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Shop Smart, Save Big With These Insider Tips

Expediting the wealth creation process starts by saving. When you are able to save more, you are able to keep more and deploy your savings to earn more to build wealth with over time. This article from Brittany is a great reminder about the various day to day purchases where we can save some money. She is on a mission to help people find the best savings. With tips on everything from couponing to sweepstakes, Brittany makes saving money easy and fun. Hope you find this article beneficial in your journey to save more and expedite your wealth creation. 

Shopping. The dreadful word for everyone’s wallet. The reality is, it does not have to be break your bank. You can actually save big bucks if you do it right. A great way to start is using online deals and coupon codes. There are loads of them out there on various websites like Groupon, and they’re free. Yes, I said ‘free’. Below are a set of tips to help you build wealth through tactfully buying the things you need on the cheap!

Health and Beauty

In the ever changing world, we all want to stay young and healthy. The immediate thought is doing so will break the bank. Healthy living and eating is almost always associated with a big budget. Vitamins and supplements are some of the most expensive. Don’t forget hair and makeup, and heaven forbid you catch a nasty cold. Walgreens often offers some of the best deals available with buy 1, get 1 offers, clearance items, and coupon codes for up to 70% off the clearance price.


It really is where the heart is! Especially for those who like to throw get-togethers or Fung Shui it up. However, adding little touches like a fire pit or fancy curtains can be so very expensive. One of the best ways to build-up your home and make it a bit brighter is to literally do it yourself. You can add sweet touches, and cool appliances for less. Try Home Depot’s Groupon offers. Like $150 off tools, or $300 off appliances, daily deals with up to 50% off, and don’t forget free shipping on some items when you buy online. You can also search a site like Coupon Sherpa for coupons to stores like Pier 1 and World Market.

Clothes and Apparel

Dressing yourself for success can really put a dent in your budget. We’ve all dreaded buying that $200 pair of sneakers, or the business attire for three hundred bucks–and that’s just one outfit or item. Avoid emptying your savings account by looking at stores like Nordstrom, Forever 21, Sports Authority and Sears. Nordstrom offers designer styles up to 70% off, free gifts with beauty purchases, and free shipping on certain orders. When you save the $13.99 it costs to send you those UGG boots, you’ll thank me.

Sports Authority also offers deals on designer yoga wear, fitness clothes and shoes. Forever 21 is ‘the’ place to stock up on ways to accessorize with trendsetting style, and Sears is your one stop place for the whole family–all with deep discount Groupon coupons and promo codes.


Sometimes it’s good to get outta dodge. Ever dream of putting the top back on your convertible and driving cross country like Thelma and Louise? You can totally do it without feeling like you’re on a weekend at Bernie’s. Car rentals are a good way to maintain your own vehicle while going on the trip or getaway of a lifetime, or travelling to that business conference for the networking you’re dying to do. Check out Fox Rent A Car coupons on Groupon for disgustingly amazing deals!


From anniversaries, birthdays, holidays and special occasions gift giving can get really expensive. Saying something sweet to the one’s you care for with unique items can also be hard, especially when you’re not really sure what they’d like. Think: Calendars, Books, Cards, Prints and more! Shutterfly is like a one-stop shop for all things sweet, sentimental, personal and amazing! With free offers, up to 50% in savings on gifts, and free shipping–you can’t go wrong with gift giving here.

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