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Real Job or Make Money Online? Does it Matter?

I was playing some pick-up basketball at the health club and this dude was part of my team.  Never seen him around, but this guy had a shooting form of an Ostrich. His name is Kent.

I swear, his shot was absolutely ugly. Uglier than Reggie Miller’s elbow and leg sticking out three pointer, uglier than Larry Bird’s over the head weirdo looking stroke, Shawn Marion, Shaquille O’Neal, you name it. This guy took the cake.

I almost died laughing each time he shot the ball, probably part of the reason why I didn’t pass him the ball all that much.  Well not consciously, but I am sure somewhere in my subconscious I was afraid to see another shot of his because I knew it would make my kidneys burst and immediately put me to the ground.

It wasn’t just me.  Several were confused between being stunned, amazed, disgusted or whatever else each time he shot the ball.  But you know what? The ball always went in.  This was the most amazing thing about his ugly form.

On the contrary, you had some players who had a stroke as smooth as Michael Jordan’s, but not the same luck. So while I and several others were absolutely disgusted at Kent’s shot, I kept thinking who really cares?

A professional basketball team would shell out millions of dollars for someone who can make a shot regardless of what the shooting form looks like.  I can tell you that I wished I could shoot as accurately as he did.  But I don’t envy his form.  But does it really matter after all?

A similar parallel can be drawn to making money online. Many Bloggers and websites owners are making a comfortable living online today, something that is not unheard of anymore.

Yet, many others (especially those with “real jobs”) frown upon this way of making money, or better yet a proper living. Not sure they realize how much effort goes into generating a comfortable living from online endeavors?

So what if the Blogger has a more laidback lifestyle than they do, or lower stress levels, or can go to the gym anytime during the day, work in their PJs, drive a nicer car, go to bed anytime, wake up anytime, make more money, so what?  Still not good enough apparently for some.  Heaven help – What does a blogger got to do?

The funny thing is that I am willing to bet that many of those that despise secretly envy and wished they had the same “freedom” and “flexibility” in life.  But why don’t many come out of the closet cleanly and openly admit that?

My question is, does form over substance really matter? How much? Why? Why not?

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4 Responses to “Real Job or Make Money Online? Does it Matter?”

  1. Nigel Chua says:

    Hahahahah I totally understand that! When i was in school, there was this weird guy as well, and the way he play, and the antics he carried, it was like a monkey was on the court, with a plastic face and a perpetually open mounth, slitty eyes – you get the picture. And yes, he almost always get the ball in. Another one i can recall too, a totally gross looking guy but functions very well as a 3-pt artillery as his shots were 80-85% accuracy. Once you get past the demeanors, you can utilize their strengths and play the game according to their strengths. =)

    Perhaps people are socially conditioned. That’s why they behave in such a manner. Hmm. I’m talking about making more money, not just about making money online though.

  2. Yes many people are programmed from birth to go to college, get a job and sell their hours for dollars, making money any other way is unheard of!

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