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How I Built 20 Profitable Websites Quickly. Stages + Outsourcing + Resources

The single biggest contributor to my financial success with online business has been the amount of profitable niche websites I’ve been able to develop over time.

I currently own over 20 profitable niche websites, each of which generates income from a variety of sources such as contextual ads, private placement ads, affiliate product sales, sales of my own products as well as lead generation.

Although I have been working on what would be considered an “authority” website (outside of this blog), most of my online income is generated by the portfolio of niche sites I have established.

In this post I will discuss how I was able to quickly develop several profitable niche sites, and how you can do the same if this is a business model you want to replicate or simply add additional income streams to your portfolio. (Note: If you are interested in starting a web based business venture, consider looking for vendors with experts who can advise you on the legal ramifications associated with start-ups. One such example is SunDocument Filings.)

I started establishing niche websites while I was employed in a fairly demanding profession. I came across the SBI platform, which really educated me on how to take a topic I am passionate about and turn it into a successful online business.

When I first started, I set aside my weekends for content creation. Once I saw some success and understood how the business model works, I started to explore options through which I can expedite the process, starting with the concept to creation to marketing and all the way to monetization.

Fast forward a few years, through a rinse and repeat method, I was able to establish several profitable niche sites and in the process was able to sell a few as well for a healthy five figure sum as well (I have built and owned more sites than what I have now).

How was I able to do all this in a relatively short amount of time?

By learning the process, trying it out and proving it for myself, systematizing and automating as much as I could and then outsourcing most of it. It’s interesting how easy I am able to summarize it all in just one sentence, but the truth is that it takes time to do and really understand how all of that works and flows methodically. It is truly a method, much like an assembly line in a manufacturing business.

When I worked on my first website, I did everything myself. This is the best way to learn the process in my opinion, and really determine what works and what doesn’t. I am not saying that you have to do the same. In fact, many successful internet marketers outsource the entire process from start to finish without having done it themselves.  That route can also work, but is not the route I personally prefer.

For me to be able to successfully facilitate a project, I need to be fully comfortable and confident in what I am doing, and the only way I can achieve that comfort level is by doing something myself first.

Step by Step Process of Building Profitable Websites

So let’s break down the process of developing profitable niche websites in 5 steps.

Topic Research – The first step in the process is to research a topic that you want to establish a website on. When I established my first niche website, I made sure the topic I chose was something I was personally interested in. This is critical if you want to develop, hone and grow your business yourself.

Many people chase numbers and end up giving up the project because the passion is just not there. If and when you begin to outsource the process, passion for the topic becomes less important. That said, the content you develop for the website still has to be superb.

Topic research involves evaluating your competition online, conducting keyword research to determine what keywords to focus on that will bring the visitors / search traffic, assessing the commerciality of the topic (is there money to be made / are people paying for products and services), etc.

Personally, I like to research new profitable topics myself, but this process can be fully outsourced because it is not subjective. In other words, you can research and conclude whether or not the topic can be profitable based on factual numbers.

Website Development – I am not technical and by no means a programmer. However, the tools we have today make it easy for anyone to get up and running online quickly without being technical at all.  Here is an example of a tool that allow anyone to create a free website within minutes.  Although I know how to create websites rather quickly now, this is one part of the process I almost always outsource.

Content Creation – Content creation is another one of my favorite activities, but only for topics I am passionate about. I can only force myself to write so much about profitable topics which I have no interest in. This is an area that I have heavily outsourced throughout the years.

Marketing – Successfully marketing a website is the most challenging part of the process in my opinion because there is so much that goes into it. There are several internet marketing strategies out there and a lot of noise that goes with them. Marketing can also get rather tedious, redundant and frankly boring.

This is my least favorite part of the process, though arguably the most important for your websites to get the exposure they need to succeed. I currently outsource 95% of all internet marketing initiatives related to my niche websites (under my close direction of course).

Another approach is to focus on creating superb content and a lot of it and let the marketing happen automatically. Let others find it compelling to link to you over time.

Monetization – Ideally you want to know how exactly you will be monetizing your website before starting on the project. I am not comfortable outsourcing this aspect of my business mainly because I enjoy implementing the different monetization avenues once I have a website where I want it in terms of the traffic it’s generating.

