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The Authority Site Duel Challenge Rules of Engagement

Here are the rules if you are contemplating participating in the Authority Site Duel

Skip straight to the bottom if you just want the rules

Task on Hand/Goal:

  • To establish an authority site in one’s field of experience, expertise, knowledge and/or undying passion.
  • Ultimate goal of product creation/service offering to demonstrate true expertise. This is beyond just your micro niche site that thrives on affiliate and ad revenue. Most niche sites are not suited for product creation (all authority sites should be or strive to be).


  • Separates the serious from the curious. While a niche site can literally be put together in a day and anyone good with WordPress can do it, an authority site isn’t for everyone. Many attempt a niche site and i.e. 3 months into it quit because things are not panning out. An authority site is not a short term endeavor – persistence and perseverance are more important than ever (motive is pure passion first, and not monetization).
  • Participants can synergize, learn and share what works vs what doesn’t. Get inspiration/motivation.
  • Followers can learn how a solid long term and sustainable online business can be created step by step for free (worth several thousand dollars if a class was taken) – they can ask questions/comment on posts/updates etc, and see others in similar niches/pursuits earn solid income online.
  • Learn all sorts of ways to promote a website/online business. Beyond having more content and a higher level of expertise, there’s a lot more that goes into an authority site: social media interaction, networking with similar sites/blogs, etc.

Rules of Engagement:

  • Must have started in the last 6-8 months, but not complete yet. Brand new sites ok too. Domains may be older (some people just hold on to them or buy them).
  • Must not have earned any money yet (early stages is fine or anything under $500 to date).
  • Site must be very targeted on a specific authoritative topic.
  • Must be written from a practical, first-hand (own experience/expert) perspective, hence the authority.
  • No authority sites about general internet marketing/making money online (nothing wrong with it, just not for this challenge).
  • You must reveal the site’s URL in the introductory post for full transparency (you may or may not reveal income depending on your comfort level).
  • Everyone sends in an update (link to where they document the update) and it will be posted on the duel page during its periodic updates.

Good Luck!


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