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How to Grow Traffic for a New Website or Blog to Make Money from SEO and Affiliate Marketing

Making money while doing something online seems to be the dream for most people. However, it is often not as easy as they initially thought it would be. Once you have a new website or blog, how can you make money from it? Most people start to use SEO and affiliate marketing as a way to make money from this website/blog. However, how are they doing this? The key is to have a lot of traffic to your website/blog.

6 Tips for Making Money from Your Website/Blog

Growing traffic to a website/blog is not as easy as putting out great content. You can have the best content out there in the industry, but if you are not putting in the time to make it SEO friendly, then chances are no one is going to be able to find you. The good news is there are several ways that you can grow your traffic naturally!

  1. Target Your SEO Efforts

Simply stuffing a website/blog full of keywords is not going to get you the traffic that you want. You not only want people to visit your website, you want the right people to visit this. For example, if your industry is in the health and wellness field, getting traffic from teens who are not interested in what you are saying or any affiliate marketing you do will not result in profit. Take some time to find the right SEO keywords for your industry and put these into the website/blog naturally to get the most attention.

  1. Never Keyword Stuff

This goes back to having the right SEO on a website/blog. Keyword stuffing is a black hat technique that several websites have used in the past in order to rank higher with search engines. However, be aware that this type of activity is resulting in top results being knocked down in the rankings. Many people are finding success with long-tail keywords that revolve around their topic, not just one keyword.

  1. Make Great Content

When a person comes to your blog, they want content that is easy to read, answers a question, entertains and is not something that they have read elsewhere a thousand times. Make your content different and you will find it easier than ever to ensure that you get traffic to what you publish.

  1. Don’t Forget Your Old Content

Just because you have blogs on your website that may be old, don’t discount them. Those who update their old content and revise it to show the latest research or the like find that this can make their content even more valuable to readers. Updating content that is over a year old is a great rule to remember.

  1. Paid Social Media

If you truly want to increase the website traffic to your website or blog be sure that you consider a few social media ads that will target the industry that you are trying to reach. With a small investment, many people have found that this has greatly increased their traffic.

  1. Get the Right Affiliate

The right affiliate marketing program is going to be the easiest way to really make money from your website or blog. There are several large networks out there that have programs to choose from. Check these out. However, the only downside is that you often have to have a little traffic coming to your website already.

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