How I Expedited Building Over 20 Profitable Websites Quickly

You likely picked up on this already from reading the above but the way I was able to expedite the process by which I established several successful niche websites over time is by leveraging competent resources who I outsourced the bulk of the work to.

What to outsource and to who?

Topic Research – I often don’t outsource this part of the process, but I have. If you are going to outsource this process, I recommend hiring a VA (Virtual Assistant) and training your VA to conduct research exactly how you do it yourself.

Most VAs are highly competent and are able to take instructions and fly with the task.  This training is best conducted face to face via programs like Skype, coupled with a short bullet point instruction list. In my experience, the best resource to find a VA capable of this tasks is Odesk.

The output of this exercise is a road map to how the website will be built and what keywords will be used to create content and later promote the website. This output, or deliverable, becomes the main “guiding document” for the rest of the project.

Web Development – This is something I almost always outsource.  I have found the best resources for development through freelancing platforms such as Odesk and Elance.  A VA can also do this for you. I like to get the shell up and running and go back later to add the beefy content once it’s created. This gives your domain URL a chance to starting aging.

Content Creation – This is usually all me for topics I am passionate about, but when I am not developing it I like to use a VA from Odesk or a freelancer from Elance depending on the specific topic I am considering. When I get content outsourced, I review it and make modifications as needed and then provide it to the web developer to include on the website.

Marketing – Once you have your website complete, up and running, it is time to promote it.  I have a couple approaches to marketing. Some of my websites are being promoted by my VAs following instructions I have specified for them, while others are being marketed by a specific SEO agency overseas who has delivered superb results in the 3 plus years I have been working with them.

Their fees are a bit steep, but worth the results they have delivered, mainly because I have them promoting some of my higher profitability niche sites. Since I recently started a local SEO firm, I am still evaluating how we can take over the promotion of these sites internally and still deliver the solid results we have been enjoying on these sites.

Monetization – Monetization is something I don’t recommend you outsource. This is a strategic business decision that is better made and implemented by you, the business owner. I discuss several means of monetization on this blog such as contextual advertisement, private ads, promoting affiliate products, selling ebooks and other digital products and more.

Concluding Thoughts

If you want to expedite your success, you will have to engage help at some point, especially if you are a working professional with limited amount of time. If you can learn what it takes to become successful, you can outsource the bulk of the execution process so that you are working ON your business and not IN your business. My business really took off when I finally grasped this concept.

Before concluding, I’d like to share some tips that have helped me along the way, many of which I have learned the hard way from the mistakes I made. I hope you can avoid the same mistakes by learning from my own experience.

I have found that technical tasks are best outsourced overseas to professionals from India. When I say technical I am referring to coding, graphic design, etc. Similarly, softer skill sets such as communication skills are best found overseas in the Philippines (at least in ways where you can take advantage of the cost of doing business). That said, there is good talent everywhere. These are just some of my takeaways based on my experience.

If you want to replicate what I’ve been able to do, the 2 biggest suggestions I have are:

1) Learn the process inside out, get comfortable with it and try it out yourself first

2) Outsource, outsource, outsource. The sooner the better. You will (as I did and many others) look back to your success and think to yourself that you shoud’ve outsourced sooner.

Everyone I know who has tried this says this. I understand that there are fears of the unknown to overcome, and one really has to be mentally prepared and conceptually ready to start outsourcing, but it really works wonders as you will see when you finally get there.

And when you are ready, there are fantastic resources available online today that you can use to find exactly the type of business partner you want to work with no matter what business model you are into. The three best resources I personally use and recommend are Odesk, Virtual Staff Finder and Replace Myself.

I have written a little bit about each one of these in my previous post on outsourcing. In addition, here are two other posts I have written about why you should hire a VA, as well as how you can leverage a VA to boost your business.

Finally, keep a spreadsheet with the entire process mapped out so you can easily go from one phase of the process to another as you progress in your business.  I maintain such spreadsheets for each of my projects, and simply update them as the process moves forward.

