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How to Get Multiple Adsense Accounts to Diversify and Reduce Your Risk from Getting Banned by Google

I have been told this is a million dollar question. Let’s see if it is 🙂

Are you earning money from Google Adsense? How much? Do you plan on implementing the program in the near future?

I have been making a good amount of money online in various ways for years now.  I have not come across any program that is easier to implement and more effective than Google Adsense.

I recently wrote about getting the Google slap and getting banned from the Google Adsense program. Unfortunately, it happens to even the best.  Even more unfortunate is that most of the time one can’t do much about it.

In the earlier post, I talked about the possibility of establishing multiple Google Adsense accounts.  In this post I hope to convey exactly how to.

Creating Multiple Google Adsense Accounts

It is true that you are not allowed to have multiple Google Adsense accounts under one email ID, Google account or social security number. So how do you get around this company policy legitimately?

You do this by first incorporating your online business and obtaining a separate employee identification number (EIN) for it.  Your business’ EIN is the equivalent of what your Social Security number is to you.  It is free to obtain and takes 5 minutes to fill out an online application.

Incorporating has several advantages such as liability protection and tax benefits of doing business.  As it pertains to Google Adsense, it benefits you by allowing you to use your unique EIN to establish a Google Adsense account for your business.

If you decide to create multiple online businesses and plan on generating revenues from Adsense on all of them, I recommend incorporating each website or blog as its separate business and therefore obtaining an EIN number for each.

You can incorporate your business as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) for as little as $25 in some states such as Michigan.  You can hire an accountant or attorney to get this done for a relatively low cost, or you can do it yourself using legal services like Socrates for much less, under $60 from what I can remember from the last time I looked into it.

Because Google’s requirement includes having a separate payee name on each separate Adsense account, you can now use your business’ name as the Payee name to who Google will make all checks payable to.  If you prefer receiving direct deposits, you can open up a small business checking account at any major bank with a small deposit.

Your checking account will be under your business’ name and EIN, and all your income from that particular business, whether a website or blog, will go into your business bank account.  I recommend this business structure even if you have nothing to do with Adsense. It is just the most prudent way to do business in my opinion for many reasons.

Google and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Our Government (and most Governments) recognizes incorporated businesses are separate living and breathing entities just as it recognizes each person individually.  Because Google has to comply with the law, it allows you the same capability. You just need to execute cleanly on it.

At the end of the year, Google will issue you and your business(es) a 1099 tax form.  One form will be issued to you and each one of your businesses separately.  This form summarizes the aggregate payments made by Google to you and each of your businesses during the tax year. It is your responsibility to report these earnings when filling your income tax returns.

Go a Step Beyond and Notify Google

Google is notorious for making it difficult to contact them.  They make it even more difficult for you to hear back from them.  Regardless, this doesn’t mean that all your correspondences to Google go unnoticed. In fact, it’s just quite the opposite.

Google is dedicated to the greater good, and that is something they have made very clear from the beginning.  In my experience, they have walked every bit of the talk. I can only hope that continues to be the case.

I recommend notifying them of your intention to create multiple Google Adsense accounts legitimately for each of your businesses.  You may not hear back, but will have clearly communicated to Google in advance your clean intent. This goes a long way in itself.

Concluding Thoughts

If you are not capitalizing on Google Adsense, I strongly recommend that you take a hard look into it.  Adsense is a great way to increase your current online income, supplement existing streams of income on auto pilot or create your first one from scratch relatively easily. Using a program like Site Build It streamlines the entire process.  Read why SBI and Adsense are a match made in heaven here.

Fortunately, I have never been banned from the Adsense program, but can someone who has use this strategy to get back in the game? I don’t see why not.  I hope the million dollar question was worth answering.

What are your thoughts on this multiple Google Adsense accounts strategy? Anything else relevant to add to this topic?

Read what prompted me to discuss creating multiple Google Adsense accounts in the first place.

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54 Responses to “How to Get Multiple Adsense Accounts to Diversify and Reduce Your Risk from Getting Banned by Google”

  1. Vic says:


    I’ve recently started earning with Adsense and used my tax refund to outsource 20 niche sites 🙂

    But of course I’m freaked out about getting banned. Have you actually implemented this strategy or know somebody who has?

    Also, it seems like you can flip websites for 10-12x the monthly income after a few months of steady revenue. Have you had experience with that?


    • Sunil says:


      Welcome to the blog. Wow – 20 all at once? Not overwhelmed @ all? You sound like someone with prior experience to be diving in so hard. This strategy is tried, tested and successful. I can vouch for it first hand. As far as flipping, I have done it, but a multiple of 10-12x sounds too high – at least I have not been able to sell them for that much. What is the “secret”? 🙂

      • Vic Dorfman says:

        Not sure there is a secret..

        People on the warrior forum are saying that 10-12x is pretty standard on flippa.

