts. Note that this mitigates, not eliminates the risk of not being able to participate and profit from the program.

Despite what you have heard, establishing multiple Google Adsense earning accounts is possible as long as you comply with Google’s terms and conditions.  So start off well and diversify your risk exposure from the get-go if possible.

I don’t create multiple Adsense accounts particularly for risk mitigation alone, rather to establish each web property, or a set of web properties as one legal entity (for example an LLC), so that I can eventually sell the entity as a whole and all the monetary accounts attached to the entity such as the Adsense account, bank account and all other affiliate accounts.

Are You Interested in Making Money With Google Adsense?

If you have even the slightest interest in the Google Adsense earning potential, I encourage you to read my free report (see above).  This report discusses the practical steps involved in establishing a website and implementing Adsense on it to create a passive and residual income stream with Google Adsense.

I am also in the process of finalizing another free report that discusses how to optimize and grow your Google Adsense earnings.  Imagine creating just one extra income stream on the side?  What can just one additional passive income stream do for you?  Imagine being able to leverage that knowledge and creating multiple streams of income over time?

Although it is not my sole bread and butter, and I don’t recommend you make an advertising based business model your bread and butter as well, it is a fun way to get started and experiment with making money online.  You can always decide to take the ads down and go in another direction, but just know that this is one option you can consider in the broad realm of possibilities.

In fact, I am heavily contemplating taking ads down on some websites that I own because each ad click is paying me pennies compared to what an affiliate sale would pay me in commission, or perhaps the money I will make by selling my own product. These are websites that are starting to generate some serious traffic, and I am contemplating ways to better leverage that traffic.

Are YOU Capable of Making Money With Google Adsense?

Of course you are. I am far from technical and English is my fourth language. If I can so can you. In fact you can likely do it better than I can.

Trust me when I say ANYONE can do this.  Everyone has some sort of passion, interest, hobby, expertise or technical skill.  If you can type, you can make money with the Google Adsense program.  I know I am over simplifying things, and yes there are several steps involved from the time you decide you want to pursue such initiative to the time when you actually start making money, but the process is well defined, very much doable and you have the tools today that allow you to do it.

Just realize that anything you pursue that is worthwhile requires investment of time and effort. For example, if you want to become a Doctor, you have to invest at least 8 years in your education followed by at least 4 years of residency on the lower end (not to mention hundreds of thousands of dollars). If you want to become a lawyer, you have to spend at least 7 years studying. The examples are endless, but the point is that everything involves some sort of process, but relative to these examples, the process to passively profit from Adsense is easier, quicker and a lot cheaper (a few hundred bucks will get you started). Look at several other individuals who are earning a nice income from Adsense here.

When you have a side business, not only can you bring in more income every month, but you can also take advantage of the favorable tax deductions offered by the IRS for individuals who own a side business.  This reason alone is good enough for an employed individual to pursue this opportunity on the side.

Recent Developments Impacting Google Adsense Publishers

I can’t conclude this post without bringing up the 9,000 lb. beast starring many of us right in our faces.  I am referring to Google’s recent banning of multiple Adsense accounts, some owned by well known, reputable names online.  Anything can happen at anytime, and I certainly don’t take my blessings for granted. Neither should you.

Enter into this venture with the full expectation that you (or I) could be next.  It is difficult to say what specific actions cause certain types of results and repercussions, but it is certain that anything is possible. I know that I have jeopardized my own well-being by displaying an image of my Google Adsense earnings in this post, however I felt this was the right thing to do given the nature of my blog and the topics that I talk about. In addition, the Adsense Terms and Conditions clearly indicate that one can display their gross Adsense earnings. Here is the blurb from the Adsense terms:

7.      Confidentiality. You agree not to disclose Google Confidential Information without Google’s prior written consent. “Google Confidential Information” includes without limitation: (a) all Google software, technology, programming, specifications, materials, guidelines and documentation relating to the Program; (b) click-through rates or other statistics relating to Property performance in the Program provided to You by Google; and (c) any other information designated in writing by Google as “Confidential” or an equivalent designation. However, You may accurately disclose the amount of Google’s gross payments to You pursuant to the Program. Google Confidential Information does not include information that has become publicly known through no breach by You or Google, or information that has been (i) independently developed without access to Google Confidential Information, as evidenced in writing; (ii) rightfully received by You from a third party; or (iii) required to be disclosed by law or by a governmental authority.

