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How to Make Money With Paid Surveys Online

Discussing how to make money with paid surveys is the reason the Easy Extra Money Online website started.

Few years back, I started experimenting with paid surveys and was making a good amount of extra cash on the side.

I had discovered the concept of paid surveys and how fortune 500 companies were using them while I was in public accounting working on a client account.  I talk about it in detail on my website.

Paid online surveys are a great way to make easy extra money online.  You won’t make a full time living doing it unless you leverage a blog or website to refer other survey takers, but paid surveys are proven to be a quick way to generate extra cash on the side.

I did not start to make money with paid surveys because I needed the extra cash and was willing to trade up all my time taking surveys to earn it.  Rather, I wanted to try the process out for myself to prove that it works, and in the process discover the most reliable and best paid survey companies out there.

Why did I do this? Because I had a feeling there way some real money to be made behind this concept and I wanted to see how I could leverage my knowledge of the internet, building niche websites, SEO and internet marketing to capitalize on the opportunity.

I was up to around $200 a month from completing paid surveys when I realized how much more money I can make by building a website that revolved around the subject matter and refer others who are interested in making pocket cash on the side.

So I did, and my income grew exponentially when my website was up and running for some time.  I spent a lot of time and effort marketing it – that goes without saying.

A big reason for my website’s success is that folks who like to make a living online or work from home full time don’t get too far unless they can type very fast (and work as data processors) or have a successful website or blog that brings in a lot of organic search engine traffic.

By default, this leads to many of the same folks searching for easier opportunities to make money online.  Anyone can make money with paid surveys online relatively easily by simply pointing and clicking the mouse.  Other similar alternatives are paid offers and get paid to read email programs, which fundamentally work the same way.  I later expanded my coverage to both of these as well.

Unlike data entry jobs or writing gigs, paid surveys pay relatively lower at about $2-10 per survey.  There are surveys that pay all the way up to $100, but you can count on $2-10 as a good average, especially when starting out.

In order to make decent money from paid surveys, you must process a good amount of surveys.  It can get very mundane and tedious.  You need to do 10 surveys a day to make an extra $20-$60 per day.  The good news is that online surveys do not take long to complete, so it is certainly feasible to make that much everyday, and even more depending on how much time you want to put in.

The challenge you will face as you begin to make money with paid surveys is finding companies that offer more than just a handful of surveys a day.  The other challenge is finding out which companies are legitimate and which are scams. So in addition to having to sign up with multiple companies (you have to if you want to make good money), you also have to make sure you sign up with legitimate and well paying companies.

Here is a quick example.  Say you sign up with 10 good companies and each one offers you 3 surveys a week. That is about 30 surveys a week and 120 total for the month.  If each pays $4, you can potentially make an extra $480 every month.

As you can see, you can make money with paid surveys. I certainly did, and still do thanks to residual commissions. In order to be successful however, one must know which companies to sign up with and the tricks to get surveys done as fast as possible to make the most amount of money for time invested. I will discuss some of the better paid survey companies in future posts.

In case you are wondering, yes, the audience of my paid surveys website is completely different from the audience of this blog.  So why am I discussing paid surveys here?

Because paid surveys have worked very well for me, I thought I’d share with you why and how.  While paid surveys can certainly add a few hundred bucks in your wallet every month, I know your aspirations are much higher than that.

Mine were too. That’s precisely why I created the Easy Extra Money Online website. Through this website, I was (and still am) able to refer people who want to make money with paid surveys to relevant companies who then pay me residual commissions on leads generated.

Everyone can do what I did, but at the same time most will fail at it. Why? Because in order to generate a significant amount of leads, you need a significant amount of traffic to your blog or website, and that traffic doesn’t come automatically.

Thanks to the solid search engine optimization (SEO) principles I have learned from Site Build It over the years, coupled with various internet marketing strategies that I have picked up, tried and tested, I am able to get all my websites to rank on page one of Google consistently for key terms that are most relevant to my websites.

Example, try typing in the following key terms in Google:  “extra money online” and “easy extra money”.  You will see that my website appears on the first page of Google. In fact, I am #3 as of my last search (see below).

Easy Extra Money Online - Search Engine Ranking

Similarly, this website appears on page one of Google for hundreds of other search terms.

Now notice the amount of competition on the top left that I have for these search key terms. 71,000,000 competitors (71 Million!)  To appear on page one each and every time ahead of the millions of other competing websites guarantees me success.

With higher search engine rankings, you are guaranteed gobs of traffic.  With gobs of traffic, you are guaranteed growth in revenues.

Are you interested in hearing more about how to make money with paid surveys?  Would you prefer one off opportunities or would you be interested in building a niche website through which you can drive mass leads and generate commissions?

Here is a list of my top ten companies that you can work with to make money with paid surveys.

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10 Responses to “How to Make Money With Paid Surveys Online”

  1. Jia Jun says:

    I tried some of the paid survey websites before.
    Most don’t have much surveys given, and another prob is that I’m not suit for some surveys, for some questions that not targeted to me.
    And one more thing is that the minimum pay out is kinda hard to reach, it does take some times to reach, and promote to gain many people sign up under you to increase the speed, for each company.
    Perhaps it leave some bad reputation to me before, and hitting myself down to many scam and not really good paid survey company.
    If Sunil really does making some nice extra pocket money, congrat for that. 😀

  2. Sunil says:

    Jia Jun – it is challenging because there are hundreds of these, with new ones coming in and out all the time. there are a few reputable companies which have stood the test of time. the effective hourly rate you end up making is average, and there are many other better alternatives IMO. however, for someone with no alternatives, paid surveys are an easy way to convert spare time into cash.

  3. Janet says:

    Filling out paid surveys was my first home business opportunity. I stumbled upon paid surveys when I was studying to become a teacher. Now I have been doing it for 8 years and it is a really good opportunity to earn some extra money. As I live in Germany I can’t participate in all of the paid survey programs which pay good money. But I still like filling out surveys as it is a good way to earn money easily.

    • Sunil says:


      On my website I have a section only for German residents. Have you checked it out? You are right there is some easy money to be made here, but the real money comes when you start building a referral base.

  4. Togrul says:

    Hey Sunil,

    Thanks a lot for such an informative post.
    I’ll definitely give paid surveys a go.


    • Sunil says:

      Togrul, welcome to the blog.

      are you contemplating paid surveys as an activity to do or as a concept to monetize on a larger scale? i see that you are active with Twitter. I have seen people monetize paid surveys like wonders utilizing Twitter’s functionality. what are you thinking about?

      good to see you here

  5. JediBarks says:

    Great blog! I’m usually a skeptic about stuff like this, but just wanted to share another legit paid survey site. Yes, this is a referral link, but the site is legit and pays cash to PayPal.

  6. JohnQ says:

    I didn’t get cash but did receive a $500 amazon gift card. I bought some things on amazon and listed them on ebay. I cleared about $400 at the end of the day.

  7. Rob says:

    Great information… Surveys for generating online income is simply the best, no cost, easiest way to earn a substantial online income.

  8. garry says:

    can i buy a solo ad from you?

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