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How to Save Money on Your Water Bill

For the longest time I have wanted to add a section on my website titled “free money”. There are opportunities out there to save some serious cash as well as cash-in on some serious offers, and there are some genuine ways of doing that, but don’t start looking for them desperately online or you will most likely fall for scams.

I also plan on continuing to write about easy money making and saving related tips. After all, a penny saved is a penny earned. So seeing as the title of my website is Easy Extra Money Online, I will attempt to write about easy money every now and then that we miss out on every day because we are not aware of it.

For now let’s discuss how to save money on water. Last summer I read an interesting consumer report that talked about how an average four person family can save up to $265 a year in their water bill by simply replacing their 5 gallon per minute showerhead (very common in households) with a 2 gallon model.

Very interesting and very true if you think about it. Doesn’t the excess shower water go to waste down the drain anyway? So what’s the point or letting it all pour in so fast? The next time you get inside your shower, think about how fast and hard that thing is blasting water at you.

So last winter when our showerhead at home broke and started leaking, I remembered the consumer report and got myself a Macau water saving handheld showerhead. In just 9 months since my purchase, the showerhead has paid for itself 3 times over already in savings.

An expense that leads to quick and significant savings is an expense worth incurring. A simple change such as showerhead replacement can help you save money on water. Something to keep in mind the next time you hop in the shower or enter a department store 🙂

Readers: Do you have other ideas to save money on water, or whatever else with easy to implement solutions that yield benefits for months and years to come?

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