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Why Your Startup Needs to Hire Ghostwriters

Websites need content and not all site owners are writers. Some do not have a clue as to what a proper post should look like or sound like. This is why ghostwriters exist. Ghostwriters work on their own schedules and specialize in specific niches to provide website owners with exceptional content.

Competitive Rates

Ghostwriters are also freelancers, which means that they work hard for a paycheck. When work is slow or their clients are on a break, they need work. They will reduce their personal rates often and negotiate to get that gig because it could lead to something steady for a period of time.

As a startup it is still best to offer the best pay that you can. Even though ghostwriters do need the work, there are plenty of other opportunities out there. When you find a ghostwriter that matches the style and tone of your website, keep them and pay them well.  If you need help negotiating pricing you will find a guide here.

Versatility of Skills

With the amount of competition out there, it is hard to bid on private jobs. This is one reason that ghostwriters have to have versatility. They have to be able to match the style and tone of another writer; they have to be able to write on more than one topic and have to be willing to work outside of traditional business hours. This versatility is priceless and takes time to develop.

Once a writer has these qualities, they are more valuable to website owners. They have an understanding of what the public wants to read and completely grasp how to deliver it the proper way.

Better Availability

One of the benefits of ghostwriters is that their availability is far different from those that work for companies directly. Most ghostwriters and freelancers are available on short notice and on-demand. Those that are fast, high-quality writers are often able to fit in small pieces without putting deadlines in jeopardy.

This is beneficial for start-up websites because the idea for a post or the requirement for a press release can come up quickly. Searching through a pool of writers and sending content back for revisions is not ideal, so work with a dedicated ghostwriter that understands that some needs may be immediate.

Ideal Formatting

Independent, freelance and ghostwriters stay up-to-date on proper formatting techniques. This is so that they can remain in-demand and provide relevant content for their clients. Formatting articles and content in a way that the general public wants to read them is important.

Google is also cracking down on formatting. These writers take the time to read the changes and updates to Google content policies to prevent their clients from dealing with penalties and from having content removed.

Flexibility in Writing Voice

Every writer has a voice that is all their own, a style that is just theirs. This is often set aside to appease clients. Putting their own voice and style into articles while still delivering the requested content is a great talent. Many ghostwriters also have the ability to leave their own tone and style out of content in order to deliver the right words for the readers. It is difficult to switch from writing a conversationally toned piece to something technical in nature.

Better, More Relevant Content

When ghostwriters provide content to startup websites, and even established ones, they put their heart into each piece. The topic may not always be their strong suit, but they’ll do the research and hit the nail on the head. Pleasing the clients to keep them coming back with more content needs is what a ghostwriter strives for. Sometimes a ghostwriter is better for a piece than a specialized niche writer, simply because they have a different approach to the topic and can convey an alternative point of view to your readers.

Do not be afraid of working with a ghostwriter if you are a startup website. You can find writers through an article writing service.  These writers will provide you the content that your readers desire. When requesting a piece, be specific. The more direct you are with the instructions, the better the piece will be. It helps writers to know exactly what the website owner requires and desires for their readers. Finding the right ghostwriter takes a little time, but you’ll mesh perfectly when you find that perfect writer.

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