There is a lot of turmoil going on that is impacting the state of niche websites.  Google Panda and Penguin algorithm updates have hurt several websites dramatically, which directly impacts the website’s Adsense earning potential.  Again, just know and be prepared for adverse action. I know that I am.  The good news is that there are countless other possibilities that you can pursue now and/or later when it comes to an internet business, whether you pursue it part time or full time.

Quick Note on Niche Websites vs Micro Niche Websites

There is a big difference in what I define as niche sites vs what many internet marketers call niche sites. I don’t own hundreds of websites. I own just over 20. There is no way in my opinion one can manage hundreds of websites and provide quality information that is non redundant. Many entered this space because it presented the opportunity for quick money. Simply find “money keywords”, develop a page or three of content, build some links and let the pennies roll in.

This was never the approach I took. Although I believe in thoroughly researching your niche and profitable keywords within it, I am not a big advocate of launching a fleet of micro niche websites for the sake of piling up the Adsense earnings, but I have nothing against those that do either. In fact, to try it out, I too launched several micro niche websites more recently, some of which did ok, but most failed. Just know that when I talk about niche websites, I am referring to topical websites that have some meat (15 lengthy pages of content minimum) as opposed to micro niche sites that are either one pagers or have a handful.

I really feel that the micro niche site Gold Rush is over. Many during this time made a killing both off their sites, as well as those that sold all the tools (the shovels). Those who were / are into website flipping exited at the right time. And while there are still micro niche web properties that are doing ok, the trend is clear.

Where do I feel the evolution is headed? Search engines are forcing web property owners in the direction of integrity and value add. You will start to see webpreneurs own less web properties, however each of higher quality, more content and more time investment. You will also see more blogs and websites focused around the author’s true expertise, passion and interests.

While in the past many got away with either faking or quickly reading and regurgitating content and profiting from it, I believe this trend is dwindling and will eventually be erased all together. This is what we all should really want though isn’t it? We all talk about making the internet a better place. Here is our opportunity. It is time to walk the talk.

This topic is actually a good segway into the next section…

My New Internet Business Venture – Authority Niche Websites

I am well diversified in how I make my living. However, early this year, I finally started a project I’ve always wanted to start, an authority niche site / blog combination that I have been and will be pouring my efforts into. Although I plan on executing appropriate SEO for my blog, that’s the most I will be doing to attract organic traffic.

I am trying a combination of both proven and completely new methods to establish a solid, long term, sustainable and growing internet business. I am taking individual strategies that have worked well on a stand alone basis and combining them all together for this particular venture.

I am also adding to the mix certain strategies that I know work in theory, but have yet to experience practically.  I am very excited about this project and I will write more about it as it evolves.

Concluding Thoughts

Making money with Google Adsense is still well and alive. There is plenty of room in the marketplace for anyone willing to “play”.  Google is only growing as a company, as is the Internet.  Can you imagine the world once the internet truly hits its stride?

I am talking critical mass globally, just like Television and Radio a few decades back. Truly revolutionary.  If you can use a computer, you can definitely capitalize on the Google Adsense earning potential.  All you need is your desire, dedication and to take consistent action over time.

If you want to learn more about the tools and resources I personally use to build and market my web properties, you can read about them here.

What’s your experience been like with Adsense? What are some of your questions about the Google Adsense program? Are you currently making money with Adsense? Why or why not? Feel free to share numbers if you’re comfortable.

Please don’t limit yourself to answering only these questions.  Please openly express your thoughts. I want your feedback, which will help shape the future of some of the initiatives I choose to dive deeper into in the coming months.

And if you haven’t yet, please come say Hi to me on Facebook. I am a big believer of knowledge sharing and I am looking to get the interaction on my Facebook page going. I will be actively using it for all kinds of discussions, questions, comments, etc. Please connect with me if you haven’t yet and stay in touch.

PS: From what I see in the dashboard right now, the next Adsense check will be even bigger…

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100 Responses to “$5,963.41 – My Biggest Google Adsense Earning Check + State of Niche Websites”

  1. Sandip says:

    Hey Sunil, those Adsense numbers are great. I haven’t had anywhere near that success with Adsense. What kind of traffic do those niche sites get to generate that income?

    I definitely agree on your point about it being over for micro sites. Panda has shown that you need to focus on quality throughout.

    • Sunil says:

      hey buddy – traffic varies across the board and frankly i only check once every few months at best. i know that one of the sites was getting 600ish uniques per day not long ago. more importantly however it’s a combination of traffic and CPC numbers. low traffic but high payout per click is also an approach many consider from an adsense perspective. what are you up to these days?

