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More Legitimate Paid Survey Companies – CashCrate

Back by popular demand – Here are a few more legitimate paid survey companies that are part of my highest money makers.

They are all free to join, and some of these offer some very nice referral programs that can add up your earnings very fast.

In fact, one of them has a two tiered and excellent referral program that pays on a residual or recurring basis. I love residual income.

So here are they:


This is an EXCELLENT program and one of the best you can join. CashCrate has been around for a long time and has made many people a lot of extra money.  I know people who are racking in $2,000-$3,000 a month on CashCrate alone.

How is that possible? Because in addition to earning money from doing offers, CashCrate pays a healthy 20% commission for all your referral’s earnings.  When your referral refers another survey taker, you make 10% of their earnings as well.

All in all the residual commissions add up. So as you build your network of affiliates, your income increases exponentially as well.  You also get paid a $3 bonus each time your referral reaches a $10 earnings threshold.

If you are serious about increasing your earnings over time from paid surveys, then joining CashCrate is an absolute MUST.  Not only are the commissions high, but they are also residual in nature.

That means you still get paid even when you don’t do any paid offers (because your referrals are making money and CashCrate gives you a nice commission for it). I certainly haven’t done any offers in nearly two years, but my earnings from CashCrate are more than ever before.

I love this program so much that I have written a full blow detailed review on it.  Although the review is specifically geared to CashCrate, the general tips and strategies discussed can be applied to most “get paid to” programs.

The review is rather long and took me a few days to put it together. A lot of thought and experience is behind this review.  Many of my referrals have bookmarked the page and refer back to it for reference.

Here is a sample CashCrate Payment I received.

Send Earnings

This is a very reliable program. Before I unsubscribed from their email blasts, I don’t think I had gone a full day without seeing Send Earnings in my inbox at least once.  You get an INSTANT $5 BONUS JUST FOR SIGNING UP. Basically, you make money by reading emails.

The referral program is excellent.  They pay $5 per referral. That means if you refer 10 you are in the green for $50.  The only icky thing is that they don’t tell you how much you will earn in residual commissions from the money your referrals make.  But one thing is for certain, you WILL GET PAID

The Net Panel

Net Panel is a very reliable, steady and consistently high paying survey company. They have some of the best reviews out there on forums and Blogs.

Always pay attention to their special offers because they run a lot of them. One thing you can always expect is a $50,000 giveaway to update your home.  Now I have won many prizes before, but this one takes the cake. Too bad I haven’t had a taste of the cake yet.

Project PayDay

This was an excellent website, but recently I’ve been getting some not so good feedback from users. Stephanie, a single gal had started this some time back.  I am not sure if someone took over and bought it from her and changed it up.

Here is a snapshot of my earnings statement

I know that there is a lot of money to be made with this company because I have done so.  I suggest you read their website carefully and decide for yourself. They also have an excellent referral program in place that pays $2 per referral.

I was very disappointed however when they slashed my commission from $2 to $1.50 per referral.  Sure it’s only 50 cents, but it adds up, especially when I am referring the kind of numbers I do.

Winning Surveys

This company pays top dollar to lure you away from the rest. The key is to get in fast while their survey taker list is still low.

You have a chance to win some nice prizes every 3 months like a flat screen TV. Not to mention that they pay real well for their surveys too.

There are a ton of free coupons that they give away left and right for free.  Not sure how sustainable their business model is since they give out so much for free. But hey it works for me! I am making a decent amount with this program.

Survey Networks

These guys are very selective in their screening process and that is why they pay you very well.  This is not for curious folks but only for folks who are serious about making money online through surveys.

In my personal experience, these four have been the best at sending offers to participate in focus groups that pay more money.  So if you are looking for focus groups that pay you over $100 per hour, make sure you spend some time reading over their websites and deciding if you want to work for any or all of them.

Ok back to circle one.  As I have said before, making decent money with paid surveys requires you have a steady stream of offers coming your way.

By now I have provided a good list of legitimate paid survey companies that should keep the surveys coming if you decide to pursue this route. A constant stream of surveys ensures that you always have something to do.  Here are three previous posts of paid surveys.

My Top Three Paid Survey Companies

Tips on Completing Paid Surveys

More Tips on Completing Paid Surveys

Here is my full list of legitimate paid survey companies.

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2 Responses to “More Legitimate Paid Survey Companies – CashCrate”

  1. santhosh says:

    i dont have web not tht much educated to create a website of my own,i got ur survey company list.can u prefer some indian legimate survey company..cuz im an indian resident the survey list u have given were only for US and UK residents,hope u will help me..thanks sunil

    • Sunil says:

      Santosh, there are some companies open to Indian residents. Check the footer of my survey site which breaks it down by countries. That said, keep en eye for the bigger players as India is a hot commodity where these consumer research companies are expanding to.

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