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Write on The Extra Money Blog

Anyone can submit a guest post for review for The Extra Money Blog so as long as it meets the guidelines below.

Why Write for The Extra Money Blog

Writing for The Extra Money Blog gives you instant exposure to thousands of brand new readers each month. This blog is ranked in the top 3% of all websites online.

All writers are welcome: students, professionals in all fields, business men and women, aspiring writers, entrepreneurs of all kinds, bloggers and internet marketer.

If you have a website or blog, you will get instant Page Rank credibility in form of a link back from your written piece to your website or blog. The link will be to your homepage and use the title of your website or blog, not selected keywords that you’d like highlighted.

Including more than one link in your guest post will get your submission rejected. Read below if you are interested in linking back to a commercial / business website or blog. There are additional guidelines for a sponsored post.

If you are interested in writing for The Extra Money Blog, please take some time and go through the guidelines below. Submissions not meeting any one of the guidelines will be rejected immediately.

  • Content must be non promotional / commercial in nature. In other words, no advertising. See below if you are interested in a commercial post.
  • Content must fit the interest of The Extra Money Blog’s ideal reader, who is a financially successful and responsible individual looking to expedite wealth creation and simplify life (achieve more freedom and flexibility)
  • Content must be unique and original to the blog. Topics already discussed will not be accepted unless written from a completely unique perspective and provide unique value. In addition, content must / cannot be posted elsewhere at any point. You must be the original author and have full rights to all content submitted.
  • Content must be written from a personal perspective using first person active voice talking to the reader, not at the reader.
  • Relevant photo submissions are highly recommended and welcome, but they must be your original photographs that you have full and exclusive rights to. Photo cannot be published elsewhere at any point.
  • There is no minimum required length.  Content must be long enough to cover the topic comprehensively and deliver value to reader. Recommended length is 1,000 words or more.
  • Please spell check content twice before sending.  I will stop reviewing and reject it if and when I find a spelling error.
  • Please submit content in MS Word or Notepad format with all formatting embedded as you’d like it to appear online.
  • I maintain the right to modify the content title and subheadings.

Your post does NOT have to agree with my own thoughts, theories and philosophies.  In fact, I welcome different points of view and perspectives. For example, why my preferred method of making money online through niche websites is rubbish and that there are better higher return initiatives one can engage in.

Tips to Make You Stand Out

Some tips to consider to maximize the benefit from your guest blogging efforts. Always write your best stuff. If you write a good, interesting, useful article, people will click through and visit your site. If you don’t, they won’t visit. It’s that simple.

To ensure maximum exposure to your article, include the main/theme keyword in the title of the post, as well as once within the first 90 characters of the body/content.  Include it at least another 5-6 times in the remaining article.  Ensure it is at least once in a sub heading (<h>) tag, and ensure it is the anchor text to at least one of the two links (for Paid Posts only – see below).

If you are wondering, the paragraph above is meant to help you search engine optimize your guest post so that it has the maximum chance of appearing on searches for relevant search terms.

Sponsored / Paid Posts

I selectively accept sponsored posts as well that link back to a commercial / business blog or website.  Other paid posts include product reviews such as a book, software, services, training courses, etc.  If you are submitting a review, I recommend you provide a couple free samples that we can give away to the readers.  This further promotes your post and creates a buzz around the topic. I will help you with this process.

Guidelines for a paid post do not differ much from the above criteria (please read first), except you are allowed two links from your article back to your website or blog using keywords of your choice as the anchor text. Sponsored posts are also posted in arrears, which means they are back-dated up to three weeks. I am currently charging $150 per paid post, but don’t hesitate to contact me if you cannot afford the full amount. I would be happy to discuss and work something out that is mutually beneficial to both of us.  Please remit the payment via PayPal (sunil @ extramoneyblog dot com) at the time you submit your post for inclusion.

In the event I decide not to accept the post after reading it, please understand that the decision is in the best interest of The Extra Money Blog. I have been rejected by other websites and blogs several times.  The good news is that another website will likely accept your submission and it will not go waste.

I look forward to working with you.


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