      • Sandip says:

        Wow – very nice. I have a site that has quite a bit of Adsense on, gets around 1000 uniques a day and doesn’t earn a fraction of that. I guess the high payout per click is a big factor.

        I’m still concentrating on – really passionate about creating an awesome fundraising / crowdfunding site and slowly getting there 🙂

        How did your app go? Did Apple approve it?

        • Sunil says:

          did you develop the site with adsense in mind as the primary income model? 1,000 is significant, and a lot more can be done with the traffic (depending on the niche I suppose). I love the crowd sourcing concept and I hope you keep us updated on its progress! will get back to you very soon about the app…some interesting developments on that end. sorry brother I’ve been holding out on you

          • Sandip says:

            Adsense is actually the secondary income method for that site – I guess that’s part of the reason for the low numbers. Nevertheless, this has motivated me to start experimenting.

            Look forward to hearing about the app mate

  2. I have the same question. What sort of traffic are you seeing across all of the sites. I have adsense implemented on my site and it has a lot of potential but I don’t think I have nearly enough traffic to hit these types of numbers, so I’m curious what average traffic is on your sites.

    • Sunil says:

      MW – see my response to Sandip. did you research the average CPC of your niche before getting in? did you go in with adsense in mind as the primary income stream? if you don’t mind sharing your site, we can all look at it together and toss around some ideas that may help if you’re up for it?

  3. Dan says:

    excellent content Sunil, as usual, and congratulations to you. thanks to your encouragement, I have been building a couple niche sites while working my full time job as a financial consultant. the experience has been great so far.

    I am looking forward to adding income streams on each site in the next 2 months as they are near complete. thank you again for all the wonderful advice that you provide on this blog. I am a fan for life.

  4. Theodore says:

    Hey Sunil,
    Guess what, it was as though you wrote this post because of me. I just got approved for adsence today and was still thinking of my next step before i now got your email about this post.
    However, please i will like you to tell me the best position to place the ads in a blog and if there is a particular pluging you’ll recommend to better the process.
    Secondly, what are your traffic driving methods?
    Finally, thanks for this one of a kind post, Am also a fan for life.
    Keep it up

    • Sunil says:

      congratulations Theodore. one step closer 🙂

      the optimal position varies for everyone and is a matter of trial and error over time. that said, have a look at Google’s ad heat map as it clues you in on where a visitor’s eyes are focused mostly. I have several articles on traffic generation – have a look through the archives and let me know if you have more specific questions.

  5. Glad to see that you are still having a lot of success with AdSense! It sucks to see that so many others are being banned for what seems like no legitimate reason (including myself). However, I definitely think that AdSense has some potential, it is just that all newbies should be informed that they should start diversifying from day 1 so if something happens and their AdSense account is mysteriously banned that it won’t kill their entire businesses.


    • Sunil says:

      exactly Thomas. if a business model is solely based on advertising, then one must really contemplate changing the business model all together. what are you up to these days and how is business coming along?

  6. Sunil, you have done it again: thoroughly impressed me with your results. Thanks for taking the time to explain your progress. Cheers!

  7. I am so happy for you Sunil. As much as Google adsense has helped you and gave you this much, as for me, I still hate cracksense and i will continue to hate it. I got banned without no reason even when I was expecting my first cheque after working for a while – it sucks and it nearly put me out of online business.

    C’grats anyways.


    • Sunil says:

      I’m sorry Sheyi – I did hear about your situation and it’s unfortunate. what did you do instead to keep yourself going? how is it working out for you?

  8. Hi Sunil,

    I’m very impressed with your results, and inspired by your success! I have not had the same results with adsense; my revenue there covers the hosting costs but that’s all. I haven’t been focused on building up web income since I made the leap to app development, but I’m going to learn soon about mobile advertising, which I have not done before. I’ll keep you posted on that. 🙂

    • Sunil says:

      that’s more than many can say Kevin. what made you leap to app development? and how is it performing compared to web properties? I am also anxiously awaiting your feedback on mobile advertising and interested in how you will be implementing it. yes, please keep me updated

  9. Lisa Irby says:

    Great post, Sunil and congrats on your earnings! I agree with you. The micro niche frenzy is over. It’s much better to have a handful of authority sites as you have done. Keep up the awesome work.

    • Sunil says:

      good to see you here Lisa and thank you. I know that you have a few authority niche sites yourself. any advice for our friends who are asking how to best manage several web properties? particularly for those that have full time jobs as I know you did in your previous life?