If  you are hesitant and reluctant to pursue outside help, I can understand how you feel as I was once there too. But I will tell you that doing so will tremendously impact your business in a positive way. You will grow leaps and bounds, and the sooner you engage help, the sooner your business partners will get to know about you and how you like to do business.

The relationships I have established have only gotten better over time, and as a result business has been streamlined and seamless. I hope that you can experience the same for yourself. If I can help address any questions, please let me know in the comments section below.

I am a user and an affiliate of all the platforms and services mentioned in this article. I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have if you are contemplating using either one of these.

Finally, a very Happy New Year to you and your loved ones. May 2013 bring more health, wealth and prosperity for you. Set your goals now, get out of your comfort zone, try something new and take bold action. Cheers to your success in 2013!

Do you have any experience outsourcing? What’s the experience been like? Is this something you feel you want to pursue? Do you want to read more about this topic? Please provide your thoughts in the comments section below.

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94 Responses to “How I Built 20 Profitable Websites Quickly. Stages + Outsourcing + Resources”

  1. Hi Sunil, an excellent post and it is good to see someone doing really well. There is a lot of work involved in keeping on top of 20 niche sites.

    Outsourcing is a great way to move forward to success and that is what sometimes holds people back, the fear of outsourcing as they are unsure of what to do, who to ask and how to spot a good trusted worker. Something you have obviously mastered. 🙂

    • Sunil says:

      having been through it so many times now I am convinced it’s more psychology than anything else. once you dive into it you get more and more comfortable. the key is to start very slow and gradually progress.

  2. I’d be nice if you did a breakdown of one of your sites in a post. As in:

    How much content you published (word count + page/post count) and over how much time.

    How much content you continue to publish to maintain traffic, if any.

    If you’re doing all the content yourself for 20 sites I’d guess most of the work involved with these sites is link building/promotion. In which case it would be interesting to know more details about that, and how much money you spend to say rank, say a $100 a month site. I know you don’t want to out the company you work with but any sort of numbers would be interesting to read. Stuff like: how long from 0 to ranked your sites take, do you spend money constantly or buy seo once and stop.

    Anyway, would be interesting to hear more about your strategy.

    • Sunil says:

      have you read my 0 to 1k report Tyler? it gets quite granular. as you know there is no one size fits all – otherwise I’d be selling my formula as if it was Coke’s. some overarching themes are as follows: 1,000 word count per page scheduled to release/ping once per day. 30+ content pieces though for some sites a lot more – this should never be an issue. create content indefinitely if you can. finding freelancers who specialize in your site’s subject matter is key if you want to expand the portfolio.
      I have some subscriptions that I pay for periodically such as my link submitter/building tool, SEO tool, directory submission tool – all of which I have talked about in this blog. other than that nothing out of the blue in terms of link building. I have been doing more social media recently however through my VAs. I will discuss this strategy more in a later post. does that help address your questions?

  3. Artur says:

    Outsourcing has been one of the best moves I have made. It has allowed me to use my strengths and outsource my weaknesses. One weakness is writing, especially on topics I know little about initially.

    As with my real estate business, the key has been to find the right people to outsource to and also knowing more or less how to do things. For instance. I can do the plumbing, but I choose not to and I know if a contractor is doing right or wrong or trying to screw me. The same goes for creating logos, building sites and or writing articles.

  4. Very inspiring post. It’s quite difficult to entrust things especially sharing confidential access information to someone out there. I guess identity verification is an important element in dealings.

    • Sunil says:

      it’s important to plan it out thoroughly. for example, when outsourcing my personal tasks such as bill payment, I ensure the VA is based outside the USA and that my bank requires multiple layers of protection when transacting in certain areas such as wires, ETFs, bill pay, etc. if you implement the right controls it can work very well

  5. Nate says:

    Hey Sunil,

    This is great, thanks! I read your ebook on building sites that make 1k/m recently and have been fascinated by the idea of monetizing niche websites ever since. I’ve started with some keyword research and have identified some keywords that get 3000+ searches, have cpc of $3.00+ and have very low competition. Do you think this is a good enough lead to built a site after? I’ve been starting to strategize my plan but am thinking about starting with 20 pages of quality content (mixed with articles that promote affiliate products) and then add 1-2 pages/week. For the marketing, i plan on relying on a lot of guest blogging and social media.

