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Why is my Blog’s Search Engine Optimization SEO So Good?

Although I have made a significant amount of money online from various internet based business models, blogging is relatively new to me as I launched this blog late in July, 2010. So today I’d like to discuss my blog SEO efforts.

You wouldn’t know that however if you saw my Alexa ranking, the daily visitor traffic I get, as well as the readership (or RSS subscribers) I have amassed in just the last few months.

Alexa Ranking

Although not an exact science in my knowledge and opinion, Alexa is the best gauge we have to benchmark websites.  The lower this number, the better your website is perceived in terms of popularity or visitor traffic.

My one month average Alexa rank is well within the 100,000 range.  That is incredible – at least for me. Scroll down to the bottom of this blog to view my Alexa rank.

Visitor Traffic & Subscribership

My unique visitor traffic on a daily basis now starts from 1,000 and upward, and the trend is on a steep incline.

Because of the recent barrage of traffic, I am getting a significant amount of subscribers to my blog as well.  The fact that I work hard on good quality content and provide a valuable free report are contributing factors in turning visitor traffic into blog subscribership.

Note: My free report discusses how to make a $1,000 per month passive income stream in just 180 days all in your spare time.  You can access it here.  You can see my subscribership count (or number of readers) towards the top of the blog.

Here is a trend chart showing daily unique visitor count since the inception of the blog:

Extra Money Blog Traffic Chart

Where Does My Traffic Come From?

Without visitors to my blog, my Alexa rank wouldn’t be as high as it is, nor would I have so many subscribers to my blog.  Therefore, visitor traffic is the underlying requirement of a successful blog.

Of all the resources that send traffic to my blog, search engines are the primary contributors.  This means that my blog is being found on search engine search results when web surfers are searching for information contained in my blog.

But why is MY blog being found in searches out of the millions of others online?  This is because the internet is a big game of keywords.  The more optimized your blog is for keywords that web surfers are using in searches, the higher your blog will appear in search engine search results.

The best thing is that traffic is FREE (also referred to as organic traffic). In other words, I am not paying for visitors to land on my blog.  They are finding ME.

Here is a brief summary of my traffic breakout:

Extra Money Blog Traffic Breakout

Why Aren’t Most Blogs Successful in Attracting Visitor Traffic?

Most blogs don’t achieve this kind of success, and of those that do, many do not as fast as I have been able to.  Aside from just a handful of guest posts, I have done zero marketing for my blog. All traffic generated by my blog is organic traffic resulting from solid blog SEO efforts.

Among many other reasons other blogs are not able to replicate my success is because their design is fundamentally flawed from an SEO perspective to begin with.  Those that are not flawed simply don’t know how to leverage blog SEO and benefit from it.

When I say design, I am referring to how the blog is put together architecturally.  Most blogs are loaded with “plug-ins” left and right. In addition, their code is so convoluted that search engine spiders get lost in them and are not able to effectively crawl and index their blog and posts within.

Why is My Blog SEO So Good?

The reason my blog SEO is solid is because I use the Thesis wordpress theme.  The Thesis theme was specifically designed with SEO in mind, giving blogs that use it the best chance to succeed with free, organic search traffic.

I am not programmer, coder or techie.  My background is in accounting and finance, and I don’t know how to code until today (just some basic self taught HTML tags).  What I do know is that blog SEO can be as simple as populating 3 key fields each time you write a blog post.  I learned this after I was introduced to the Thesis theme and started using it.

See, the Thesis back-end has a SEO module that looks like this:


SEO Module in the Thesis WordPress Theme

Notice the three basic fields:  Title (your blog post title), a brief description, followed by a list of keywords relevant to your post.

All you have to do is populate these three key fields with keywords you want to be found for.  Make sure you are also using those keywords in the actual post as well.  Providing that you do this consistently, you will notice tremendous benefits from an SEO perspective.

I don’t want you to think that it is absolutely necessary to get Thesis to make blog SEO work for your blog.  Thesis costs $87.  Many bloggers build their own blogs with various other SEO modules.  For a non-techie newbie like me however, Thesis is the best way to go.

My time is extremely valuable to me, as is my convenience.  Why spend valuable time and resources recreating the wheel when I can get a turn-key solution and focus on what I do best – write for my blog?

Again, this is not to say that you cannot achieve my type of success without Thesis, but the process is certainly more complicated (in my opinion) and you have higher chances of bucking up if you are a newbie like me.

