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The Truth About Paid Survey Companies

Have you ever wondered about the legitimacy of paid survey companies?  Why are they sending you low paying offers?  Are you ever going to make the money you hear people (including me) say they make from paid surveys?

Market research is a gigantic industry with billions of dollars poured into it every year. Like any relationship, the folks involved take time getting to know each other.

Paid survey companies are no different.  These companies are trying to get a feel for you initially.  How? By keeping track of how much you respond to their emails asking you to fill out a survey or do an offer and the information you provide.

It is important to provide consistent information as companies will know when you are dishonest because they track your responses and trend them over time.  Remember, these companies are paying you money so they want to make sure they are paying it to only the serious participants.

With the use of sophisticated analytical tools, these paid survey companies know how often you open their emails and complete surveys.  When you first start out, you will receive all kinds of low paying surveys.

It’s just a matter of time however before you starting seeing the $10 – $25 surveys come your way.  But a lot lies on your shoulders in terms of whether those offers will come your way.  Your frequency of survey taking, honesty, consistency in responses, and the information on your profile (that you fill in) makes a big difference on how much you can make per survey.

You might also be getting a lot of sweepstakes offers.  That is fine. Keep doing them.  Remember, these paid survey companies are testing you.  Once they start trusting you they will send you the tastier goodies.

Realize that most people who start out taking surveys don’t stick to them in the long term and therefore never see the good stuff.  If I remember correctly, it took me close to 8 months (I think) of doing surveys and referring others before I received my first survey that paid more than $25.

Quick Tip:  Pay Attention to Forums Discussing Paid Survey Companies

Some of the survey sites that have been around for a while have active forums where survey takers discuss all kinds of things.  These are invaluable resources and full of gems. Take some time to explore them. CashCrate has one of the most robust forums with excellent user participation.

There is a ton of free, tried and tested information that can help you.  For example, you will come to know about the easiest and highest paying offers. You can also ask questions and get responses from people who have “been there and done that” or are doing it like you.

It’s all right there.  Take advantage of everything you can. Long live the Internet!

Here is my list of the top paid survey companies.

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4 Responses to “The Truth About Paid Survey Companies”

  1. I used to work in marketing (three years ago), and we used to employ these types of companies. Within the last two years I have done one focus group (in person) for $125, and I also do MyPoints where I “get paid to read emails”. It is 5 points per email, and at 1500 points, I send away for a $10 CVS gift card. This keeps me in the Drugstore game without spending my own money, so I see it as an asset!

  2. carri says:

    i thought paid surveys were a scam. i have paid for programs.i started getting discouraged because i wasnt making the 25 dollars a hour that they talk about! help ! sunil!

    • Sunil says:

      Welcome Carri – no paid surveys are not a scam. You just need to ensure you are working with the right companies, as well as executing all the steps necessary to get the cash out. Missing just one step in the process can cause non payment.

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