    What do you think of this plan? My goal is to create my own blueprint (like yours) for monetizing sites and then build as many as I can. And of your thoughts/help is appreciated!!



    • Sunil says:

      I like the approach Nate. couple things to consider. is the 3k global or local, is it exact or broad? here is an equation to consider:

      3k searches per month at 45% (roughly if you can get page 1 spot 1) = 1,350 eye balls per month at 2% click rate = 27 clicks at 68% of $3 (Adsense profit sharing) = $55 revenue per month. lots of variables but gives the general idea. also, you will likely get lots of other long tail traffic. this equation is only for your main/target keyword.

      keep me posted on the progress

  6. Nate says:

    Thanks for your response Sunil!

    To answer your questions, the keyword was exact match local. Sorry for not specifying before.

    I’ve been looking into it more and think im going to target a group of keywords that get 10-15K+ searches. All low competition, all ~$3/click. So if I can get ~7000 hits from my main keywords, should come out to ~300/month. To be honest, that is a bit lower than i was hoping. But, that isnt taking into account traffic from other keywords and other ways to monetize the site (affiliate article links).

    Do you think I should be targeting higher searched terms? Higher CPC? Or go with what I have?

    I was just talking about it with my parter today and we are both very eager and excited to get started. I will keep you updated on our progress!

    Thanks again,


    • Sunil says:

      yes keep us all updated. check out the authority site duel portal as well – though focused on a long term business you can use many of the ideas that have worked for the participants in it. as for your question – since you are doing niche sites, why not target both? results should speak for themselves. there is no right or wrong answer to that question.

  7. Great insight into how you got started online! I completely agree outsourcing is the only way to through fuel on the fire and ramp up quickly. But like the famous Bill Gates quote says automation applied to an inefficient system magnifies its inefficiencies. I think since the round of Google updates and raised barrier to entry for niche sites it is more important than ever to prove out your system before outsourcing it too much. Great post!

    • Sunil says:

      agreed. one should streamline a process as much as possible before outsourcing otherwise you will just create more headaches. this is one of the bigger mistakes I see people committing when first outsourcing.

  8. Sarah Park says:

    Your success story in online business is really inspiring. I know there are a lot of people who have failed in this business. But I believe that with enough knowledge, determination and skills, anyone can be successful in this business. Your story is a good example of it.

  9. Joe says:

    Great post. I could do with a few websites making money each month!

    Could you tell us more about “a specific SEO agency overseas who has delivered superb results in the 3 plus years I have been working with them”. I guess you don’t want to name them but could you give us a hint of what type of link building they are doing, or at least what type of link building you find still works in the current era?


    • Sunil says:

      Joe – contact me offline for the name, but only if you are serious. FYI: rates are now north of $400/month. we are trying to replicate the methodology locally with our small local SEO firm but hard to compete with US labor rates. I have written on link building today vs in the past – the major factors that are different are velocity and frequency. I’d be happy to answer any specific questions after you’ve read this.

  10. Working on 20 websites, I know you cannot do it alone; hence, when you said you hired a virtual assistant, I was not surprised anymore. Outsourcing is the best way to complete the job. Congratulations on making those 20 websites profitable!

  11. Outsourcing you say! Although I am not as successful as you are with your niche websites, I will have to disagree with you on the outsourcing aspect.
    I tried this and nothing but one headache after another. I attracted several “qualified” candidates I found using one of these outsourcing sites for a “new” online business venture. The time difference, communication, plus the time delay in getting a response from somebody outside the US made it a pain in the you know what!
    So, in my opinion, I would rather find somebody “local.”

    • Sunil says:

      whether local or overseas, the idea is to leverage resources to expand the time you have to invest in your business. we all have unique experiences with outsourcing. I am sorry that it didn’t work out for you Frank

  12. rahul says:

    managing 20 websites and make them running is a very brilliant job…hats off to u bro…

  13. Emily says:

    I despise marketing, too. Trying to find an affordable way to outsource at least some of it – some way that doesn’t depend on Unique Article Wizard and other massive link-building strategies that really don’t bring traffic to your site.