        • Sunil says:

          I’d be very happy to give up one of my niche sites at 10-12x annual earnings, but then again I don’t actively pursue sales. I have sold 2 niche sites in the low to mid five figure range, but my biggest one time gain online has been the sale of an e commerce business for $250,000, which was roughly 4x EBITDA

  2. Wow Nice Article Sunil…. I Have One Qn: ” Having Multiple Adsense Account Under Single Name Is Against Google TOS ” , What You Say About This??

    • Sunil says:

      Prem – welcome to the blog. What I am recommending is establishing a separate legal entity such as a limited liability corporation to establish another Adsense account. Each legal entity is treated as a separate, living and breathing entity by both Google and the income tax authorities.

  3. Vince says:

    Hi Sunil,
    Thanks for this post. Like you I think it’s safer to set up at least two separate accounts as way of backup. But you want to do it legally for peace of mind and to protect your income stream from being turned off.

    I see you promote SBI! on your blog. Could you share your experience on SBI!

    I have WordPress sites with traffic and they generate income from Adsense. Can they be “converted” into SBI! sites?


    • Sunil says:

      Vince, welcome to the blog. I agree with your chain of thought. What specifically can I help with in terms of SBI? I have written a bit about it (check the archives) and will continue to write about it at length as it is the BEST program I have come across for niche sites. You can convert existing sites into SBI sites, but I don’t recommend that. You are better of starting from scratch and going through the entire experience end to end at least once.

  4. Vince says:

    Hi Sunil,

    Thanks for replying to my comment about SBI!. Sure I will check out your archives for more info about SBI.
    I had a look at their demo video where they explain about CTPM model. Could you share with us how many articles would you need to have on a SBI site for it to be effective?
    Writing content is definitely what takes me the most time as English is not my primary language.

    • Sunil says:


      English is my fourth language, so I can assure you that you will be fine. From what I am reading, your English sounds perfect. I have an SBI site as large as 550+ pages, and one that is just 14 pages. Both are doing very well. I would say a solid 25-50 page well optimized website would be ideal, but it all really depends on your niche, which SBI helps you come up with during the initial planning process. I highly recommend you go through the program at least once. Once you understand the methodology, you can apply it to any other website on any other platform.

      • Vince says:

        Thanks Sunil for sharing your experience with SBI!. It’s much appreciated. I’m very interested to give it a try.
        Keep up to good work.

        Ps: as a fourth language your English is quite impressive!

  5. vannarith says:

    I see that you recommend to create multiple adsenes account but do we need to do those on a single PC without any prevention of IP,cookie trace?

    • Sunil says:


      I don’t believe it is a matter of which PC you use, rather the characteristics and details of the account. We are permitted to open a personal account, as well as accounts for our businesses that have their own tax identification numbers (EIN as they call it in the US).

      • Kishor says:

        no. Google trace all accounts related to one person or entity using the IP addresses. if any of your account gets disabled for any reason all your accounts are reviewed. If those accounts also have same threats those are also banned or notified to take corrective actions in due course.

  6. Leo says:

    Hi Sunil. This is really great info.
    Now I’m thinking… if I’m registering my websites as online businesses, it just makes sense that the business address would be the same for all my websites. Wouldn’t that be a problem when signing up with multiple business accounts that share the same physical address? And also, I’m in Asia.
    I hope you would share your thoughts on this scenario.
    Thanks again!

    • Sunil says:

      Great question Leo. Think about it this way. There are many individual and independent businesses that may share the same office complex. Their offices are distinguished by suite numbers or room numbers.

      • Leo says:

        Thanks for taking the time to respond. Your reply is very reassuring. I guess, in this case, the room number would also be the same for all registered businesses since I’m most probably working from home. Even if I do rent an office later it would just be a single unit.

        Btw, your blog will now be one of my regular sites to visit. Keep it up! 🙂

        • Sunil says:

          I appreciate that Leo.

          Where in Asia are you? I’d love too hear more about your current initiatives. What are you working on?

          • Leo says:


            The initiative is still a faint intention; nothing unusual — just a blog. Hopefully two: a personal blog and a separate photoblog as I became interested in photography lately.

            Currently, I’m just reading as much as I can before I actually proceed with whatever is the next step, or if I will actually proceed.

            Your post (and blog) is helping me identify some pieces of the puzzle I didn’t even knew existed before.

  7. maxhine27 says:

    Hello Sunil
    I heard about these Google Adsense a lot. And have read a lot of opinion from others. What I know is that Google adsense is a great online generating income. As long as you now how to do it. Can you share me a video link in how to be able to be part of these?


  8. LAilain says:

    great post thanks for sharing this to us it recognizes each person individually. Because Google has to comply with the law, it allows you the same capability. You just need to execute cleanly on it.

  9. Harieth says:

    great article! you just shared a very informative review here. i admit there’s a lot i need to know about this field but i’m learning! 🙂

  10. darknight0506 says:

    great post thanks for sharing this to us it recognizes each person individually. Because Google has to comply with the law, it allows you the same capability. You just need to execute cleanly on it.