Concluding Thoughts

Whether or not you use a paid solution, keep in mind that blog SEO is critical if you want your blog to appear high in search results and benefit from free search engine traffic.

If you are building your own blog, make sure you incorporate SEO components into its design.  Otherwise, I highly recommend paying a small fee for a turn-key solution like Thesis and getting started with blogging.

You can hear more about blog design and SEO directly from the Horse’s mouth. Visit the Thesis website and watch the video on their home page.  It explains why the Thesis design is used by some of the biggest names in the blogosphere.

Pay particular attention to why Thesis is so advantageous from an SEO perspective.

How is your blog SEO?  What strategies have worked for you?  What haven’t?

Read more of my thoughts on blog SEO here.

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20 Responses to “Why is my Blog’s Search Engine Optimization SEO So Good?”

  1. I just started working harder on my SEO, and I’m starting to see the benefits! I don’t quite have 1,000 visitors a day like you, but I can definitely see an improvement.

    You do always have quality content with your posts, and I always appreciate reading it!

  2. sharell says:

    I use Thesis for my blog and am very happy with it… I wouldn’t use anything else. The newest version 1.8 makes customising it so easy as well. The developers really have put a huge amount of effort into Thesis. I consider it well worth the money. 🙂

  3. Sunil says:

    That is very true Sharell, as easy as WordPress is to use, the Thesis theme makes it even better. The main reason I pursued it however is the SEO capabilities and the clean and light coding in the back-end which has its own set of benefits.

  4. Either you are the most amazing salesperson in the world, or you are doing something (s) very right! I believe the latter! Awesome job. How long does it take to get thesis going on a blog for a non techie?

    • Sunil says:

      Thank you Barb. I wished I was better at sales. We all are internet marketers selling something to some degree as long as we operate in the online space.

      I am a non techie myself, I was on in less than half hour, and the only reason it took that long is because I read the tutorials and watched the videos. Thesis has by far the best introduction, training and fully developed ongoing forum that I have gotten so much help from.

      I recommend at least watching the 3 initial videos they have explaining the concept behind it. If you do decide to go with it, the links above as well as on the right hand side of my blog are my affiliate links. You don’t have to use these links, but if you do Thesis gives me a commission for sending a lead.

      Let me know if I can be of help.

  5. Are you saying that as soon as you started using that theme, your Search Engine results went up?

    • Sunil says:

      I own several niche websites, couple of which I started on WordPress to experiment with the blog as a website platform. Compared with the generic themes I used in my experiment, the SEO results from Thesis have been overwhelmingly more positive. I think it has a lot to do with the clean back-end code and the ease at which search engine spiders are able to crawl the more important components of each blog post such as the meta data

  6. Jhon says:

    Word press is excellent to index your blog in google , that is an exccelent tool to work in seo ranking.

    • Sunil says:

      John, welcome to the blog.

      Yes WordPress is a great, turn key platform for blogging. The challenge many bloggers face is battling the convoluted back-end code that results from the various plugins we install and complications in the design of the theme itself. That’s why I like Thesis because it separates the design component from the content component, and thus the meta data which is picked up by engines for seo purposes

  7. I have heard similar things about Thesis from others. Did you start out fresh with Thesis or did you convert to Thesis from an existing Theme?

  8. Sunil says:

    Moneysanity – welcome to the blog

    This blog has always been on the Thesis platform. I had tried some other generic WP themes in the past and although user friendly, I have seen much better results from an SEO perspective with Thesis. I would go with Thesis again if I had to restart.

  9. adi says:

    Whether or not to use a payment solution, keep in mind that SEO is essential if you want your blog appear in search results and high benefit from free search engine traffic.

    • Sunil says:

      Adi – welcome to the blog.

      Sure – one doesn’t have to pay for a solution, Thesis just makes it easier. For someone who is a successful professional with sufficient discretionary cash but little time, it makes sense to pay a little money and go with a top notch solution that saves time. Not everyone is technically capable of getting their blog to a level where Thesis is.

  10. I hear more and more about Thesis, I might even try it, although I AM tech-savvy and there are free plugins to take care of SEO convenience.

  11. APP says:

    Thank you for the information about Thesis. I’m new to blogging and just came across your site. I’ve also read your eBook. I’ll be checking out Thesis very soon.

  12. Rosesmith says:

    I also use Thesis Word press theme and it’s very useful. Word press tool is an excellent tool to rank the site.

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