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Tools that I Utilize to Build and Market Niche Content Websites

A very common and repetitive question I have received over email and in personal interaction has been the kinds of tools that I use to build and market my content websites.

Some of these resources are not tools to be used per-se.  Rather, they are programs and tutorials I have used to self-teach myself what I know today.  These resources are the best that I have come across.  Take that from someone who has thrown away a fair amount of money over the years on products and services that are over-hyped and under perform.

I have been working on internet based projects for a few years, and this is my attempt to list out just some of the helpful tools and resources I have used to build profitable content websites.  I will do my best to come back to this list and update it as necessary. But for a more comprehensive list of resources, I have compiled a detailed resources section here with reviews of various tools that I use.

I generally do not recommend products and services that I have not personally tried and happy with.  Below, I will explain why I use these tools and the commonalities between all of them.

The Most Effective Online Tools & Resources  to Build Profitable Niche Content Websites

  • WordPressSome of my niche sites (and this blog) are built on the free WordPress platform. WordPress is a relative quick solution to getting a website up, one that is worked on by thousands of developers worldwide given its open source technology. This tool is FREE.
  • Site Build It! – Founded by world renown Dr. Ken Evoy, this suite of tools is the single stop for beginners to get online in a jiffy and begin working on their business immediately.  All the technicalities and complexities are handled for you. All the components and tools necessary to succeed are not only provided, but already integrated so that you can start working on building profitable niche content websites from day one.  See what average individuals with above average results are saying about SBI here.

Note: Some of my SBI sites get more traffic and are more profitable than my WordPress sites. I attribute this difference to SBI’s built in technology that works wonders behind the scenes like none other. This tool has a cost.

    • Thesis – This is the WordPress theme that this blog and my niche sites are designed with.  If you are going to build a niche site on WordPress, I recommend getting the Thesis theme.  Aside from ease of use, a tremendous benefit the Thesis theme offers is the search engine optimization (SEO) capabilities built within  the theme.

    You can read how Thesis can specifically help you here. SEO has been a challenge for websites due to the convoluted coding and plug-ins.  With Thesis, the coding is streamlined and simplified to a point where your site reads as clean as a fresh towel. With Thesis, you can assure that search engines will pick up your content and will be able to index you in search rankings whenever web surfers are searching the internet for your website’s topic.

    You can watch some demo videos of how Thesis looks & works here. This tool has a cost.

      • GoDaddy – You might have heard the name from them steamy Super Bowl commercials.  I still have some websites developed the old fashion way where the domain, emails, hosting, and some other components had to be bought separately. I recommend GoDaddy if you want to go this route. The prices for these standard products are reasonable and the customer service is superb.  You can reach a rep anytime, anyplace. Costs vary depending on tools purchased.
      • Traffic Travis – This is a search engine optimization checker tool for niche sites built on the WordPress platform. This tool ensures every page of your website is as optimized as it could be without incurring search engine penalties. This will give your niche site the best chance to rank higher for its targeted keywords. There is a free version you can use.
      • OnlyWireThis is a social bookmark aggregator that bookmarks any given URL to multiple social bookmarking sites. Instead of logging in to 25 different sites, you can use this tool to easily and quickly bookmark your niche site’s web pages on all your social networks and sharing sites.  They have a free as well as a paid version. Many use this to bookmark new webpages they create to avoid duplicate content penalties when they start marketing their niche websites. There is a free version you can use.
      • Market Samurai – This is the single best stand alone keyword research tool in the market. You can use this software to research profitable niches as well as all the profitable keywords within those niches. The tool also researches the overall competitiveness of the niche. Further, you can track how each of your targeted keywords / webpages are performing on the internet. There is a free trial version you can download and use immediately.
      • Google Adwords Keyword Tool – This is a free keyword research tool provided by Google as part of the –Adwords program.  You can manually research profitable niches and keywords using this tool. The tool works very well, especially considering that it is free. However, it is not nearly as effective nor efficient as Market Samurai. This resource is free.
      • The Best Spinner – This program is highly effective in spinning articles quickly, enabling you to create numerous spun versions of the same article for marketing purposes. It’s not perfect, but it is the best one I have tried. I use this to spin my articles when engaged in article marketing. It’s a huge time saver and you won’t have to worry about duplicate content penalties when you use it. This tool has a cost.
      • Unique Article WizardThis is one of the most effective tools I own and one that I pay quite a bit for. After trying one article submitter after another, I found this to be the best in the market. Each article is manually reviewed to ensure top quality.  The price is a bit steep, but you totally get what you pay for and MUCH more.
      • Easy PLR Private Label Articles – This is a turnkey service that provides you with quality articles that are ready to go. You don’t have to worry about duplicate content with Easy PLR. You purchase the articles, optimize them to your liking and then post them on your website. This is one easy way to grow your niche site and thus the income it generates. Cost varies on volume purchased.
      • Niche Profit Classroom – A very good training program that teaches how to establish profitable niche content websites.  The program covers the entire spectrum, from finding a profitable niche, keyword research, execution, marketing and monetization. Adam Short, the founder of NPC has over 100 profitable websites across all niches and currently focuses on helping others do the same.  Here is a video by Adam that explains the concept in more detail. This resource has a cost.
      • Aweber – The single best and most effective email newsletter marketing program. Aweber is the most cost effective and best in deliverability rates (penetration of email to subscribers’ inboxes rather than their junk and trash folders). This is the program I use with this blog to deliver my latest posts and newsletters to you on auto-pilot.  The analytics capability is second to none.  A newsletter tool like this one can really take the performance of niche content websites to the next level. You can read about the multiple ways to use this tool here. This tool has a cost.