  11. I had never thought of doing this as a precaution to getting banned from Adsense. I never like having all of my eggs in their basket, but this makes perfect sense.

  12. Sunil says:

    Harshit – good point. Valuation is typically based on annual earnings, not monthly. That said it is all about the buyers’ appetite. We all have seen crazy valuation methods and numbers for that matter

  13. I know this is an old post, but to answer Vic’s question, if you are not selling for 12x the revenue, you are losing money, unless you are just wholesaling for quick cash. One site I sold for $2k, had $125/mo in AdSense income and it sold quickly which made me realize I could have sold it for more. I did sell via Flippa. I was looking to get out of that niche at it’s peak, not knowing how long it would last.

    • Sunil says:

      good move Anthony, however I still feel 12x monthly profits (not revenues) is low. what was your monetization model? was the “business” active or passive?

  14. Anthony says:


    I thought you were the one saying that you thought 10-12x was too high in the earlier discussion? This was monetized by AdSense and was passive income. I also believe I could have gotten more because it sold pretty quick. It turned out being 16x.

    ~ Anthony

    • Sunil says:

      Anthony, I don’t look at multiples in terms of monthly income, rather annually. I think that is what is causing the confusion. You can apply a multiple to anything. For a pure passive “business” (niche site), I feel and have experienced that a multiple of 1 or (12 of monthly earnings) is too low.

  15. Great Post! i just got banned and seriously looking for ways to earn money online. Thanks

    • Sunil says:

      did you contact Google and have you heard back? any inclination why you were banned? what new methods are you pursuing / wanting to pursue?

  16. What’s up Sunil.

    Let me ask you your thoughts on the point in the Google FAQ regarding banned accounts. It clearly states that they can/will ban any account they feel is related to any other account that has already been banned. That could mean similar addresses, owners, phone numbers. There doesn’t need to be any firm proof of wrongdoing, and they don’t need any probable cause to do what they wish with accounts or even offer an explanation.

    Since you can’t make up fake names on an incorporation filing, you would have to get a bunch of people to go in with you and maybe even with different addresses to accomplish what you outline in order to be really safe, no?

    • Sunil says:

      what’s up buddy. that’s an excellent point and an inherent risk in the process. one way to mitigate that is by listing registered agents. but even then, Google owns the program and the terms that go with it and you are right in that they may decide to shift directions at any point. that said, some level of protection is better than none. spoken like a true CPA 😉

  17. Abyooda says:

    a real million dollars question, but then you should have two name your name and your business name, that’s tricky

  18. sigh! how I wish I knew this before thanks for this information. There really was a big chaos when some sites crash down.

  19. J. Reese says:


    If you are to incorporate each website as its own business entity, assign an EIN, create each websites Adsense account, don’t you have to put in a contact name (person not business name) for each account with adsense?

    As well, how are you depositing each adsense check into your bank account, considering each account has a different payee name.

    I’m asking these things because I’ve heard of people doing this ever since the Google updates in recent years.

    • Sunil says:

      J – when you incorporate a legal entity, the entity has its own name and EIN, just as unique as our individual names and SSNs are. Google allows you to register as a business.

  20. T says:

    Thanks for the advice! I previously had been booted from Ad Sense, and created a new account under a different email and address. I just realized the new bank account, DBA, and EIN are under my same physical address as I had used before. Do you think that the fact that the contact address I have listed in Ad Sense being different from the tax info address will be a problem?

    Under payee it’s asking for a name and a business name. Will it be problematic for me to use my name again? As I’m running through these steps I’m a little concerned.


    • Sunil says:

      hi Todd, this is not by any means tax or legal guidance. using the same name as before would raise a flag in my opinion, especially if your previous account was banned. as far as address, in my experience what the tax authorities are looking for is that you disclose your income. whatever SSN/EIN you provide Google, the tax authorities get a report at year end telling them how much that SSN/EIN made. as long as you claim that on your tax returns you should be ok. let me know what you find out as you research this matter some more. does that help?

    • Henry S. says:

      Hi T,

      how did it work out ?

  21. Sunny says:

    I am very new to adsense & have a question – Can we use multiple sites for one adsense account ?

  22. InnovaTonic says:

    Hey I have a quick question. What if you already have been banned (because I was young and stupid and I regret it), could you then use an EIN number and the SAME exact address you had before that you got banned and sign up for it? Do you think they will ban you again? Please let me know since I would love to start it up again and this time do it all the way right.

  23. Aires says:

    As a new blogger and new to adsense I think I need to keep my blog free from banning my adsense account. Thanks to your article.

  24. saoirse says:

    Adsense banned my siterecently stating its due to invalid activity…i just want to kw whn can i apply with the same email id for adense??..hw long should i hwe 2 wait

    plz reply back to this

    tht would be honoured

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