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Information Products – A Cost Effective Way to Earn Passive Income

I woke up this morning, checked email and saw a bunch of ebook sales trickle in from a brand new website I launched in joint partnership with a partner I started working with a few months back.

The website we launched sells nothing but an ebook at this point. The idea is to add more monetization options as the website matures.  For now however, the trickle of sales reminded me how cost effective selling information products can be today thanks to the Internet.

Several of my niche content websites sell an ebook as part of the overall monetization strategy.  Selling information products on the Internet is not only easy, but also very cost effective.

With the right business model, sales from information products such as ebooks, CDs and DVDs can provide a nice stream of passive income.  Rinse and repeat it a few times and you have yourself multiple streams of passive income.

The internet was created for information sharing purposes, and selling information products online is just a “natural thing to do”.  People go to the internet to find information, so why not create products based on your own experiences and expertise to sell online?

Everyone wants to know something about something, or how to do something, and everyone knows something about something or how to do something.  Basic supply and demand fundamentals would prove out that there is demand for your information products.

If you haven’t contemplated this before, now may be the time to start experimenting.  Why not? After all, information products such as CDs, DVDs, ebooks, newsletters and many more are inexpensive to create, and you can charge any price you want.  You can move the price up and down to test the market, and produce unlimited copies of the information products at will.

Because people search for information online, it is best to sell your information products online.  Technology has streamlined the way online transactions are conducted and how you can instantly deliver your product for download.

Many have been selling information in all kinds of shapes and forms online over the years. The technology is there, so take advantage of it to sell what you know best and profit from it.  The beauty of this business model is that it is “replicable” with ease.  When you have done it once, you can do it again in various other niches and thereby create multiple streams of income.

You can establish a niche content website and benefit from passive income generated by sales of your info products for as long as people are searching for it.  The key is to target a niche that is small but profitable enough to which you can cater to.  I will discuss niche selection more at a later time.

It is my belief that everyone has something to offer to the world, so why not profit from it? Your information products may just be what surfers are looking for.

Readers: Are you profiting from information products?  I will be discussing this topic in more detail. Stay tuned!

Here is how Wiki defines information products.

Selling Information

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2 Responses to “Information Products – A Cost Effective Way to Earn Passive Income”

  1. I currently do not ‘sell’ anything other than the ads on my website. I have some affiliates on the sidebar, but nothing much comes of it. I keep thinking of an ebook, but haven’t done it yet. I think I want a little more writing experience and get to know the market better before I spent time on the ebook. Or, maybe I am just making excuses…

  2. Sunil says:

    having your own product will give you more control over consistency and reliability of your revenue stream. with your own product you can also recruit affiliates to market them similar to what you are doing on your sidebar. that said, your comfort zone is definitely critical to getting started.

    what (or who) is your market? what topic are you thinking about for an ebook?

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