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Welcome to The Extra Money Blog!

You are here because you are interested in expediting your wealth creation through passive income opportunities, online business, blogging and even offline projects.

Whether you are working full time and want to establish an extra little bit of income on the side, or whether you want to quit your job and work online full time, my hope is that the information on this blog will help you do just that. It certainly helped me.

All the topics on this blog are related to your money; making more of it, saving it, investing it, growing it and protecting it all by working smarter, not harder. The good news is that you can do all that in your spare time without having to quit your job unlike what many Internet Marketers will tell you.

I have personally built multiple streams of passive and residual income while maintaining a full time successful six figure salary corporate career. You can see some of my earnings here.

You can sign up for my updates through the form below. When you sign up, you will immediately get my free report on “How to Establish a $1,000 a Month Passive and Residual Income Stream All in Your Spare Time in Less than 180 Days!”

While not a Guru by any means, I have experimented with several methods that have worked for me. The blog focuses a lot on long term wealth building opportunities that are “passive” in nature, which means you work hard now for a little bit to enjoy the tremendous rewards later on. You won’t find get rich overnight ideas here, but I promise you that I will share with you everything that has worked (and not so you can learn from my failures) for me.

Many readers of this blog are successful professionals who already have decent jobs but want to get ahead financially further and faster in life. Some want a more luxurious retirement, others want a sooner retirement, some others want to quit the 9 to 5 routine to gain the freedom and flexibility they seek in life and some just want to keep a successful and decent paying career but at the same time make extra money on the side.

Whether that is an extra $1,000 per month or $10,000 or even more, it is totally possible.

Below are some articles that you can get started with before exploring the blog on your own.

Note: Skip these articles and scroll down if you are interested in making money through one of the various methods listed below.

Here are Some Foundation Articles I Recommend You Read

Making Money Through Websites – Making Money Online

A bulk of my online income is generated by a portfolio of websites which I have established over time. Each website ranks on page one of search engines for its relevant key terms and thus attracts a ton of traffic and advertising revenue all on a passive basis.

Making Money from Affiliate Marketing Online

Affiliate Marketing is one of my biggest methods of generating income online. I have detailed the process of making money through affiliate marketing in a step by step manner in a free report that you can get by signing up for my blog updates (sign-up form above as well as to the top left of the blog).

I encourage you to follow the sequence of the articles above which will get you well acquainted with The Extra Money Blog and demonstrate how I am generating income online. I recommend you go through these articles in order.

Making Money from Real Estate Investing

In addition to investing in the traditional stock and bond markets, I invest a good portion of my online earnings in real estate. I like acquiring newer, quality properties at significantly undervalued prices and rent them out to quality responsible citizens. Real estate is “real” in that it is a physical, tangible asset that I can see, smell, touch, feel and make physical use off immediately.  From a financial perspective, real estate has tremendous benefits. Most of the wealth generated in this world has been generated from some form of real estate  investing.  The following articles should help you get started:

Making Money from Investing in a Small Business (Brick & Mortar)

I have written about my experience investing, running and now passively managing a small brick and mortar business in my community. You may be interested in reading this article if you are interested in establishing a small business as well.  This is not my bread and butter, but a means to further diversify my income stream portfolio.

Building a Successful E-commerce Business

In 2005 I founded an e-commerce business which I sold in 2007 for $250,000 to a top Ebay Power Seller.  This was my first “big success” online, which opened up the flood gates to where  I stand today.  You can read about my experiences with E-commerce here.

Contacting Me

I’d be happy to answer your questions and help you. If you need to get a hold of me, you can contact me in several different ways through my Contact page. In addition, I’d like to point you to two of the most visited sections of my blog:

Please don’t ever hesitate to contact me if I can be of help. I read every single email I get and respond to every single comment on my blog. I remember how frustrating it was to be ignored when I was first starting out. I want us all to succeed.

Again, welcome to the blog. This blog has been made a tremendous success only because of readers like you. I have no doubt you will succeed if you have made it this far. And since you have, stop by my Facebook Fan Page and say Hi. I’d love to connect and talk to you more.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to make this page better to help other new visitors to the blog.

All the best to you,


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