    If you have any suggestions, I’d be all ears!

    Also, want to share that thanks to what I heard you say on the SPI epi you were on RE SBI!, I know feel good about promoting it. I used to dis it and call it “overpriced”, but I never stayed with it long enough to find out its true value.

    • Sunil says:

      you are most welcome. you may appreciate the detailed cost study I did between SBI and putting together your own using WordPress. you will be pleasantly surprised to see the results. as far as marketing – it is a necessary evil that’s part of the process. slow and steady (frequency and velocity are the two components that have changed significantly since the algo updates) with variety wins the game, hence my preference to engage outside providers. what have you tried so far that has shown positive results?

      • Emily says:

        Thanks for the reply, Sunil. I have received some traffic/a trickle of customers from videos and article marketing. I get some traffic from blog commenting. The reason I haven’t gotten stellar results is I have not been focused and I have not done enough marketing – a combo of not liking to do it and ongoing eyestrain.

        I have finally decided where I need to focus, upped the video marketing lately (okay, I lied, I actually enjoy that kind of marketing 😉 ), and DH has told me he will be happy to publish old blog posts to article directories, so hopefully things will be looking up soon.

        • Sunil says:

          I am positive that your video marketing efforts will surprise you. please keep me updated. video marketing has brought superb results for my iPhone app business

  14. Lewis Saka says:

    you should also have a look at Spencer Haws’ site Niche Pursuits because he also has built sizable income through niche sites. His number one tool is keyword research

    • Sunil says:

      most certainly. Spencer and I talk every now and then. keyword research is great, and I used to mainly focus on it initially, but overtime have seen its results dwindle due to search algo changes. I am finding that a holistic approach to building a site/business is working better (combination of KW search and tapping other avenues of distribution such as video and audio). I will be applying this to my new authority site as well.

      • Emily says:

        Sunil, will keep you updated RE videos. Also wanted to say that is the one thing, in retrospect, that I appreciate about Ken Evoy – the methods he preaches and teaches are relatively safe from SE algorithm changes.

        • Sunil says:

          that is precisely why I feel every beginner should start with the SBI program and evolve from there. just a lot quicker to get started and start seeing results as well as learn the “right” way to do online business

  15. Chidi says:

    Hey sunil

    pls help me give a true company that pay with credit card or master card, and the ones you are using pls

    tank u

  16. I agree that understanding how the process works is very important before trying outsourcing. SBI provided that background for you (I also started with SBI). The important point I’d like to add about outsourcing is…

    Don’t over outsource. You need to weigh in the amount you make versus the amount you spend. It’s better to get into outsource a step at a time.

  17. xexu says:

    thanks for the info.

  18. Raja Naeem says:

    This is my first visit to your blog Sunil and I already learned alot. No doubt outsourcing is a great way to move forward to success and that is what sometimes holds people back, the fear of outsourcing as they are unsure of what to do, who to ask and how to spot a good trusted worker. Something you have obviously mastered.

  19. ciao Sunil,
    I’m not sure if you ever mentioned that.. although I’m reading your posts from quite a while! 🙂

    Do you ever state which are those profitable sites you created over the years? If so, where can I find them?

    The doubt that comes to my head is: how can Sunil get to create over 20 sites (!) on topics he’s passionate about? I mean… I’m an IT guy, with a quite good experience and knowledge in that field plus photography.. Also have a family now, and you know.. not so much time to even get passionate in something not related to this 🙂

    Therefore.. I don’t know if you could give me a feedback on this.. 🙂 Don’t even know if my comment sounds like a real question hehe!

    Take care,

    • Emily says:

      My 2 cents – I’m not Sunil (LOL, obviously), but you don’t have to be passionate about every single niche you put up a site about.

      Personally, I need to have at least an interest and some knowledge about the topic, or I start dying of boredom after the first three days.

      But that’s me, and I know that a lot of niche site owners create profitable sites around profitable keywords that may have to do with a topic they couldn’t care less about. It’s the challenge of getting high PRs, etc. that excites them.

      That being said, I, too, would be curious to look at a couple of Sunil’s other sites, although I totally understand why he wouldn’t want to reveal them.