  10. If I were to somehow get banned from AdSense, I do have the option of having my wife sign up, or my brother (although I’d have to let him keep a cut).

    • Sunil says:

      I’d be careful. Google does detect similar/same addresses and last names. besides, the web property will be retained in their records and may eventually get banned again, unless you have heard others successfully get around that somehow. would love to hear your thoughts Edward?

  11. I agree with you about micro niche sites, they are virtually over. Its not possible to create a few pages and get the rankings to make money. Many have disappeared from the search engines. Money is still possible with adsense but require a large enough traffic and the blessings of the all mighty G god. Great website I just stumbled upon.

    • Sunil says:

      I agree with you, although how do we explain the few micro niche sites that are still ranking high and earning well? it’s perplexing to me – any thoughts? what is working well for you in your business today?

      welcome Shalu, great website concept, and say hi to Mr. Laloo P on my behalf 🙂

      • Thank you Sunil. I will pass on the “hi” to Laloo ji. As far as the micro niche sites are concerned, I cannot say for sure why but given the recent update, things are changing too fast. I am fairly new to this as it was not a business model for me when I started to my site. But I am getting large number of traffic to make an impact.

    • I’m not anywhere near gutsy enough to try anything like it, but I read a report a few months ago on using arbitrage. Basically, the guy was paying 5 cent AdWord clicks for traffic and not worrying about ranking for search traffic. He was meeting the minimum guidelines for use of AdWords and AdSense and made over $4000 in the first month.

      • Sunil says:

        I personally know a couple individuals who are doing well with this method. one has been doing it for 5 years now, and he was a statistician in his previous life. not a surprise, as this method requires very close attention to detail. it can be lucrative, but personally very boring for me as I don’t see how it adds value to someone’s life – not that it has to – but just a personal preference.

  12. Wow Sunil! You know I’m a fan of your blog but c’mon! I just don’t think these numbers are realistic for most people (much as we would love to dream). You must work day and night to maintain so many websites. Didn’t you say you have a real job too? You must be one super-smart industrious guy!

    • Sunil says:

      I really think they are. I know several folks who are generating much more, and the common denominator between all is that they took calculated and targeted action. the process has been repeated so many times that there is a system in place that if followed, can lead to similar results. I do put in time building web properties and more importantly systems, but anything worth having takes work right? they key, and what has helped me tremendously over the years, is learning how to develop self sustaining systems that can function mostly on their own with no to little periodic maintenance. with the help of property trained and seasoned virtual assistants, it’s nothing one can’t handle with just a little bit of attention. in summary, it’s not at all a dream, and yes anyone can do it, and yes it takes time to build gradually over time

  13. Dave says:

    Congratulations on your success. The amount of work to get to that level only comes after many years of hard work and patience. Would it be possible to let us take a peek at another of your niche sites. We already have seen the Dubai and SuetheAirline sites. Any others you would be able to share?

    • Sunil says:

      most definitely Dave. I have shared several on this blog. I’d be happy to answer your questions after you’ve had the chance to view through the archives

  14. Sunil, as always, an excellent post with useful and practical information. I haven’t had any success with Adsense so far.

    Diversification is among the many best points you’ve made in your post. As a believer of that principle, I am focusing more on my own products. Although, I haven’t had a chance to market others’ products as an affiliate, that is also a plan I have on my radar.

    • Sunil says:

      thank you Sid. I don’t think it’s a chicken vs egg first kind of thing. many do affiliate marketing to prove out the concept and then dive into products, though nothing wrong with getting directly into products. that said, what are you working on these days? don’t have to be specific, but would love to know what you are contemplating. who is your target audience for it?

      • Thank you for asking Sunil. I am a freelance content writer who offers content writing services. I also sell private label rights (PLR) articles / e-book on niches like weight loss, personal finance and freelance writing. My target audience is entrepreneurs who need quality content for their web properties.

        • Sunil says:

          good stuff man. I’ve used PLR and always intrigued by the whole space. definitely a good strategy to scale your capacity as a freelance writer. I did not see an affiliate link on your site – do you have one? it’s one way to scale even some more

  15. JJ Wong says:

    WOW!! How many traffics you need in order to get near to this amount of income?!?!

    My website is now getting near to 10,000 visitors per month and soon go higher, but last month I just manage to make $4-5 from Google Adsense only!!