      The Overarching Theme

      There are several commonalities among these products that appeal to me.

      Each one of these products is backed with excellent customer support and service.  As a beginner, knowing that there is always going to be someone to support you and answer your questions and address your concerns is critical to any product or service.  I don’t touch anything I am not comfortable with.

      All are very user friendly and easy to use.  Nothing appears intimidating in any of these.  You can get all your work done with simple point and click, drag and drop technology.  If you ever run into a wall, you can always resort to the excellent customer service that each one of these vendors offers.

      A very important decision factor for me is the joy in using these resources.  Most tools can become very frustrating when you are having difficulty getting something done the way you want.  Each one of these however is just so much fun, never giving you the feeling that you are working.  I have very rarely gotten frustrated from using any of these when building niche content websites.

      All of the resources were developed keeping the end-user in mind, as if they are meant specifically to help beginners.  The method of instruction is simple and very easy to follow.  The technology is seamless and operates in the background without you even knowing or seeing it.

      No coding is necessary (I am not a programmer!).  If you can plan and strategize, these resources are merely tools that will enable you to materialize your vision in as efficient and effective a manner as possible.

      Now for the ultimate kicker.  Take some time to research the names and investments that are behind and backing up these resources.  The caliber of individuals behind these is simply tremendous.

      Each resource is designed after a proven methodology backed with the “been there done that” experience.  The founders are extremely credible, all who have succeeded at what they sell multiple times over.

      Other than saving you light years in time, frustration and automating the world for you, what does all this mean to you from a dollars and cents perspective?

      I will let you decide that.  All I can tell you is that from what I have been able to learn and achieve as a result of utilizing these resources, I simply cannot put a price tag on what I have gained. The benefits have been invaluable for me.

      Knowing what I know today, I’d be willing to pay several times over the asking price if I had to do it all over again.  These resources are priced extremely well, much lower than other hyped up products online that underperform.

      These resources are not backed with millions of dollars of marketing spend, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t heard of them before.  These are the needles in the haystack, and ones that are widely used purely as a result of word of mouth.

      Each one has a massive support community often in shape of discussion forums.  I can’t express to you how much I have gained from these communities.  The forums alone are worth much more than the price of the entire resource itself.

      I am very much appreciative of what these resources have been able to do for me.  I certainly hope my attempt to consolidate all the effective tools and resources that I use and that have helped me in my journey has been useful for you too.

      I welcome the opportunity to address any further questions or reservations you might have about any of these?

      Readers: What are some of the better tools you have used to build profitable niche websites?  Do you have other good ones to add to the list from your experience?