      • I see Emily, thanks for your feedback.

        The point is: how can you manage to write at least 20/30 blog posts in your new niche site, if you barely know the topic you are writing about? 🙂

        I would feel quite stressed.. and maybe yes, the option of renting a VA to provide contents for you might be the best option..!

      • Sunil says:

        well said Emily. I didn’t see your response to Marco before I responded. a couple to start with:,

        • Emily says:

          LOL, I might sign up for your newsletter at the bamboo site later on; we have 5 acres we’ll be moving onto next yr, and plan to grow it.

          So that’s one of your SBI! sites – looks better than some I’ve seen.

          Just curious, Sunil – how often do you have an article added to a site to keep the traffic up? TIA.

          • Sunil says:

            that is so funny Emily. this one hasn’t had one in a while. I shoot for one a month as these are more mature sites. newer sites require a lot more and much frequently.

        • Joe says:

          Are these part of your 20 sites that make $10,000 per month?

          Is the main source of monetisation the ebook?

          Thanks for sharing them, it is great so see other people’s sites that are making money.

          How many pages to they tend to have when they start making money?

          Thanks, Joe

    • Sunil says:

      I am passionate about some, but not all. others are based purely on keyword research. my new authority site and this blog are purely passion based however. my portfolio is a mix of all – demonstrating that various angles work and there is no one single answer to such questions/dilemmas. the route you take is based on what you are wanting to accomplish near and far term. the more clarity you have on this the better you can focus on the approach that is right for YOU. as far as profitable sites, most of the ones I mentioned on this blog are profitable. feel free to shoot further questions. does that help?

  20. Thomas says:

    Thanks for the push regarding outsourcing. I keep putting it off because it sounds like a lot of work to get started finding a VA, but I know it’s an important step.

  21. Vijay says:

    can you tell us to which overseas SEO agency you are outsourcing marketing?

  22. Jim Juris says:

    Sunil, wonderful article. I really am thrilled about reading that you should find niches that you are passonate about rather than just picking niches that are big money makers that you are not passonate about.

    I feel that if you are not passonate about your business that you will not be as successful as you would be if you had a niche that you were passonate about.

    I have outsourced very little since I started selling online back in 2002. I outsourced one of my ebook covers to a former coworker. I also outsourced converting my ebooks into the proper format to sell them on Amazon in the Kindle store.

    Other than that I do everything myself. By creating my own websites and doing everything myself such as marketing, SEO and web design, I learned from my mistakes, which is a good way for me to learn.

    • Sunil says:

      not only that, but seems like you are outsourcing technical tasks that someone else can do much quicker and with better quality (and stuff you likely don’t have time or interest to learn). that’s smart Jim.

  23. I’m curious about the hosting cost when having multiple sites. For certain packages with different hosting companies they say you get unlimited domains. is that something that you have with 20 different domains, or do you have to have 20 different hosting packages.

    • Emily says:

      Mark, Sunil has some of his sites with Site Build It!, which is much pricier than your average webhosting but it comes with a lot of extra built-in features, and is great for newbies to start with who have no clue about SEO, keywords, or how to build a website.

      Then he has his other sites with another cheaper webhost company (one of those $4-$6/month types). Those sites are set up as WordPress blogs.

      You absolutely do not have to host all your sites with different companies – I have several blogs that are all with the same company, and I pay only the one small monthly fee for all of them. I could have several hundred, if I wanted.

      I see a lot of questions asked here that would be answered if y’all went to Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income blog, at, and listened to the podcast episode where Pat interviews Sunil.

    • Sunil says:

      I have many sites on SBI, each site has it’s own hosting (but I am sure on the back end SBI has several sites lumped in one server). I also have a BlueHost and GoDaddy account – and yes several domains are hosted on each hosting account

  24. Mazumba says:

    Where can I find a list of your 20 niche sites? I’d like to check them out!

  25. Sandya says:

    Thank you for the detailed post on how you took your niche sites on a path of fast growth. It’s true that to accelerate progress, outsourcing is the key.

  26. Surya says:

    Hi Sunil,

    This is uncountably inspirable. Are you installed all the websites with WordPress? I mean all the 20? if so where is the list?