    It’s still too far from your results. Seems like I got so much to learn from you Sunil.

    • Sunil says:

      there is a lot more to it than that, such as what is each hit paying out for you? the propensity of your audience to view the ads to begin with? the layout/design of the site itself, etc. feel free to share your website and maybe we can all look at it together and share our thoughts? if you are not comfortable you can email me personally – just saying…if you want

  16. Sunil,

    Congrats on the big AdSense check! I’d be curious to see ALL of your AdSense checks from one month. 😛

    Although I know this is something we can all accomplish (in theory), the reality is, it takes a certain work ethic and keen eye to do – both of which you have. Although I may eventually set up AdSense for my LLC, I’m temporarily “scared” of AdSense ever since they banned my account, and trying to now see what I can do without AdSense (although I know I am leaving money on the table).

    Anyway, keep it up buddy, I’m sure your earnings will continue to grow very well.

    – Eric

    • Sunil says:

      thx Eric – I believe you are doing the right (better) thing by focusing on other avenues, which in my experience are a lot more lucrative. I have a few web properties with all but Adsense streams that are doing exceptionally well, and am working on a large authority site where I don’t plan on implementing any ads at all. if I were to start today this is the route I’d take. you know I’ve contemplated income reports for a while now, I just need to find the most optimal and relevant way to do so given the complexity of what all I’m involved with.

  17. Thanks for the great explanation Sunil. My site’s numbers are steadily growing, but the Adsense revenue has remained low. I’m hoping that the site continues to rank higher as my content grows, resulting in a better CTR.

    • Sunil says:

      that’s great JW. the traffic will get you a higher number of gross clicks, but your CTR will be based on the type of audience you attract, your site design/ad placement and the type of ads shown. are you referring to another site or your main blog ATF?

  18. Forest says:

    Backing up your knowledge with the goods! Absolutely stella stuff Sunil, I had no idea you was doing so well with your sites but it is clear you deserve every penny.

    Here’s to continued success.

    • Sunil says:

      thanks man – good to see you here on the EMB. I try to stay low key – but every now and then I feel these kinds of posts are necessary for several reasons. how is business running on your end at FZ?

  19. Brian says:

    I got so worn out in seo and link building I kind of gave up on it. Are you writing all your content and updating it? Are you doing link building .

    • Sunil says:

      I am writing content and occasionally update where needed. I do have the help of VAs however. I’ll be covering this topic in more detail in the coming weeks/months. have you considered outsourcing?

  20. AJ says:


    Do you still use sbi’s brainstormer for kw research? if not, what do you currently use?
    Also, where do you get some of your ideas/topics for your top performing sites?

    P.S. Thx for making this post. It renewed my fire for I.M… After G’s recent algorithm updates, I kind of gave up on the “dream”

    • Sunil says:

      yes I do when stuck in a rut. I have also gone the other way by conceptualizing some topics and then conducting research using market samurai to determine keyword viability. we all know that persistence is a key ingredient to success, but that said I would suggest focusing on building a business that goes beyond just adsense for income generation. whereas before when folks made sites based on keyword viability, I suggest building a site on an area of your interest and then balancing that with results from kw tools to determine the keywords to target.

  21. Theodore says:

    Thanks Sunil,
    I saw your message on twitter. Yea i’m also a fan of mrs Farnoosh, i read about her at incomediary. Please can you take a look at my blog and see if there is anything i’m not getting right? including the adsence placement.

    To your success

  22. Chris says:

    Hi Sunil, great and exhaustive post!
    We must only remember about one thing – Google is unpredictable not only with search engine changes (G. Penguin, G. Panda), but also with AdSense (some “bans”). So we must have at leat three sources of income as well as three sources of trraffic 😉
    BR, Chris

    • Sunil says:

      welcome Chris. great to see you here and like you I am a big believer in diversity. perhaps I should write a post similar to this showing diverse streams instead of one. came across your work some time ago – intrigued by the tag line “no passive income” 🙂

      would love to get more of your thoughts here?

  23. Abyooda says:

    what a nice article, i once stumbled upon an article that recommend not to publish checks as it may be photoshoped if it is not from a trusted source, but i like this article and the adsense multi-account thing, i hope i can use it in the future as i am using one account now 🙂

  24. Rahul says:

    Hey Sunil,
    I recently got 100 USD after working for 8 months and the next 100 USD came in just 2 months. However I saw that most of my earnings are coming from YouTube. What do you think of the potential of YouTube Adsense Earnings?

