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How to Save $200 on Car Insurance

I got the saving fever.  Two back to back posts on savings from me. Now that’s a first. This quick one is about how to save on car insurance (again I guess).

No, not again a GEICO commercial.  I heard that you can save approximately $200 a year on car insurance if you are 55 years of age or older if you take a senior driving education class.

Insurance companies offer various discounts for safety features.  Safety features not only include the alarm and airbag on a car, but also the driving record and knowledge of the driver.  For that reason, many insurance companies have been giving discounts to drivers 55 yrs old or above who pass a brief driver safety education program.

The course is only 8 hours long and doesn’t cost much to take.  There are shorter classes available at 4 hours each.  These can be taken online as well.  If you are going to save $200 a year ($1,000 in 5 years), then paying the small course fee is like giving away candy.  It is a no brainer.

If you want to know more or verify this information, I suggest you contact your insurance agency.  You can also run a simple search on Google for “senior driver’s education”.

DiversEd offers excellent courses at a great price. Check them out here.  Taking the course today will save you hundreds in the coming months.

You may not be 55 years old (young), but I am sure you know a few? Maybe a parent? A neighbor? Someone at work?

Forward them this post.  I am sure they will appreciate the quick read and more so the $200 they will be saving every year.  Hey $200 is a lot of wine bottles!

Any cool / unconventional tips on how to save on car insurance?

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2 Responses to “How to Save $200 on Car Insurance”

  1. I never hear of that policy! I’m going to tell my parents!

    Thanks for the great car insurance cost saving tip 🙂

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