  27. Mike says:

    Hey Sunil, thanks for the great post! My own sites hit $460 in profit this month nine months after I started online in a very part-time way! This is with one niche site and one affiliate site (after a few misses with some other niche sites). I’m hoping to carve out the time for a few more niche sites soon! Thanks for the encouragement!

    • Sunil says:

      $460 from 2 sites in less than a year is a very good start. how are you generated most traffic? give us an idea of the traffic each is generating? I assume one site makes money from adsense and the other from affiliate offers as you stated?

  28. Kapil says:

    G’day Sunil
    Can’t say enough about the power of outsourcing! I’m quite keen to grab the details of This SEO company you are utilising. Any chance of a private response? Cheers

  29. Hello,
    This is great, thanks! I read your ebook on building sites that make 1k/m recently and have been fascinated by the idea of monetizing niche websites ever since. I’ve started with some keyword research and have identified some keywords that get 3000+ searches, have cpc of $3.00+ and have very low competition.

  30. Len says:

    Great article, and congratulations on your success. I agree, marketing is one of the toughest things, and time consuming. But, it is needed. I have been working on a few things to improve my site and niche, I have also started outsourcing various tasks. Thanks again.

  31. Anup says:

    Hi Sunil, thanks for sharing your awesome experience with us. I’d also like to say congrats on your success. This is actually my first time visit on your blog and I’m already impressed with those wonderful articles.

    Thanks again,

  32. Vitor says:

    Hi Sunil,

    I haven’t entered the online business world yet but it’s been a while since I’m a regular reader of your blog, you are a very inspiring writer.
    I really do want to start a niche website/blog but I never pass the stage of niche selection and keyword research. I don’t know, maybe I’m a little scared to jump in because both my financial and time resources are very limited… But I want to try it anyway.
    Building an authority niche website has always been my preferred option against micro niche blogs.
    I understand that this is your opinion too and, for the sites you revealed, they are all information-based sites. What’s your opinion about making review-based authority website and do you own one?



    • Sunil says:

      a review site can be just as good if not better. the key is to demonstrate expertise, proficiency and being prolific – you must cover the latest and greatest and provide really good feedback to your readers in a way that will make them loyal to your brand. I don’t own one but there are several successful examples online.

  33. Peter Trapasso says:

    Hey Sunil,

    Great post man!

    I printed out and read the whole thing. I even implemented some of your suggestions. Here’s to more successes in 2013.



    BTW, I found this post and your blog linked from Ana Hoffman’s. Small world and awesome!

  34. Jessica says:

    Outsourcing has been one of the best moves I have made. It has allowed me to use my strengths and outsource my weaknesses. One weakness is writing, especially on topics I know little about initially.

  35. Dan says:

    Had this book marked for ages but only just got around to reading it. Glad I did because it has got my juices flowing!

    I’ve got a dormant niche site that I start way back in 2009. It’s got about 30 odd articles on it but I haven’t touched it in nearly two years. It only gets about 3000 visits in peak season but I’ve had a couple of months where it hints that it could be a high earner, surprising me on occasion.

    This could be a perfect test bed for a little outsourcing, maybe just a few articles a month just to get my eye in.

    Cheers for putting this together Suni-me-lad 😉

  36. Sohail says:

    This is not an easy job to be success in this industry.

  37. Sehrish says:

    very good info. i always found these type of earning tricks.

  38. Hi Sunil,

    Thanks for keeping a record of the work that you do, I have been a silent read up until now and have enjoyed reading your work.

    I have built a very basic website for my family hotel in Cyprus and now have the bug to continue building sites and starting monetizing them.

    I am curious to see a template of how you use spreadsheets to keep a track of/plan for the building of your niche sites. Forgive me if this question has already been asked or it is not possible but I often use excel so always curious to see how others utilise such a tool.

    Warm Regards from London (UK)


    • Sunil says:

      if you are referring to a project spreadsheet/plan document then no I have not posted a sample. it’s very simplistic really. alternatively just have a separate folder, physical or digital for each project where a spreadsheet simply dictates what task you are on and what is next as well as some dates and progress notes to keep you trucking along

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