    • Sunil says:

      I do earn some money from YouTube, and know people who are doing very well. I am not experienced enough to answer confidently, but my guess is that you need a ton of videos that are very engaging, which are found for highly searched for keywords. I guess that is not much different from what it takes a website to do well with Adsense. where are you based Rahul? congratulations on getting that first $100

      • I am from Kolkata, India. Yeah you need views in YouTube that is true. For my site though its one year and my views are now saturated at one point. Also can you suggest me if I can improve my ad-placement on my website.

        • Sunil says:

          Rahul, Google up the Adsense heat map and try those positions. monitor performance and switch them around weekly. those trials should tell you the most optimal placement. don’t forget color scheme also plays a role. all the best

  25. yunarel says:

    hello my friend how are you i wanna ask you
    What is the content of the site that it has earn this money
    baucuse if someone want earn like thes sure you need a strong content and lot of visitor. i was make lot of website but i cant earn nothing baucuse i don t have good content and nothing visitor. if you can give me idea about something and i will thank you a lot

  26. @Sunil, I heard in one of your podcasts somewhere that you implemented Adsense on your travel site about after a year or so. Do you recommend adding advertising so late or from the very onset. What are your thoughts on that?

    • Sunil says:

      I personally do that. there is no rule however. I recommend waiting till you have a few hundred visitors. the last thing you need is discouragement, hence the reason I encourage waiting (to ensure some healthy cents/dollars come in)

  27. Even 20 websites seems like a whole lot to me, Sunil – I have hard time managing one. lol

    However, I do agree with how difficult it is to provide truly useful info when you spread yourself way too thin between hundreds of niche sites. That’s precisely why Google search yields so much trash – desire to make a quick buck and complete disregard for the fact that searchers might actually act on that info.

    • Sunil says:

      very true Ana. it is one reason I am laying off the pedal on all but a handful of authority niche sites. creating the best site on a particular topic/niche seems to be working well for me, and I think that is the direction we are all being forced to go into

  28. great earner you are!!! congratulation

  29. Congratulations Sunil. A great inspiration for me to aspire to.

  30. Thanks for all the valueable advice Sunil. I got ban from Adsense and will see if I can register with a new EID soon.

  31. Didn’t know it was ‘OK’ to create more than one Adsense account.

    May be i’ll try Adsense on my future sites and give each its own account. May be I’ll avoid Adsense altogether, especially with the banning going on left and right.

    Thanks for the info though and good luck with your sites Sunil.

  32. sonam says:

    Hello Sunil

    I have been running my blog since 2007 but still couldn’t get what expected could please see my blog and give the hint how can I grow more.Yes I got 169$ from it in 2010 and now it is only 8$ and counting.Please help me,I really need your help.

  33. sonam says:

    Please let me how can I improve to earn more from this.Please Sir, I am really confused please…help me to get out of this..I made blog on trekking in Nepal right.Please sir let me know about what should be my next step towards blogging.

  34. Bryan says:

    HI Sunil
    that is really impressive earnings sunil. I have one doubt though, how much traffic do you get . I have few blogs but my earnings from Adsense is no way near that figures.
    anyway thanks for sharing this info

    • Sunil says:

      Bryan, read response to previous questions. traffic varies. earnings are a factor or not only traffic, but also payout per click. for example, I have a site that pays north of $20 per click. a handful of visitors a day can add up to a few hundred bucks for that site alone.

  35. I imagine it isn’t easy to look after twenty sites, but in your case it surely paid off nicely. You lit everybody’s fire with your post. I know I have a brighter morning.

    • Sunil says:

      most of them are set and forget type sites. this income was also generated by similar sites, but much larger in nature (content heavy). once one is done, you can relatively easily move to the other and keep rinsing and repeating the process. maintenance can become minimal down the road as they age. sunshine is always nice 🙂

  36. Suresh says:

    Sunil, I started my blog a month back and started posting my interest and posted 20+ articles. Paralelly I tried to subscribe for Google Adsence and it got rejected. Do you have any idea on how to be successful in getting googld adsence approved ?


  37. JJ Wong says:

    Your contents in this blog are great, subscribed & reading tons of it.
    I’m gonna focus on building some niche websites and try monetize some 3-4 figures income from online, instead of current 2-figures.

    Anyway, gotta follow the rules & laws of Google Adsense in order not to get banned from it.

  38. I hope my blog will get accepted for google adsense soon 🙁 But great article! Thanks!

  39. A very informative blog for me. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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