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      14 Responses to “Tools that I Utilize to Build and Market Niche Content Websites”

      1. kavita says:

        i am house wife and want to start a website through which i can earn .i have been reading your articles and love them.i would like to ask you from where should i start SBI OR NICHE PROFIT CLASSROOM?AND IS IT LEGAL TO USE SOMEONE ELSE’S WRITTEN ARTILCLE S AND USE IT ON YOUR WEBSITE LIKE PLR PRIVATE LABEL ARTICLES AND UNIQUE ARTICLE WIZARD?and what exactly is market samurai and auto blog samurai?please help me as i really need assistance and i don’t have anyone to advice me.thanks

        • Sunil says:

          hi Kavita – welcome to the blog

          SBI and NPC both provide excellent training, but NPC will not give you the tools to execute. for a newcomer SBI is def the way to go no doubt. while you cannot use others’ content, you can use PLR if you tweak it a bit to fit your own style. I have a post coming up on PLR soon. UAW is a submission / syndication service which I use for article marketing. market samurai is a KW research tool, but SBI provides you with one so no need to get it separately. if you are creating sites from scratch, market samurai may help you.

          I encourage you to read my resources section and learn how I personally use each of these tools.

          hope that helps!

      2. chike orji says:

        l’m about to put what l learn here into practice by starting a niche website and monetize it with adsence but how ill l avoid ”Google annoyance” knowing they sometimes close once account because these niche websites or are mine reasoning wrongly?.

        • Sunil says:

          Chike, I have written about how to create multiple Adsense accounts. that said, the best advice is to read, understand and follow all of Google’s guidelines.

      3. chike orji says:

        SBI . l just check this guys it’s seen that they have exactly what l’m looking for or are they just bragging?.

        waiting your reply


        • Sunil says:

          I have been using SBI since 2008 with very good success. my recommendation is to read as much as you can about them, talk to others who are using it (I’d be happy to answer specific questions) and make a decision. they have a money back policy so there is not much to lose if you want to give it a try.

      4. chike says:

        Thanks for your honest opinion l ill give it a trial, operating since 2001 that shows they are delivery good result.l’m just wondering build up a site on one place both registering and hosting if incase any thing happen to the company one’s business just crash? hahaha! “to eat an egg one must break a shell’.

        • Sunil says:

          that is always a risk you will run into unless you engage in actively backing up your work, which most platforms allow you to do today. but like I said, you can always make a switch and migrate if you are not content

      5. I really enjoyed your article on tools to use to make niche content websites. The above mentioned ecommerce website ( I created nearly 4 months ago. Now it is page 1 and second website for long time but it makes nothing sales. Still I am finding the reasons why I am unable to make the sales from the website.

        Is it possible to help me on this?

        Thank you for your nice information.

        R. Manimaran

        • Sunil says:

          Manimaran, I have consulted several ecomm website owners on this issue. Have you read my article on how I started and sold my ecommerce business for $250,000? I highly recommend you read it – some great insights there

      6. Hi Sunil,

        I found you on Gilbert’s blog on 45 Experts post. I’m a little confused about the PLR because you should re-write all PLR, unless it is written specifically for you to post on your blog.
        Do you use Best Article Spinner for that PLR?
        Site Build It is intriguing to me and sounds good.
        I use AWeber, GoDaddy and a couple of others and certainly could not do without them.
        Thanks for your comprehensive list
        Geri Richmond

        • Sunil says:

          Hi Geri – if you’re using PLR, I suggest modifying them and customizing them for your topic/audience. if you are using PLR for promotion, or in newsletters, many times you can get away w/o modifications. however using them as site / blog content involves more modification. does that help? what other questions can I help with?

      7. Daniella says:

        Hi Sunil

        I would like to try SBI , can you tell me if they have tools similar to wizard article and the best spinner? Or other tools that works the same way?
        English is not my first language and I didn’t have the gifted to write articles
        I know that there is a lot of software tools out there that can help with high quality articles , but the question is , is SBI use those tools or they just gives you PLR article?
        For me it’s very important to know this before I begin the training.
        Thank you

        • Sunil says:

          hi Daniella – English is not my first either! SBI is a platform where you build your business, and it includes a coaching/teaching program that takes you step by step. it is not an article marketing tool, nor does it give you PLR articles. I hope I understood your question correctly? email me privately. I can share some other info as well that may be of help

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