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How to Become the Next Bill Gates?

Bill Gates is a successful entrepreneur. He is extremely wealthy and consistently on the world’s richest people list. Many entrepreneurs aspire to become like Bill, but not all want to experience that level of success. Success is a relative term, and not every entrepreneur wants the head ache and stress that comes with BIG success. Not all entrepreneurs have the same risk appetite either.

So while Bill Gates is undeniably an extremely successful entrepreneur, there are tons of other successful entrepreneurs out there that you and I may not necessarily know of. Some entrepreneurs are successful because they are managing to earn and keep more money while investing the same amount of time they did at their job, others are successful because they have freed themselves from corporate slavery and have all kinds of time to spend with their families. Several others are successfully juggling both work and a part time business on the side.

I can’t tell you how many of my friends, family and colleagues have told me they would love to pursue entrepreneurship, but they will “never become rich like Bill Gates, so what’s the point?” This frame of mind is a terrible mistake, and will only limit you to your current job.

Success starts in one’s mind, and eventually manifests into reality when a person’s thought process changes and he or she is able to live their vision. That’s why visualization techniques work so well. Such techniques tell you to visualize your future in your mind every day. The more consistently you do this, your thought process starts to change which in turn affects the actions you take. This is how success is achieved.

Home runs are not the only way to score

Let’s take the example of a baseball game (or cricket depending on where you are from). Runs are not only scored by hitting home runs or “sixers”. Walks, singles, doubles and triples all count and contribute toward generating runs. Similarly, success does not necessarily mean running a billion dollar business. There are several successful multi millionaires out there, and even more who are successful making six figures or less.

I used to wonder why everyone just wants to hit a home run. I used to question whether a home run is the only definition of success. Come to think about it, it’s an easy excuse one can tell themselves to avoid overcoming their inertia (I call it laziness). The couch can become too comfortable sometimes.

In entrepreneurship, small wins over time lead to big success. Think about it like the compounding of interest. A few dollars invested today, and then next month and so on add up over time as interest accrues. I can attest to this pattern whole heartedly. I am a living breathing example of compounded success in business. Small little actions over time have contributed significantly to my success today.

Another reason for the reluctance is the misconception tied to success. Maybe it is the lack of awareness of the possibilities out there today, but many people think that starting a business involves a lot of capital investment. Many feel that it involves countless hours and that you have to abandon your family or take a huge bank loan.

Others feel like they will get fat, bald and round from all the stress of the business. Truth is, you don’t have to go through any of that. You can if you want to, but there are enough options today for you to start and develop a successful business along-side with everything else you’ve got going on in life. You can read about some of your options here, as well as in future posts as I plan on discussing this topic extensively.

If you want to improve on your situation today an obtain some of that success but may not necessarily know what to do and where to begin, the best way to move forward is to follow a proven model. By following a proven system, you have a living and breathing example of someone who has done it and was successful doing it.

While this post does not walk you through how to become like Bill Gates, I hope it has defined success in a broader perspective, one that can be conducive to your personal situation today. So ask yourself what success means to you. Are you ready to go get it today?


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